Hey Healthy Lockers.
Another great broadcast tonight!  There was a lot of “Loc Envy” going on.  Thank you to all who called in live and shared their tips!  Go to the Broadcast page for the list of REPLAYS that you may have missed.
The “Live” broadcast highlighted healthy lockers who had long locks (8-10 years or more).  See pics of viewers; listen to live callers share their issues and tips; hear me give advise; and take notes from the “chat” that is always full of great advise from viewers!  Anyone who has long locks or who aspire to grow their locs long will enjoy the replay of this live broadcast!
I also make a startling revelation at the end regarding cutting my locks in the next 30 days.  You’ve gotta check it out!
Go to http://videolocktician.com/live-broadcasts – the broadcast page to gain access to the broadcast.
Remember, you don’t need a password.  Just type in your name  in the “Login as Guest” field and  and click enter.  You will be be in the broadcast room and the recording will start automatically.
After viewing the broadcast, please make sure you go to my Facebook Fan page and comment, like and share.  I would really appreciate that…click the banner below:

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