Phyllis Johnson-Springlocks

Phyllis Johnson-Springlocks

Hey Gang, I would really love it and appreciate it if you would leave a  testimonial about your experience or results you received from any of the products, including the video(s) and jewelry. Here are the ways that you can leave your testimonial:

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Hi Ladies,

I just had to come on and talk about the ooh oil. I got a sample size when I ordered Phyllis gorgeous loc jewelry. I used it and I was hooked. I ordered the regular size the next week end. I just love it.  I use it once maybe twice a week and only if necessary. No more itching or flakes for me and I love the smell. The conditioning mist is amazing too!!!

Thank you soo much the ooh oil is the only thing that helped me, trust me I’ve tried everything!

Gillian M., Peekskill, New York


Hi Phyllis,


I attended your free class on November 12, 2011 at the Sisterlocks Revolution in Camp Springs, MD. It was a load of fun! You definitely dropped lots of good information to everyone in attendance…hopefully, they were paying close attention to the pockets of golden nuggets you shared on how to increase business. I look forward to learning more from you, and increasing multiple streams of income as I grow my Sisterlocks business!!!
God Bless you,


“Girl, you certainly knew what you were doing when you sneaked the little sample of Ooh! oil into my last order. All I had to do was open the bottle and — BAM! Gotta have it! It feels SO good on my scalp, and the aroma is pretty much intoxicating (especially after getting into it after a hectic day at work). Thanks for your wonderful products that are just for “us.” I’m already hooked on the Conditioning Mist and the Soul Purpose products for use on my hair. Now this. I am so happy to have found you. You’ve made it a such a joy to have locs, Phyllis. Bless you! “

— Karen C., Louisville, Kentucky


Jessyca's SpringLocks Click Photo For Details **Testimonial**   “As a fellow locktician and entrepreneur, I fell in love with Phyllis’s warm approach, her knowledge, and her skills. I am always looking for new styles, tips, and info, so it was extremely beneficial for me to find her site.  I looked at her videos, and was immediately impressed! I was especially impressed by the Spring Lock hairstyle and ordered the DVD right away. I tried the style on my hair, which is chin to shoulder length, and the results were beautiful! I use the hairstlye to feature the diverse styling options on my website . I also enjoy her products, and my clients love them as well! She included some Soul Purpose product samples as well, which my clients loved, and now I am a distributer!  Thank you Phyllis for all of your support and inspiration!”  – Jessica M., Brooklyn, NY


“Ooh!”…Is exactly what my daughter said when I put this on her scalp for the first time!  My 9 year old recently had been suffering with hair loss in the front, middle of her hair, and she was constantly scratching.  The dermatologist had no answer as to why she was experiencing this problem.  After using the samples you gave me on my last visit, her scalp is noticeably improved and the bald spot is filling back in!  I love the fresh smell of this oil, and how light it feels on my scalp.  It does not travel down my hair and make my hair feel heavy or my forehead greasy.  I have been guarding my little vial like the gold that it is, but when it’s gone, I will happily buy more.  Thank you, Phyllis for doing the work and research to develop something that is so timely and really works!  I can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

– Shawnna, Garnet Valley, PA


Hello again Phyllis, this is Gwen from Reno.  How are you today?  I just had to write and tell you about your conditioning mist; it is absolutely wonderful.  I live in NV where it is very dry and I have very dry hair.  I have sisterlocks and I must tell you until I tried your conditioning mist my locks were dry and locked dry, using your conditioning mist makes my locks soft  and they look very different.  As a setting lotion it is wonderful, my Spring locks last forever, the longer I wear them the fluffyier (is this a word? 🙂 they look.  I cannot tell you the compliments I have gotten on my hair.  My locks are shoulder length, they were past my waist until last summer when I cut them.  If I had known about your products I would not have cut them.  I also have some of  your jewelry,  the 8 piece crystal gold set, the tiny cobra and the cobra with the charm.  I love all of them but especially the cobra pieces, I leave them in all the time.  I also love the samples of the shea butter balms.  I will be ordering your products regularly.  Once again thank you for all that you do.  Have a wonderful hair day and once again I know I will because of your products.

-Gwen S., Reno NV


Phyllis, I just want you to know that you have shown me how to do something that I could never do before: keep my curls almost forever! Your demonstration video on how you put your hair up when you are at home has been a Godsend to me. I can now wash and roll up my locks, and then have gorgeous, strong curls for (I’m almost embarrassed to say this –) three weeks!! I have been busy and it has been SO cold — everyone has snow these days — and my curls are STILL rockin’!  I wrap up my hair using the satin bonnet, then the small stretch cap, and then a close-fitting loc soc every evening before bed. I am simply amazed. These curls ain’t goin’ NO-where! Thank you again for making locs not only easier, but fun. It is so easy to get ready for work each morning, and I can just pull off my bonnets and caps to have — VOILA! — curls EVERY morning without a lot of work.  Blessings to you now and forevermore, Phyllis. You have a great thing going on! Thank you for sharing such useful



– Karen C.,  Louisville, KY


I have been sisterlocked for seven months and my consultant said I could not use any products on my hair except every 4wks.  Then I could use the sisterlock shampoo, a clarifying shampoo, and ACV.  Well every single day of this seven month period and after each 4wk wash I had dandruff!  After using the the “Ooh!” for two weeks I have no signs of dandruff!  At the same time I did start misting daily with the conditioning mist as well, which I also love.  Thank you for saving me from dandruff.  The video and both products were fantastic!  May God continue to bless you and your practice!


Timeshia H., Chicago, IL


“Dear Phyllis,

Your Healthylocks conditioning mist is wonderful, it gives my locs a whole new feel and look. It’s light and a little goes a long way. I like the way it makes my locs look so healthy and vibrant! Keep up the good work with your products.”
– Frieda J., Colwyn, PA


Hello Phyllis,

I was awaiting my order since I was hearing about the new oil Ooh.


The house has been extremely dry with running the heat all day.  I had recently dealt with a nasty case of dry scalp, so bad, it was burning. I am sure my scratching made it worse, and the flakes were horrible.

I was rapidly approaching my time to have my locs re-tightened, but really didn’t want to go it with huge flakes in my hair. Didn’t want my locktician thinking I am not taking care of my hair and skin.

Voila my order arrived, I couldn’t open the package fast enough. Read the directions and applied the Ooh oil to my burning scalp.  I massaged it in and went back to my reading and working on the computer, and wouldn’t you know it – No More scratching.  Total Relief.

I am recommending this to many others too.

Thank you soo much.

-Shiryl W.   McKinney, TX



“Hi. Ladies.  I use Phyllis’ products on my sisterlocked hair and my hair is so much better for it.  She is a Star. A star to quide us on our journey through the appreciation of loving our natural beauty. I did receive the sample of the oil.( Thanks) and wow! it smells great and my scalp feels refreshed. I will purchase more. Thanks to Phyllis for all the Great and wonderful products she brings to us. I am a strong and proud sister, however, she has taken me to the next level.”

– Joann B., New York


Phyllis, I absolutely love my loc jewelry.  Thank you so much for the sample scalp and hair oils.  They’re wonderful.”

– Dorothy H., New Windsor, NY


“My goodness, I must yell my praise for the Conditioning Mist, which I haven’t purchased yet,  but my locktician used it on my hair to help with the dryness.  Wow, what a difference!  I look forward to buying my own mist, and trying the Ooh as well.  Where do I order?  Keep up the good work.”

– Sharlyn, Gardena, California


“Hey Phyllis, Just received my “OOH” oil today and I must say it’s all that! My 4.5 yr old sisterlocks were a little dry and your oil did just the trick. Lovely “light lemon”  scent and not at all greasy! This is a keeper!  Thanks for a great product.”

– Angie G., New Jersey


**Testimonial**  “Good morning Phyllis.  I just received my Springlock video yesterday and I did my hair last night.  I absolutely love the results.  I already had a compliment from one of my friends.  Your instructions were wonderful and easy to follow.  Thank you soooo much for the samples of the balms, both of them smell wonderful, by including samples it makes it easy to decide which one to order.  I used the conditioning mist and loved it.  I have not tried the oils yet but they smell great.  I also ordered some jewelry pieces; so I can’t wait to try them on my Springlocks.  What a gift to have found you on Youtube.  Keep up the good work and once again thank you for the samples and sharing your knowledge.  You have a great hair day!!”

-Gwen from Reno, NV


To Phyllis,

I must say that I just love the hair mist and that pomagrante balm. I loved it so much I had to order more. I just wanted to say thank you and I will be ordering more, You have a customer for life, Oh and the OOH! I just love that too!




-TaDonya H.,  Austin TX

I just love your conditioning mist. There is no way I can ever do without it. Maybe one day you can start an automatic shipment club or something. I’m just making sure I stay stocked up because I NEVER want to be without this. I love the way it helps keep the curl in my spring locks. I’ve gone as long as three weeks with curls. Thanks for creating such a great product. ,
-Pat F., Philadelphia, PA