Natural Hair Can Pay Your Bills!

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Hey Healthy Lockers!  This is a looong post.  Here’s the info for tonight’s live broadcast.

How To Twist Natural Black Hair To Pay Your Bills!

How To Twist Natural black Hair To pay Your Bills!

Can Natural Hair Pay Your Bills?  Come with your questions and discover what it takes to break into the natural hair care industry and make a great living.  Special FREE viewing of a segment of  “Anybody Can Twist Easy”…you must sign in as a guest.  Watch the short video, on the broadcast page showing you exactly how to view the live broadcast.  Click Here To be taken to the Broadcast Page!  Starts at 9pm EST
8:00pm Central / 7:00pm Mountain / 6:00pm Pacific


.So Tired, But Way Too EXCITED!  I may have gotten a total of 10 hours sleep in the last 3 days.  I’m getting ready for this holiday weekend launch of some “Good Stuff”!  Here goes…

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Partnered With A New Broadcasting Company & System – “Talk Fusion”.  Simply fascinated and blown away with the line of video products at my disposal.  My head is spinning with all the ways I’ll be able to communicate with you through video.    Having faith, being  thankful  and trusting my abilities are all included in the number 1 reason for my online success…VIDEO is #2!  Feel free to get more info by clicking the banner below – Exciting stuff!  Call me if you need to. I made a special page right here on the site to provide you with more info.  Click below to get there:

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And most exciting – My first 12 Module digital online training course:  “Anybody Can Twist Easy”.  You can view the promotional video by clicking on the picture below.  Once you get on the page, make sure you fill in the form to subscribe to the list.  This list is for all of you who desire to make money or “Mo Money, Mo Money, Mo Money” with natural hair and locks. The information that you will receive will be regarding increasing your knowledge, skills, clientele and earning potential in your home-based or salon business.  This information can only be received by joining this list.

I will launch the training course after the live broadcast tomorrow night (if everything goes right).

My goal is to use the new system, but I think I better stay with the old one for now until I get acclimated to the new one.  I don’t want to be bumbling around…lol.

Something Very Special For YOU! “Anybody Can Twist Easy!”  Yes…Natural Hair CAN Pay Your Bills!


Natural Black Hair Training Videos - Free Style Coils

How To “Free Style” Coil Natural Black Hair

For those of you who want to break into the natural hair industry, hone and add to your natural hair skills, build your clientele and supplement your income, then you definitely CAN NOT miss this broadcast.  The broadcast is scheduled to last for only an hour.  Before we sign off, I’m going to give you a private link to another broadcast room and have a special broadcast for you directly after the 9pm Est broadcast.  During that broadcast, I will give you a “Sneak Peak” inside the 12 module training of “Anybody Can Twist Easy”.  And guess what?  It’ll reveal exactly how I’m twisting natural hair to generate quick and easy income.  You can literally watch this 6 minute segment and immediately get in a head and make money.  I’ll explain more on the broadcast about why I’m doing this.  But you gotta be on LIVE!  This segment won’t be made available for replay.

Ok Healthy Lockers.  Enjoy your holiday weekend.  I’ll see you tomorrow night during the broadcast.  Here’s the link:  Link Coming Soon!





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