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The Holiday Discounts & Free Shipping Has Ended

Hey Healthy Lockers

Had much fun on the broadcast last night.  Click Here To Check Out The Replay.  I’m in the process of taking down the older broadcasts and making them available in the members area of a new training site.  So catch up when you get a little time.  They’re educational and entertaining and all of them won’t be available for public view for long.

All my die hard broadcast viewers knows it pays to join me live on the broadcast or stay on after the recording has ended.  Some of the best stuff is shared after I turn off the recording.  Here are the winners of several Free product Give-A-Ways:

Lateka H, Columbus Ohio – Free Loc Luv

Rhonda S, Bear DE – Whatever she wants – she’s my client…lol!

Annie M, Kinston NC – Free New Holiday Loc Jewelry

Donna C, Detroit MI – Free Musk Have It Oil

Neemah H – Free Loc Luv

Felicia F, Albany New York  – Free Loc Luv

Yeshima W, West Orange NJ – Loc Tie

Valerie B, Free Ultimate Mist

Wanda W, Lanham, MD – New Holiday Loc Jewelry

Rosa W  – SpringLocks DVD – just because we shared the same birthdate…lol!

There are still a few outstanding winners.  Please send me your email and address for your free gifts.

During last night broadcast, I had several calls and questions from the chat about dry locks.  Last night broadcast REPLAY is available here.  It’s a good broadcast to watch if you’re having an issue with dry locks and scalp.

There was an overwhelming response to the particulars of how I achieved my “Relaxed Loc” look.  I’ve decided to make that video public.  I’ll upload it to YouTube by this weekend and make it available on the site.  I also showed it during the broadcast last night.  Check it out here…Last night broadcast REPLAY is available here.

Also make sure your check out new loc jewelry for the Holidays!


Free Shipping and Discounts on All Oil Products and Combination Oil Sets!

The  “Ooh!”  Scalp Serum and the Loc Luv Conditioning oil products will decrease in savings as the days go on.  For example,  the “Ooh!” Scalp Serum and the Loc Luv Condtioning oil are $5 off today only.  Tomorrow they will be $4 off and Wednesday, the last day, they will be $3 off.   All other jewelry and product discounts will remain the same throughout the sale.  Remember – there is FREE SHIPPING on the following products:

  • “Ooh!” Scalp Serum
  • Loc Luv Conditioning Oil
  • Daily Combo Set (Loc Luv & Daily Mist)
  • Ultimate Combo Set  (Loc Luv & Ultimate Mist)
  • Delicious Oil
  • Musk Have It
  • All loc jewelry

Bonus FREE SHIPPING  until the end of the month on the following:

  • HealthyLocks Super Kit
  • SpringLocks  DVD Package
  • SpringLocks Single DVD

If you’re having any issues with placing your order online, please feel free to call me directly at 302-836-3550.  Call me this evening and during the morning to late afternoon tomorrow, for immediate processing over the phone.  There’s a good chance you’ll have your products by the end of the week.  After that, it could take as long as 2 weeks (there’s always a mad rush of ordering right before the sale ends.  So order early to receive you products early and take advantage of the best discounts.

I love what I do and I appreciate every one of you.  I’m wishing all of you a very Nappy & Happy Holiday Season!!!

Phyllis…YOUR Video Locktician


Click Here To Be Taken To The Broadcast Page!

Click Here To Be Taken To The Broadcast Page!

Loc Ties For Quick & Easy Styling

loc tie styling

Loc Ties For Quick & Easy Styling!

Hey Healthy Lockers.

I know It’s been a while since my last post.  So I knew I had to come back with something special for all of you.

I’ve finally cut my hair to the shortest length that it has been since year 3.  It’s just at my shoulders – you’ll see it soon.  I’ve also been working out consistently recently and was looking for something to  tie my locs on top of my head.  Now when my locks were 22 inches long, this was never an issue.  I could always count on the length of my locs to twist, hold and support my locks whenever I wanted a quick and simple updo to keep the locs off my face.

I found a few of my old ties I used many years ago when my locks were much shorter.  One was even a shoe lace that I had strewn some old plastic beads on.  I used that while I looked online to purchase a lock tie that would hold my locs secure while I worked out.

I found a few very nice ethnic or African inspired loc ties online, but my taste and style have changed over the years.  I’m not looking for every jewelry piece and hair accessory to be “Afro centric” because I have locs.  I’m looking for pretty, feminine, colorful loc accessories and adornments that traditionally have not been associated with locs.  I love the beautiful contrast that crystals, colorful glass beads and  gemstones provide against my locs…so I decided to make my own.

Now, I have to be honest with you.  I don’t know how long I will continue to make these loc ties available.  I do know that my clients are snatching  them up like crazy.  Lisa, my client of 7 years, will be leaving for a cruise in a few days.  She purchased 4 loc ties to coordinate with the outfits she packed for her vacation. Felicia called (you know, my client with the head of gorgeous silver sisterlocks)…she called me from work this morning to make sure I put two aside for her…lol.

I’ll be posting a short video in a day or two, to show you a couple of quick and easy ways to style your hair with the loc ties.  In the meantime, there’s plenty to choose from, but the supply is extremely limited.  You can check them out and purchase by clicking on the picture above  or this link below.  The loc ties are $22 but are discounted to $20 for the next 48 hours.

Click Here To See More Loc Ties!

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What Are Sisterlocks?

Exactly What Are Sisterlocks?

What Are Sisterlocks - Phyllis' Sisterlocks 10 years

What Are Sisterlocks? - Phyllis' Sisterlocks 10 years locked

Hey Healthy Lockers!

It still surprises me to learn that many women still don’t know about Sisterlocks.  I’ve had my Sisterlocks for almost 12 years and I’m amazed when I get the question, “What are Sisterlocks?”

I’ve answered this question probably 1000 times  over the years and when I answer it, I like to quickly explain things where people can get a good visual of what I’m talking about.  My pat answer would be (and still is), “It’s like growing your own micros with your own natural hair.  No more buying fake hair; no more sitting hours to have them put in just to return in a few weeks to pay someone to take them out and start the crazy cycle  of  putting them in again.”  Then I’d provide the address to their site.

How Do You Get More Information on Sisterlocks?

The official Sisterlocks website is the best place to start for information, particularly if you’re looking for a certified consultant or Sisterlock’s trainee.  There’s also a page that answers the frequently asked questions about Sisterlock and the process.

According to the website, “Sisterlocks is a trademark company founded in 1993 by Dr. JoAnne Cornwell.”  You can get more information at the “Official Sisterlocks Site”.

However, some of the absolute best info regarding sister locks  can be found on established personal blogs about Sisterlocks and the hundreds of videos that you can find on YouTube , including My YouTube Page and other video sharing sites.  From those, you will also get to witness the incredible  beauty, versatility of hairstyles and freedom from having your own Sisterlocks.  Bad hair days will literally become a thing of the past.  Let me share  with you a couple of my clients with Sisterlocks.

What Are Sisterlocks?!  Check Out Two Of  My YouTube Videos Of Felecia and Lisa

Felicia’s Sisterlocks

Lisa’s Sisterlocks

Within the next few weeks I will scour the internet and dedicate an entire page to some of the best videos that represent what Sisterlocks are; how much they cost, finding a consultant, what’s involved with maintenance and grooming along with lots of other great information.  If you’ve signed up to receive my emails (by filling out the form to the right with your name and your best email) you’ll be notified when I stream my live broadcast from my home.  Not to worry though, if you miss the live show.  The live shows are recorded and you can always view them at your leisure by clicking here…View Replay Of Live Broadcasts so that you can make the best possible decision as to whether Sisterlocks are for you!

Click The Video Below To See How To Care For Your Sisterlocks At Night…

It’s always great sharing with each and everyone of you.  I absolutely love helping sisters transition into any and all types of locs.  I hope that this information has helped you move closer to making the decision to loc.  If you have locs already, regardless of what type or how you maintain them, you’ll always find great information here with me at  Please feel free to share this site with others and don’t forget to connect with me on  FaceBook To Find Out More Of What Sisterlocks Are. Connect with me and my friends on my FaceBook Fan Page For Sisterlocks & Locs!

Below are just a few more links that I visit every now and again.  Enjoy!

Sisterlocked & Lovin’ It

Locked Hair Blog Exchange

Blaq Kofi’s Natural Awakenings

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Hair Locking Secrets With The Video Locktician

 Hair Locking Secrets Revealed…

OMG!!!…A 2 hour broadcast?!

Over 70 live die-hard viewers stayed to the very end.  If this live broadcast was a book, it would be a ‘page turner’.  

I didn’t give anything away; I didn’t have a sale and no special guest was invited.  Actually, I did have special guests – all the wonderful viewers who called in and asked their most pressing questions about their locks. 

Lots of ‘Loc Secrets’ were revealed in this broadcast, so it would behoove you to watch it as soon as possible. 

Oh my, and just when you think you can’t watch anymore…you’re mesmerized by the "Before and After" pictures at the very end.  You don’t even want to blink.  You’ll witness incredible "Before and After" pics of my client’s locs from installation day to 2-4 years down the road.  The transformations are absolutely amazing!

So get to a quiet relaxing place,  get out the tea and crackers or just let the broadcast play in the background, but make sure you have pencil and paper to take notes, because a lot of nuggets were dropped and many of the Video Locktician’s "Secrets To Healthy, Long & Stylable Locks" were revealed – I’m not kidding…this was good stuff!

A big "Thank You" to everyone who called in…It’s you who made this broadcast sooo special. 

Here’s the info for the REPLAY of the LIVE BROADCAST.

Click Here Now And Discover The Video Locktician’s Hair Locking Secrets!

Phyllis…Your Video Locktician

Click Here Now And Discover The Video Locktician’s Hair Locking Secrets!

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