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Getting ready for Easter and Mother’s Day. Free shipping promotion is for Loc Ties, Ear Abstracts and Loc Jewelry ONLY. Check out the monthly special too while you’re here! Have a happy hair day!

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Dry Locs

Dry Locs

My sister, Robin, was over today to help me with making products and loc jewelry, however, none of that got done.  Instead, I ended up “dry-conditioning”, grooming and accessorizing her traditional locs.  Dry-Conditioning is my system of loc products and loc maintenance that creates an environment of moisturization and conditioning for locs ‘between’ shampoos.  It can be done on dry or damp locs.  Robin has baby fine hair and her locs are 12 years old.

Over the years, Robin’s loc maintenance routine has been very basic.  She would go weeks without moisturizing or oiling her scalp and locs.  She chooses not to put too much of anything on her hair, because it breaks out her skin. Robin has learned over the years that she is extremely sensitive to many of the skin and hair care products on the market. So her routine would consist of shampooing her hair, twisting the roots while damp and that’s it.

So of course, this regimen has taken it’s toll on her locs.  She suffers from very dry locs and the bottom third of her loc, which was color-treated several years ago is super extremely dry.  So now, since she has moved back to Delaware…YEAH!!!, her locs are being treated to the Healthylocs System.   Her regimen includes dry-conditioning with the Ultimate Dry-Conditioning Formula and the Loc Luv Conditioning oil. I’ve had to make a

Ultimate Dry-Conditioning System

Ultimate Dry-Conditioning System

special “Loc Luv” conditioning oil for her because she is allergic to the aloe vera in the original formula.  Her locs literally transforms with the dry conditioning system.

So between grooming, laughing, eating, giggling and accessorizing Robin’s locs, time flew by and nothing else got done. This is the result of the quick grooming and loc accessorizing.  Check out the video below.  I’ll be bringing you more of Robin’s loc journey.  She has this quick-style bun that she does that is unique and attractive for those of you with long locs like hers.  Enjoy the video!
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Nappy Holidays!

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The Holiday Discounts & Free Shipping Has Ended

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Had much fun on the broadcast last night.  Click Here To Check Out The Replay.  I’m in the process of taking down the older broadcasts and making them available in the members area of a new training site.  So catch up when you get a little time.  They’re educational and entertaining and all of them won’t be available for public view for long.

All my die hard broadcast viewers knows it pays to join me live on the broadcast or stay on after the recording has ended.  Some of the best stuff is shared after I turn off the recording.  Here are the winners of several Free product Give-A-Ways:

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There are still a few outstanding winners.  Please send me your email and address for your free gifts.

During last night broadcast, I had several calls and questions from the chat about dry locks.  Last night broadcast REPLAY is available here.  It’s a good broadcast to watch if you’re having an issue with dry locks and scalp.

There was an overwhelming response to the particulars of how I achieved my “Relaxed Loc” look.  I’ve decided to make that video public.  I’ll upload it to YouTube by this weekend and make it available on the site.  I also showed it during the broadcast last night.  Check it out here…Last night broadcast REPLAY is available here.

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I love what I do and I appreciate every one of you.  I’m wishing all of you a very Nappy & Happy Holiday Season!!!

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Click Here To Be Taken To The Broadcast Page!

Click Here To Be Taken To The Broadcast Page!

Promotion Has Ended…Thank You.

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Loc Jewelry Bling 5

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Go To The Broadcast Page For REPLAY

Loc Jewelry - Tru Blood

Loc Jewelry - Tru Blood

All Right Now…the stars FINALLY aligned and I couldn’t have asked for a better broadcast! The REPLAY link is up and working fine. And even if you aren’t new to this whole “locking” thing, you’ll still come away with some great nuggets, tips and insight about YOUR locks.

Some of you checked out just a little too early. I gave away mists and jewelry to two lucky stay-to-the-very-very-end viewers. Congratulations to Shema (a newbie) and I think, “Lady V”. Both answered questions correctly to receive a bottle of conditioning mist and jewelry from the new jewelry that I put up less than 24 hours ago.

Speaking of new loc jewelry – you can click below to check them out. Just the pictures and the prices are up for now. I’ll go back in to provide a little more detail about each piece. The

Lock Jewelry - Dainty Diva Gold/Silver Set

Loc Jewelry - Dainty Diva Gold/Silver Set

pictures do have a “code”. TL= sized for traditional locks and SL= sized for Sisterlocks or the smallest of locks. You’ll find that most are good for either size locks.
Sale ends this Wednesday at 11:59pm (EST).

I’m still in the process of making the “new” jewelry, so I know I won’t be able to ship those out until next week, plus I have a slew of orders that I’m working on getting out of here by Tuesday. So if you’ve ordered recently, but have not received your order yet, you should be getting it within the next day or two.

You gals were fun tonight and made me laugh, which is so cleansing…so thanks for the DETOX! LOLLLLLL!!!!!

Go To The Broadcast Page For REPLAY

The phones are working fine now. I actually had a legitimate problem where my phone company had to respond to fix it. People could not even leave messages all week long! So if you were trying to contact me, but couldn’t get through or leave a message on my voice mail, feel free to call me at 302-836-3550.

Jewelry For Your Locks

Loc Jewelry - 14K Loc Rings

OMG…It’s 2:30 am! I have to get to bed. I have hair to do in the morning!!!!

Wishing all of you a very NAPPY & HAPPY week!

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Here’s the info:

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Loc Jewelry for Dreadlocks Sisterlocks and Locs

Hi Gang.  I just realized that I didn’t have this video posted on my site. 

I began wearing jewelry in my locks about a year after I had them and have been adorning my locks ever since.  It’s one of the funnest (is that a word?)  things I do with my locks and it brings me joy. 

First of all, you hardly see anyone with jewelry pieces in their locks; and definitely not to the extent that I wear them. To me, it’s better than styling my locs.  If you wear your locks straight or don’t do much styling, the jewelry for your locks is a great alternative. And now that I think about it, the jewelry in my locs is what has kept my jones for color and desire for high styling at bay.  The loc jewelry transforms a head of straight, un-styled locs into an "intriguing", "exotic" and "sexy" head of locs. Many of my clients adorn their locks and when I attach their first few pieces, I have to prepare them to expect a lot of stares, comments and compliments, from both men and women.  It’s just such a different and interesting look.

But be careful though.  There is a caveat…Once you start adorning your locks, you may become addicted.  I do have several "jewelry junkies" among my clients.  As soon as they sit in my chair, or sometimes, as they are arriving through the door, they’re asking to see the small collection that they  set aside during their last grooming session.  It’s like they can’t relax until they have several trays of jewelry stacked on their laps.   After they feverishly rummage through and select a few pieces for now and few pieces to add to their stash of "buy later" pieces, you can litterally see them exhale, sit back and finally relax in the chair in preparation for me to begin grooming their locks.  It’s a funny thing to watch.

This video shows me introducing you to a few of my favorite pieces in the collection.  Order soon if you want any of the current pieces.  I will be condensing the selection and adding a few new pieces very soon.  Click on the photo to get to your lock jewelry now.      mass-jewelry.jpg 


Tiny Cobra Loc Jewelry For Your SisterLocks

This is one of my favorite pieces of jewelry for my locs.  I just wanted to give you an upclose view of it’s intricacy.  This design is hand made especially for the Sisterlocks.  It’s called the "Tiny Cobra" and is available for order.  Check out the video. tiny-cobra-w-charm