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Is There Alternative Training For Sisterlocks?

Alternative Sisterlocks Training

Is There Alternative Training For Sisterlocks?

Here is a great question that came through the blog recently.
“Hello Phyllis
Happy Holidays…I am a natural stylist from GA and I am interested in becoming a sisterlock locktician. I went to sisterlocks.com and I saw they had training classes. Are those the only company that offers training?? Any advice would be helpful.”


Here is my response to Belon…

Hi Belon.  This is a great question.  If you’re interested in actually becoming a certified Sisterlocks consultant, then the only way you can do that is through the Sisterlocks company. The company endorsed training will provide you with a thorough knowledge of locking the hair in the refined delicate locks using their patented locking tool.  After your training, there will be proficiency requirements needed from you before you will be approved for certification.  There are, however, other latching/looping techniques along with tools and people or lockticians who are very proficient at implementing and or teaching alternative techniques that can achieve very similar results to Sisterlocks.  I, as well as other well known lockticians in the industry, facilitate workshops and trainings that teach alternative locking techniques using alternative tools along with other techniques using no tools at all.

Is There Alternative Training For Sisterlocks?

So… to make sure that you’re clear in my response to you, Belon, the absolutely best Sisterlocks training will come from the Sisterlocks company by way of trainers representing Sisterlocks.  Any other locking technique learned outside of the official Sisterlocks training, that produces similar results, is not endorsed by the Sisterlocks company, but may be, in my opinion, considered an asset that can “compliment” your Sisterlocks training.  Hope this helps.  Take care and thanks for posting.

Check Out These Sites That Have Training Information That Will Teach Alteranative Locking Methods Using Tools That May Produce Similar Results To The Sisterlocks’s Techinique:



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