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For the past 15 years, I’ve been training, educating and sharing with all of you the benefits of coming back to natural hair with a focus on locs, and Sisterlocks(tm).  I’ve been sharing with you via video and live broadcast for the past 8 years on YouTube and my blog…

Now it’s time for me to redirect that energy (just for a short while) and focus on me!  I am determined not to go into another season without taking responsibility and more proactive measures for my health and well being.  I believe I’ve found a great company with phenomenal natural and organic products that will compliment my product offerings on this site and help me with my health goals.  The best part is that I get to kick off this whole journey with my sister, Robin.  We’re only one year apart (I’m the oldest), and we’re sharing some of the same physical issues as we mature.

Please understand that this video was very hard for me to make public.  I’m no different from anyone else who is self-critical about their appearance, but I believe that by sharing this video with you is a great step towards  acknowledging that I am maturing, my hair is changing, my body IS changing, and my body will continue to morph into some unrecognizable person if

Best Detox Tea - Iaso Tea - Total Life Changes

Best Detox Tea – Iaso Tea – Total Life Changes

I continue to neglect my health.  So I’m starting with a gentle detox/cleanse – the Iaso Herbal Tea – to get things moving around internally again. I’m cutting back on the sodas and obvious sugars, and incorporating more water along with light exercise.  We all know what we need to do…so just do it already!  No excuses.

I invite you to join me in this journey and help keep Robin and me encouraged – but I already know that if you guys are half as encouraging as you are in sharing and referring people to this site for information and products, then we can’t fail.  It’s a done deal.  Thank you in advance!  Ok, time to watch our revealing video.  Robin and I will actually step on the scale and reveal our weight – what WOMAN does that?!  Click the video below.

I literally had to wait almost 4 weeks for the Iaso tea to arrive.  It’s selling faster than the company can produce it. The tea is $40 for a month’s supply (4 packs of tea), but I’m making individual “single” packets available (a one week supply for $15 plus shipping and handling.  This way you can try the tea without the $40 investment.  To learn more about this incredible tea, the product line and the opportunity piece that comes with it, just click on any of the images referring to losing 5lbs in 5days!

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