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Last week’s broadcast, "Living The Loc Lie!", elicited the most responses via the chat…a full 27 pages of comments) and also scores of emails since I started broadcasting live almost a year ago now.
When I actually sat down and read the chat, I was, however, a little disappointed because only a few viewers voiced encouragement and were empathetic to "Lia" who was desperate enough and brave enough to phone in "live" and share her plight with all of us.  
Since that broadcast, I’ve had several conversations with my clients and others who have emailed and phoned me sharing their stories.  This wig thing is apparently prevalent, which I wasn’t aware, and many women who now have long flowy locks started under a wig!
I received so much feedback that I have to broadcast another episode dealing with this phenomenon (forgot to record first time…so sorry!).  I feel this topic is just too important not to address some of the true issues that are going on as it relates to our natural and locked hair.
…So I’m breaking tradition and conducting back to back broadcasts.  A Part-2, if you will, of "Living the Loc Lie".  I have photos now of the young lady that called in and another sister sent in pics of her "wig over the locs" days.  I’ll be wearing my wig again, too! lol!!!
So if you missed the first live "Living The Loc Lie"(that wasn’t recorded), then you absolutely MUST join in live tonight!
Please feel free to share the link in your social networks or with anyone who may be interested in this topic.  Also feel free to send your pics (with and without the wig) to my email at videolocktician@gmail.com.  If I get them before 6pm est, I’ll share them on the broadcast.
Do you know of anyone who wears a wig while they’re growing their locs?  Call in.  See you tonight.  The link and  info is below:
Enter your name in the "GUEST" field (there is no username or password required)  Your name has to be at least 4 letters, though.  If you put your name in like this (Phyllis from Bear DE) that would be great and would make shout outs a lot easier.  Thx!

I’ll send out the REPLAY link within 24 hours.
Remind me to RECORD and
announce the Spring Sale!!!
Broadcast Time:  9pm Est
Call In:  302-836-3550
Send pics to:  VideoLocktician@gmail.com
Phyllis…Your Video Locktician







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