Grow My Hair 90 Day Challenge Starts This Weekend!

Hey Healthy Lockers!

Here’s the Replay of the live broadcast from last night…

Live Broadcast Tonight at 9pm EST.  Here’s the link to register and view live.

Grow My Hair 90 Day Challenge – Live Broadcast REPLAY

Urgent…Less Than Two Hours Left.  Call Me to Sign Up As A Preferred Customer with F.L.O.W!  302-836-3550

thinning hair

thinning hair

Hey Healthy Lockers!

The live broadcast was awesome.  Since it’s getting late and I haven’t talked to or responded back to all who wanted to take advantage of my “Preferred Customer” promotion, I’m extending it for one more day.  Make sure you watch the video.  Looking forward to you joining me and others on our “Grow My Hair 90 Day Challenge”.  Get ready and order your products, get your 20% off and get FREE STUFF FROM ME!

Oh, almost forgot…below is the list of products that viewers from last night’s live broadcast wanted discounted.

“Ooh!” Dry Itchy Scalp Relief – $5 off;  Ultimate Mist – $3.75 off; and Daily Mist – $2 off.  Free shipping for your order when you use this code during checkout:  GROWMYHAIR

Check out the replay of the live broadcast from last night.  The topic was “Hair Thinning” and my special promotion and give-a-ways.  Enjoy!

Awesome Products That Work For Thinning Hair!

Click Here For Awesome Products That Work For Thinning Hair!

Best Products For Fast Hair Growth Flow Industry

Grow On The Go Supplement

Drink Pink Lemonade…Grow Hair!  Find out how to get this FREE – A $40 value.  Watch the video!


Here’s the link I forgot to give you during the broadcast tonight:

Click it to shop and sign up to be a preferred customer by tomorrow to get my free gifts!

Also use this coupon code to get free shipping on this site until Tuesday, Sep 6 at 11:59 is    GROWMYHAIR

Make sure you use it during check out on this site.

Hey Healthy Lockers!

Been working on this video for literally hours, but had to share this promotion with you along with other exciting stuff.  All I can say is that if you’re suffering from thinning hair or locks, you’ve gotta be on the live broadcast tonight at 9pm EST.

I’m giving away the farm for the next 24 hours or so…Watch the video and make sure you join me tonight live.  Here’s the link to get registered:

4thofjulysmileyLive Broadcast Tonight!
Free Shipping On The Site!
I trust you’re having a nappy holiday weekend with family and friends!
Sorry I haven’t been communicating these last few months.  I’ve been researching, testing new products for hair growth and conducting local seminars.  I’m really excited to share with you!  More on that over the next few days.
Just 2 Things!
1)  FREE shipping on all orders of $25 or more.  Feel free to share this code with your family and friends!  Promotion ends Tuesday, July 5 at 11:59pm

Please use this code during checkout:  FIREWORKS16

A few shampoo bars, the “Ooh!” Dry Itchy Scalp Relief, Ear Abstracts and Loc Ties have been reduced.  Enjoy. I’ll begin shipping out your orders Tues.  So you may have them as soon as the end of this week!  

Click Here for “Best Locs Products”!

2)  Live Broadcast Tonight at 9pm Est – Open Topic Tonight!  So call in and ask me your most pressing questions about YOUR locs!  Here’s the call-in number to talk live…
I have a few bottles of Ultimate Mist that I will give away on the broadcast.
Oh!  I’m testing a new webinar system so the broadcast should be interesting.

Click Here To Register For The Live Broadcast Tonight!

Send your pics to

Flow With Phyllis Monday Evening In Delaware!

Hey Healthy Lockers!

If you’re in Delaware or the Tri-State area this Saturday, stop by to learn about F.L.O.W Industry and the incredible product line that is helping so many grow hair faster and healthier like nobody’s business!  Click The Link To Reserve Your Seat. FREE Registration.  Can’t wait to share and see you there!

Go To:

Delaware Flow Show Mon Jun 27 2016 at 7pm

Delaware Flow Show Mon Jun 27 2016 at 7pm

Hair Loss - Thinning Locs - Slow Hair Growth

Hair Loss – Thinning Locs – Slow Hair Growth

Hey Healthy Lockers!  I hope you’re enjoying the extended holiday weekend.  We’ve been waiting, it seems, the entire month of May for weather like this.  It’s absolutely gorgeous!

Just wanted to invite you to take an hour or so with me tonight on a live broadcast.  The topic is an important one.  I’m going to share with you why we’re losing our locs and provide you with options.  Many of my clients are going through this.  I’m going through this as well, so this topic is a passionate one for me. Here’s the registration link to join me live tonight at 9pm EST. Register now!  See you tonight at 9.  Here’s a free shipping code if you need products. Just about everything has been reduced a few dollars – Good on total purchase of $45 or more.  Enjoy! FREESHIPMD   Sale Ends Thursday, June 2, 2016.

Pin It

Live Broadcast Now:  Click on the link to register and join live or you can watch below but you won’t be able to participate in the chat.

Ear Abstracts (1)I have an awesome weekend sale plus free shipping going on.  All hand-crafted Loc Jewelry, Loc Ties and Ear Abstracts have been discounted  by 10% – 20%.  Robin and I have created new jewelry sets that include the popular loc wraps and Prosperity Shells (which I haven’t offered in years) and the beautiful Shimmy Shake.  The supply is very limited though.  Less than 5 in most styles.  So order early they won’t last.

How To Color Locs, Sisterlocks & Dreadlocks!

Every year around spring time, I get the itch to color my locs. Join me this Sunday, April 3, 2016 at 9pm EST.  The topic of the broadcast will be  “Success With Color”.  Over the years, viewers have candidly shared horror stories around the subject of coloring locs and I’m still plagued with desperate calls and emails asking how to repair locs after color damage.

On this broadcast, I want to feature and celebrate all of you who have had SUCCESS with coloring your locs.  Please join us and share your success tips, the brands and products you’ve had great results with; whether you apply color yourself or leave it up red_locsto a professional; and your maintenance regimen.   Send me your pics to share on the broadcast.  It’ll be informative, so don’t miss it.  I’m going to love picking your brains for a change…LOL!

Click Here to Register to participate live on the  broadcast on Sunday, April 3, at 9pm EST

If you’ve been successfully coloring your hair for 3 years or more and have awesome tips, product recommendations or salon referrals, please contact me or call in live to share.  We’re all looking forward to learn from you!

Enjoy the new stuff, the sale and the FREE shipping on all orders $45 or more.  You must use the code: BLING2016  during checkout. It ends Monday evening.


Sip Your Way To  Longer, Healthier Locs!  Discover phenomenal products that encourages faster and healthier hair growth.


Hey Healthy Lockers!  Live Broadcast Tonight At 9pm EST – Sunday, March 20, 2016

To join in LIVE so that you can participate in the chat, you must register first.   Click the link below to register!

How To Start Your Natural Hair Business From Home – Part 2

To just watch without live participation, just click the PLAY button on the video below.

Hey Healthy Lockers!

Free shipping on all orders $45 or more.   Must Use coupon code: PRESPRING16  during checkout – Ends Sun March 20, 2016 at 11:59 EST

PretTea & Vitagrow Biotin Supplement

PretTea & Vitagrow Biotin Supplement

Expanding The Product Line!  F.L.O.W. Industry For Fast Natural Hair Growth

It’s so refreshing to know that the black hair industry is getting closer to coming full circle as it relates to the health of our natural tresses.  I’ve been in the natural hair industry for over 15 years, and never have I seen as many product choices for natural hair.  It’s far from mainstream, though.  We still have yet to see a commercial of a black woman shampooing her natural tresses on TV.  And the only one I can ever remember was an Afro Sheen  comercial in the ’70’s.

I’m excited to share with all of you that I’ve just partnered with a company named F.L.O.W. Industry.  They’ve created a product line which focuses on healthy and faster hair growth!  How wonderful!  Just imagine drinking tea or lemonade containing nutrients and herbs that help in the growth of healthy hair from the inside out.  The initial product line is rounded out with an awesome biotin supplement and a topical serum that aids in the regrowth of weak hairlines (we like to call them “edges”) and balding and thinning areas.  Down the road I hear that Flow Industry will be introducing a product to help with restoring the color to grey/white hair…all naturally of course.  Oooooh…cant wait!  I’m at a stage or age in my life where I’m definitely a candidate for all the above issues.

FLOW, was birthed by Dr. Malikah Murphy, a cosmetologist for over 27 years and a successful business woman in her own right with years of proven success in the network marketing industry.   The company is based out of Middletown, DE, which is right down the road from where I live.  Testimonials about the products are growing and spreading all over social media from satisfied customers and partners like me.

I’ve created a temporary information site that will become the training site for members who join with me to create a community to share info about the products and the opportunity.  This company and the entire product line totally resonates with me and where I am in my life with my hair and with my business.  I’m sure that it will resonate with many of you too as you have expressed starting a growing a natural hair business.  This company gives you the opportunity to offer awesome products that will help your clients with hair, scalp, skin and nail issues they’re currently dealing with.

2016 is the year that I’m dedicating myself to helping you start and prosper with your own businesses…online or locally. More to come and share about this new company and the business opportunity that they offer.

Watch the video below to get a brief overview of the company, the products, and discover how we’re creating significant incomes with these natural products for faster hair growth.  Leave a voice message for me by clicking that red button on the left that reads, ‘Send Phyllis a Voicemail Now” or call me directly with your questions about Flow Industry at 302-836-3550. I’ll be populating the training site for the rest of the month as I get new info.  Watch the overview video below and then call me TODAY so that we can figure out how and if this is something that can work for you.  This was definitely a no brainer for me.

How I Started and Grew My Natural Hair Business

How To Start A Natural Hair Business

How To Start A Natural Hair Business

How I Started My Natural Hair Business

How I Started My Natural Hair Business

Hey Healthy Lockers!

Please use this special link to register for tonight’s broadcast. And please fill out the 7 question survey on the registration page.  Thanks!

Click Here To Register and participate live on the broadcast:

Broadcast begins at 9pm EST

This broadcast won’t be for everyone.  But for people wanting to start, enhance and grow their businesses, I think you’ll get some great insight by joining me tonight.  Of course, you’re invited to check it out, but it’s really a broadcast in response to the many emails I receive asking about different aspects of my hair business and how someone can get started or break into the natural hair industry.  So looking forward to chatting with you tonight.

You have to register in order to be able to chat and call in “LIVE”, but if for some reason you’re having issues with the registering process, just watch below (you won’t be able to chat though).   So make sure you click the link above or the picture with the sister holding the cash, and get registered now.  Looking forward to chatting with you tonight!  -Phyllis

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