Help! My Daughter Has LICE In Her Locs!

Hey Healthy Lockers.

Great to be back and I appreciate your patience. Although I had another topic scheduled for the live broadcast tonight, I feel that tonight’s topic is timely and too important to put off.

lice in locks

lice in locs

Last week I received a semi-desperate phone call from a customer/viewer who informed me that she was on day 18 of treatment to rid her daughter and possibly herself of HEAD LICE! She wanted to know if I had any experience with them or could offer additional info on how to successfully get rid of them. Both the caller and her daughter has Sisterlocks and although she was successful in finding information online about how to get rid of lice, there was no detailed info on how to remove them from locked hair. Her only recourse was to post a question in one of the locked hair forums and to her surprise, she learned that a few locked hair sisters (who were willing to admit it and help a sistah out) had also suffered through the lice ordeal and had success in completely removing the pesky critters!

This  caller has agreed to join us live tonight and share her ordeal.  Hope you can make it. (Someone, anyone…please remind me to record!!!)

After the broadcast tonight, I’ll be posting a few videos and links to really good info I found on line and hopefully will be able to add to this list from info provided by my broadcast viewers.

See you tonight at 9pm EST/ 8pm CST/ 7pm MST/ 6pm PST

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It was a great broadcast.  After discussing the lice, I showed a video of lock breakage and a new client during her consultation.  She was such a good sport.  She took off her wig!

I’ll post additional links tomorrow…I’m too tired.  Good Night!  Thanks for joining me on the broadcast.

My 10 Year Sisterlocks Journey

My Sisterlocks are 11 years and 3 months old. I’m re-posting this pictorial of my 10 year Sisterlocks journey. Notice how the hair has changed but still managed to remain absolutely gorgeous through every stage of the locking process. Click the video and then read below!

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow

After several months of using products that were too drying for my hair and scalp, I began to research and experimenting with home made products for myself and my clientele. The result is the product line that I make available today.

In all of my pictures and the pictures and videos of my clients, you’ll always notice how “soft and healthy” the locks look. If they “look” that way, then you can just imagine how incredibly soft the locks must feel. I was using a combination of the mists and and oils way before I bottled and labeled them for sale and encouraged my clients to use them from day one of their installation – they’ve never had an issue with “Dry Locks”.

My product line has since become very popular with many of you because the RESULTS speak for themselves! After viewing the above video, I invite you to visit the products page to see what products will work for you. I encourage you to read the testimonials. Don’t just take my word for it – although you could…LOL! Feel free to call me at 302-836-3550 if you have questions about what to order for your locks or to process the order over the phone.

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While you’re at it, check out the jewelry page here:

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Wishing you many FAB-BU-LOUS hair days!

Phyllis…Your Video Locktician – Where You Get A Real Education About Locked Hair Care!

Hey Gang…Feeling Good (Got Sleep! LOL!)
I’m still celebrating YOU even though you didn’t send in your pics…well a few of you did. Thank you.

So enjoy your discounts for the next 48 hours or so and hope you win some stuff tonight!!!
Here are the details…

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Hey Health Lockers!

Click Here NOW For The REPLAY Of Sunday, June 19, 2011 Live Broadcast

Over the last 10 years, I’ve been sharing the benefits of having and growing healthy natural hair, with an emphasis on locked hair, which is my specialty. During that time, I’ve learned so much about products, product ingredients, hair textures, the locking process and perfected many locking techniques. I’ve also developed, and now teach techniques, lock secrets (short cuts mainly), the results of which I’ve been sharing with you online since 2007!

So for the next two broadcasts, I want to put the spotlight on YOU! Please feel free to send in pics, and share your best revelation, moment, compliment… whatever about your natural or locked hair. It seems we’re always discussing our lock issues, so tonight I want to CELEBRATE our Lovely, Natural, Nappy Locked Hair.

By the next broadcast, I should have enough pictures, videos and testimonials to edit and produce a very nice video to share on my blog, FaceBook, YouTube etc., highlighting YOU!– more about that during the broadcast.  Here’s the link to the REPLAY.

or you can get there via my blog:


Live Broadcast Replay Sunday, June 5, 2011

Here’s the REPLAY link from tonight’s live broadcast. Towards the end of the broadcast, there was a little glitch where I thought I was showing videos, but they were not playing. I get it all straightened out though. These things happen sometimes when you’re live, but it’s still good stuff. Click on the link and sign in with your name. Enjoy!

Phyllis Johnson Sisterlocks Springlocks Twist Out 3

Phyllis Johnson Sisterlocks Springlocks Twist Out 3

Hey  Healthy Lockers. I’ve been away for a month (just needed to take a well-deserved break). Join me tonight as I “ease” back into the swing of things. Call me with your questions. I’ll see you at 9pm Est. ( 8:00pm Central / 7:00pm Mountain / 6:00pm Pacific).

Click here at 9Pm To join the broadcast live or…

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See you shortly!


Hey Healthy Lockers!  Broadcast Topic:  Alopecia & Hairline Damage

alopecia hairline damage

Great broadcast tonight.  For those who missed it, we viewed lots of pictures showing hair line damage and how poor hair care will evolve into unhealthy hair and destroy our natural hair line.  Thanks for joining me.  Here’s the REPLAY link:

Make sure you put your name in the "Guest" field.  You don’t need a username or password.


Also, you only have 24 hours to take advantage of the Mother’s Day Specials.  Here are the links to the jewelry (FREE SHIPPING) and the products page.


Loc Products:

Enjoy And Have A Happy & Nappy Hair Week!  See ya in 2 weeks!

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Good Morning Healthy Lockers!

Two things – Here’s the REPLAY link for the live broadcast on Sunday evening, May 1, 2011, at 9pm.

I’m definitely going to limit tonight’s broadcast to 1 hour. Tonight’s topic:   "My daughter is losing her hairline!"  So please call in if any female family members or friends are having this issue.  And if you want your picture highlighted with a shout out, please send pictures to as a jpeg attachment.  Send pictures before 6pm EST if you want them featured during tonight’s broadcast.



Although I said I wasn’t going to have another sale for awhile, I totally could not help you celebrate your Mother’s Day without something special from the Video Locktician.  Soooo here it is.

Free Shipping on all Loc Jewelry and a least $2 off everything else with the exception of the Soul purpose balms and the shower/hair gels.  This will allow your order to ship out by Wednesday and you should have them by Saturday, before Mother’s Day.  

I’m putting this out before the broadcast so that you can get your orders in early and I can begin processing them today (I have a pretty full schedule this week).

Here’s the order page for products:

Here’s the order page for the loc jewelry:

Looking forward to you joining me on the broadcast this evening.  Call me if you have questions about anything.  Here’s my number (use it to call in tonight as well).


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Here’s the live link again.  Click on it  and sign in as a GUEST,

OK then…See you tonight.

Phyllis…Your Video Locktician

Hair Locking Secrets With The Video Locktician

 Hair Locking Secrets Revealed…

OMG!!!…A 2 hour broadcast?!

Over 70 live die-hard viewers stayed to the very end.  If this live broadcast was a book, it would be a ‘page turner’.  

I didn’t give anything away; I didn’t have a sale and no special guest was invited.  Actually, I did have special guests – all the wonderful viewers who called in and asked their most pressing questions about their locks. 

Lots of ‘Loc Secrets’ were revealed in this broadcast, so it would behoove you to watch it as soon as possible. 

Oh my, and just when you think you can’t watch anymore…you’re mesmerized by the "Before and After" pictures at the very end.  You don’t even want to blink.  You’ll witness incredible "Before and After" pics of my client’s locs from installation day to 2-4 years down the road.  The transformations are absolutely amazing!

So get to a quiet relaxing place,  get out the tea and crackers or just let the broadcast play in the background, but make sure you have pencil and paper to take notes, because a lot of nuggets were dropped and many of the Video Locktician’s "Secrets To Healthy, Long & Stylable Locks" were revealed – I’m not kidding…this was good stuff!

A big "Thank You" to everyone who called in…It’s you who made this broadcast sooo special. 

Here’s the info for the REPLAY of the LIVE BROADCAST.

Click Here Now And Discover The Video Locktician’s Hair Locking Secrets!

Phyllis…Your Video Locktician

Click Here Now And Discover The Video Locktician’s Hair Locking Secrets!

Remember to enter your name in the "GUEST" field!

Natural Face – Locking Tools – FREE Stuff!


Hey Healthy Lockers!

Game Night!!!  Click Here For REPLAY OF The Live Broadcast – Sun, Apr 3, 2011, 9pm EST

As anticipated – Another Great Broadcast.  Over $300 worth of products given away!  You guys made it really FUN!!!   Congratulations to all the winners:

Honika (8 piece gold crystal Jewelry set); Olympia (SpringLocks DVD); Suzanne (HealthyLocks Conditioning Mist); Darlene (Loc Luv); Tamika (Ultimate Mist);  Debbie (Musk Have It); Shimrii (Loc Soc); Valerie (Delicious); Sandra (Loc Soc) & Wanda (8 piece gold crystal jewelry set). 

Winners for completing the NAPPY puzzle and emailing it in: Suzanne (TBA); Netta – try again sweetheart.  2 wrong (I’ll give you 13/down  "latching" – LOL!!!

There are still two openings for winners left!  Send me an email with the answers!

 3 Day Sale:  Loc Luv ($5 off); Ultimate Mist in green bottle ($3 off); Springlocks DVD only ($10 off) – Sale ends Wednesday, April 6, 2011, at 11:59 pm, EST

Sale items are on the products page at


 Click Here For REPLAY OF The Live Broadcast – Sun, Apr 3, 2011, 9pm EST

– An update on Felicia’s "Silver" locks

– Review of the Baltimore Natural Hair Expo; see my purchased items from the show

– A New Interlocking Tool Hits The Market!

– My tips for a 2 minute "Enhanced Natural Face" (three must have make up items) Watch as I enhance my natural face to give it some "umph in under 2 minutes!

– How’s Your Nappy Knowledge?  The Video Locktician’s "Nappy Crossword Puzzle" for you to download

– Ten Product Give-A-Ways!

– 3 Day Product Sale – You choose!

Hope I’m able to pull all this off…should be interesting!  Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

REMIND ME TO RECORD, PLEASE!!! Call In 302-836-3550

Click The LINK:


See you tonight…Phyllis


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