Hey Healthy Lockers!  Nappy New Year!

ooh_mock_up_copyPromotion Has Ended – Thank You!

Update:  Sorry…All Sold Out on AMAZON and in less than 12 hours!  Thank you!

Free shipping on all orders over $29 placed on this website is still ongoing – remember to use the coupon code: AMAZON50 during checkout.

Clearance bottles of “Ooh!” are $5 off! 

Guess who’s got a face lift?  “Ooh!” – that’s who.  “Ooh!” Therapeutic Scalp Serum is now “Ooh!” Dry Itchy Scalp Relief.  It’s the same great ingredients, but with a brand new label…and it’s now available on Amazon.com – $27.95 on sale for 22.95!

Howeverrrrrr – if you’re a loyal subscriber, you should have received a secret promo code to get it at 50% off when you purchase on Amazon.com.  You’ve read right…a whopping 50% off my best selling oil.  You can start using that promo code today – January 31, 2015.

There is a catch though.  Only order if you’re willing to provide an honest review on Amazon within a week after receiving your “Ooh!” at 50% off.

In the five years that I’ve been selling it online, I’ve never discounted it this much.

Last time I checked, there were less than 50 bottles left.  The promotion is until Sunday evening, but I doubt my Amazon supply will last at this crazy price.  So once this supply is exhausted, the coupon code will no longer work.  So order early. Sorry – only one bottle per customer at this price.

Also, for you avid Amazon shoppers, any total orders over $35 is always free shipping and always free shipping for Prime members regardless of the price.

How To Get 50% Off “Ooh!” and future new products?- Get On My New VIP List!

Within the next several months, I’ll be upgrading my labels and introducing new products.  Several of these new products will also be launched on Amazon.com.  Before launching, however, I intend to offer them at deep discounts to my new VIP list in order to get much needed feedback/reviews for Amazon.  So if you’re interested in receiving these products at super-discounted pricing (50% – 75% off), and don’t mind leaving a review, then click on the image to the right with the woman and bottle of “Ooh!”  You’ll be directed to a page that will ask for your name and email.  It’ll then take you directly to Amazon.com to purchase your bottle of “Ooh!” Dry Itchy Scalp Relief at 50% off…Enjoy and thanks so much.

Here are the steps:

1.  Click on the image to the right (with the woman and the bottle of “Ooh!”)

2.  Fill out the form with your name and email to be added to the VIP list

3. Order your 1 bottle of “Ooh!” Dry Itchy Scalp Relief from Amazon.com

4. IMPORTANT: During checkout, use the coupon code that was revealed in an email I sent to you.  Subject Line: It’s All About The “Ooh!” – 50% Off!  Enter the coupon code and hit “APPLY”

Not interested in becoming a VIP reviewer, but still want a discount?  Stay here on VideoLocktician.com and order here.  My remaining stock of “Ooh!” Therapeutic Scalp Serum will be $5 off the original price until sold out..  You also get Free Shipping for any order over $29 – (free shipping code was also revealed in the email I sent you).

Whew!  If you’ve read down this far and you haven’t subscribed to this website (VideoLocktician.com) then by all means put your name and email in the form at the top right and click “Sign Up Now”.  I’ll probably send out two more emails regarding these promotions along with the codes before the weekend is over.  Check your email.

Live Broadcasts, new videos, new products and lots to share starting in February…YEAH!  Get your question ready to “Ask The Video Locktician”.

Have an awesome weekend and enjoy your savings!


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