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  Hello Everyone!

 I’m a certified natural hair specialist, who has a passion for cultivating locks, coils and twists in all textures of natural hair. I feel that in our efforts to conform to the beauty standards of society, we as black women, have lost touch with the inner strength, self assuredness and natural beauty that wearing our hair naturally will bring out. 

You will come to the realization, as I did, as well as many other natural hair sisters before me, that the vicious hair cycle of altering our natural kinks, coils and curls by way of perms, jherri curls, straightening combs etc. has taken its toll on our beautiful natural tresses.  

I was chemically destroying my hair with color and perms, drowning and suffocating it in products, literally burning it out with the hot comb and pulling it out at the roots with bonding glue and micro braids. All this hair drama and hair “trauma” to make it appear as if I had long, healthy hair when in essence, it was quite the contrary – severely dry, thinning hair that litterally broke off in my hand during each grooming session. Does my story sound similar to yours?

Before making the decision to go natural, or more appropriately…"come back" to natural and ultimately locks (and yes, that’s all it was—a decision), I never would have imagined that my naturally, kinky, nappy curly, coily hair could have grown as long and be as healthy as it is today. I wake up every day, shake my locks and say, “I LOVE MY HAIR!”

Let me help you learn to love YOUR natural hair and locks. It’s a re-education and it’s a process—But a process that will produce results that are well worth the wait. You’ll LOVE your natural hair and locks too. I promise!