Sorry, no replay available for Oct 14th broadcast.  The Mist SALE is still going on though!  Stock up NOW!

 Hey Healthy Lockers!

30 lucky viewers got to see how I produced this “Relaxed Locks” style.  I had techie problems getting started with the broadcast in the new system and I know I lost many viewers who were getting the message that the broadcast had ended.  So, for my “diehards”, who were patient and hung around until I figured things out, I treated them to 7 step-by-step short videos on how to achieve and maintain this style, along with the the products and rollers I used.

This video set will be available under the “Natural Black Hair Training Videos” tab at the top of the page by the end of the month.  Check out the video of the RESULTS!


Join me for a mini broadcast this evening.  I wanted to do a part 2 of “Coming Full Circle With My Locks”, but wasn’t able to connect with the women I wanted to interview.  I’ll keep trying though.  It’s going to make for a great broadcast. Tonight’s “LIVE”starts at 9pm EST.  To see other REPLAYS of live broadcasts, make sure your visit the BROADCAST PAGE!.

Since the weather is starting to get cooler in many parts of the country, I’ve decided to place the double bottle of both mists on sale for 48 hours only.    Because they’re already discounted, the double bottles have not been on sale since November of 2011.  So stock up and save now.  It’s a great time to add extra conditioning and moisture to your locks.

Here”s the link to the products page for the mists or click on the pics!:  HealthyLocks Daily Conditioning Mists For LocsDouble Bottle - HealthyLocks Ultimate Dry Conditioning Formula


No particular topic tonight, so just come with your questions…especially you lock and Sisterlocks newbies. If all goes well, I want to show the results of rolling my hair on the foam rollers with the satin like cover.  The results are short of “Amazing”.  It actually looks like I “relaxed” my locks!
Although you’ll be seeing  the results, the step-by-step instructional video footage will be on the new membership site coming real soon.

Ok, that’s it.  see you in less than 1 hour!  Here’s the broadcast page again:

Your Video Locktician


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