Hey Healthy Lockers!

I’m feeling some kind of way about my locks.  They’re too, too long…so I’m going to cut off many inches (8-12) and I’m going to do it live on the Sunday broadcast at 9pm Est.  So  keep checking back, I’ll be posting raw (unedited) footage for the next 24 hours.  I’ll be sharing my thoughts, conditioning my locs, creating some styles and all on the fly.  And maybe (if I’m lucky), get my husband’s thoughts on my decision.  He’s such a cave man sometimes. I can’t make any promises there, so we’ll see.  Here’s the first video.  Be warned, it ain’t pretty. (LOL)  The video may take a little longer to load.  Like a said, they’re raw and unedited.

And just to clarify on how to gain access to my styling videos with the flexi clips…you have to to go to my lilla rose website and sign up.  You can do that 2 ways. First by placing an order and in that process you will automatically be signed up to the site.  Second, by signing up without a purchase.  The process is the same except you won’t be providing your payment details and you won’t be making a purchase.  I’ve made a quick video showing you how.  It’ll be the last video on this page.

I’m doing it this way because these videos are not public. Nor do I want them to be because they too will be raw, unedited videos with me just shooting the breeze with you and styling specifically with the Flexi clips.  I realize that the flexi clip thing may not be for everyone.  However, I’m really excited about them and the password protected videos will give me the opportunity to share the information with anyone who “requests” it by signing up to my Lilla Rose site.  And to be honest, it’s also a way to get you over to the site and check it out.  Lot’s of great info on the site!

Somewhere down the road, some of the videos may be edited and converted to use publicly, but not for now.


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