I may not be Irish, but I sure LOVE being Nappy…LOL!

Hey Healthy Lockers!

I’m still on hiatus, but very busy upgrading this site with new content and articles.  Didn’t realize

Phyllis' Birthday Broadcast

birthday broadcast

how much I’ve neglected it since I started doing the live broadcasts. I’ve learned that I have to create a balance between the two. I love sharing and educating with the live broadcasts, but they take lots of energy to pull off, and I’m usually getting that all together for 4- 6 hours immediately before the start of the broadcasts. (If you’ve ever noticed the beads of perspiration, the heavy breathing and the flared nostrils…that’s why! LOL!)  It’s all good though and I love doing them.

The live broadcasts are on hold until April or so.  So expect to see a few more informative posts and pages  and some subtle  design changes to the blog over the next several weeks.

If you haven’t watched the video in the post under this one.  Go do it now.  I’ve just added beautiful hair clips and other accessories to the product line .  I don’t physically have them yet.  They’re being shipped as I type this, but the video in the post below will give you a good idea of what they look like in the locs.  I won’t be making them available on this blog (just too many to post here).  Besides, I like super easy.  The company, Lilla Rose, provides free replicated sites…see, like I said –  super easy.  I like that!  My clients will love me again and I will be back in their good graces.  They’ll get first dibs on the 80 or so clips that I ordered.

So after watching the video and you want to get your own, just go to the site and order.  It’s a very easy process and fully automated.  But, if you feel you have the luck of the Irish, and want to get yours for FREE …then continue reading.

St. Patty’s Weekend PROMOTION –  Featuring the 4 Leaf Clover Flexible Hair Clip – A Great Piece of Loc Jewelry!

Loc Jewelry - 4 Leaf Clover Lilla Rose Flexi Clip

Click Here To See The Entire Collection!

In staying with the theme of St. Patrick’s Day weekend, when you order anything in the next 3 days, I’ll gift you with your own sparkly Swarovski crystal “lucky charm” Loc Jewel” (in green of course).  When you order over the weekend, not only will you receive your FREE LUCKY CHARM, but you’ll also qualify to win this beautiful 4 Leaf Clover Lilla Rose Flexi Clip.  Your name will be combined with everyone else who orders over this weekend and one LUCKY winner (or maybe 2…you know how I get)  will win the hair clip.

Wishing you a safe and “LUCKY” weekend!

For all of you who like super easy like I do…and don’t want to SCROLL DOWN to watch the video.  Move your mouse to

Here and CLICK…LOL!

Promotion Ends Monday, March 19, 2012 at 11:59 pm EST

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