Hey Healthy Lockes!
Do you know of anyone who wears a wig while they’re growing their locs?  I’ve had three clients who actually did this…but they released the wig within a year.  
I recently received a phone call from a desperate sister who couldn’t explain or understand why she could not release her wig and reveal to the world her beautiful head of Sisterlocks.  
Well, she agreed to call in on tonight’s broadcast and share her story with the hopes of receiving lots of "Loc Luv" and support.  Let’s help a sista out.  See you tonight.  The info is below.

If you’re going through this or you’ve been through this, then please help others by calling in and sharing your story of how you’ve handled it.

Let’s talk about it tonight during the live broadcast.  If you want to call in and share YOUR story, call in  at 302-836-3550, during the live broadcast.


See you tonight.  It’ll be interesting!  Here’s the info.  Click below:
Enter your name in the "GUEST" field (there is no username or password required)  Your name has to be at least 4 letters, though.  If you put your name in like this (Phyllis from Bear DE) that would be great and would make shout outs a lot easier.  Thx!
I’ll send out the REPLAY link within 24 hours.
Broadcast Time:  9pm Est
Call In:  302-836-3550
Send pics to:  VideoLocktician@gmail.com
Phyllis…Your Video Locktician






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