Hey Healthy Lockers.

What a special birthday!  Although my day was busy with making jewelry and packaging orders, I’ve been receiving wonderful birthday wishes throughout the day.  It’s really intriguing to me how we’re using technology for all of this as well.  Not only did I receive personal phone calls from all over, but text messages, emails, e-cards and Facebook posts are being enjoyed as well.

I had a fantastic start to my special day…my hubby and and son serenaded “Happy Birthday” to me and gave me big hugs and kisses!  This was waaay better than any store bought cake or box of chocolates, because my hubby is the “MASTER” of forgetting birthdays and anniversaries!  I also found a $5 bill at the end of my driveway as I was chasing down my mail carrier to laden her with a few extra packages – product orders of course.

So a big thank you and a gigantic virtual hug to all of  you who made my birthday “extra” special.  I appreciate you all!

Here’s the direct link to the the 15 minute live broadcast tonight at 9pm Est.  I will be drawing the names from a pool of customers who made qualifying purchases


In order to get into the Broadcast Room, you must type your name and where you’re from into the bottom field labeled “Login As Guest” and then press the “Enter” button.  You will be live inside the broadcast room.  I made a “How-To” video showing how super easy it is to log in and participate.   You can watch it at the top of   the broadcast page on this site.  Here’s the  Link:


Looking forward to announcing 2 Lucky Winners of Free Products tonight!

See the Post from Jan 11 (yesterday), 2012, down below for specifics of the promotion! You still have 1 hour to get a qualifying order in.  See you in a little bit.


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