Hey Healthy Lockers!

Been really pushing myself today with the knowledge of knowing that I will have help tomorrow packaging and shipping out your orders.  Almost decided not to do the broadcast tonight, but had already mentioned to a few people that I would.  So if it’s only 5 of us there.  So be it.

So tonight’s live broadcast will be “Ask The Video Locktician”.  Call in and ask me anything about your locs, my locs, starting a business, my new and old products, the FLOW products, my family…anything.  I’m in a good mood and you know what that means (or you should if you’ve been watching me for awhile).  Click the Link To Register for the broadcast…

Click Here To Register For The Webinar

Here’s a batch of lavender shampoo bars that I made a few days ago.  I have to wrap and label them tonight after the broadcast to put them in your orders!  Click on the 2 minute video!

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