I’ve coined the term “Dry Conditioning”. It’s a great way to keep your locks moisturized and healthy. This technique does wonders for dry thirsty locks and especially color-treated locks. The two main products that I use is the Healthylocks Conditioning Mist (my own creation and secret recipe), to condition the locks and add moisture and the second is the Anahita Conditioning Hair Oil by Warm Spirit. It smells incredible, it keeps my locks soft and helps to hold in the moisture. My clients love them. I’ll be creating a post featuring my favorite products real soon. In the meantime, you can visit www.Pamperdiva.com for Warm Spirit products including the Anahita hair oil. You can contact me directly from that website if you’re also interested in the Healthylocks Conditioning mist.

Click on the picture to see how to “Dry Condition” your locks!

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