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The holidays are upon us and I know everyone’s enjoying reconnecting with family and friends.  My sister, Robin and I have been busy crafting jewelry, making products on a larger scale and I’ve spent all day posting new t-shirts and editing videos. Lots to share…

1.  It’s time for my end-of-the-year sale!  I’m providing two(2) promotional codes that you can use for the next five (5) days to enjoy a 10% discount plus free shipping on your entire order if your order is $45 or more.
Here’s the coupon code for that:  45FREEGOBBLE2015  – use it at check out

No worries…if your total order is less than $45, you can still get free shipping by using this code:  ILOVEFREESHIPPING   – use it at checkout

NOTE:  Please remember to use the codes or the system will charge you shipping.


2.  Next week I’ll introduce the new sampler shampoo bar gift set along with several clearance pieces of loc jewelry and temporarily bring back a few old favorites in the loc jewelry. The sampler package will contain all eight of my shampoo bars (half bars) and will also include an ear abstract and a loc jewel set. Here’s a quick snap shot of what  they’ll look like.

Holiday Shampoo Bar/Soap Sampler!

Holiday Shampoo Bar/Soap Sampler!



3.  The “Speak To Me Tees” store is live!  I’ve been testing it with clients and family and a few customers for the past week. I’m running shorter campaigns so that you have opportunities to order and receive your t-shirts and hoodies by mid Dec 2015. For most of the campaigns, there needs to be a minimum of three shirts ordered, so go ahead and “reserve” your item(s) by providing your information.  The system will let you know if the campaign had enough orders to start processing the shirts.  If not, you’ll be notified and your method of payment will not be processed.

I’ve figured out how to provide you with a special code to receive Free Shipping.  The step-by-step written instructions can be found in the post directly below this one.  Ok, that’s it for now.  Please continue to send in your pics of you wearing your  tee’s, hoodies, loc jewelry, using the products – etc.  I”m editing them now and will feature them in my next post and during the live broadcast this weekend.  Here is the step-by-step video instructions to order your tees with free shipping…

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