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Ooooh…Loc Jewelry!

The holidays are here and what a great time to start thinking about the locked nappies that are special to you. How thoughtful and appropriate it would be to surprise and indulge them with a few special pieces of loc jewelry to adorn their locs for the holidays. While you’re at it, why not a few pieces to add to your loc collection?

Loc Jewelry - Estatic!

Loc Jewelry - Estatic!

Over the past 2 months, I’ve added 16 New pieces for you, which includes the highly requested and popular Loc Rings, in gold and silver! Take advantage of the 2-Day Sale. If you’re ordering just the loc jewelry…SHIPPING IS FREE! NOTE: If you’re combining your jewelry order with other products, then don’t count the jewelry as a product in your total shipping…(ie – you’re odering 1 mist, 1 oil and 5 pieces of loc jewelry – all your jewelry pieces would normally count as 1 product, but for shipping purposes, you would make the shipping selection for only two products (the mist and the oil). Call or email if you have questions. So sorry, but I’m not able to offer the free shipping on International orders.

For all you locked “Newbies” who email and call in inquiring about when can you start conditioning your locks or using my products, my surprising answer to you has always been, “from DAY 1 of your installation”.  That’s if you’re using my products.  The mists and the oils were created with my and my client’s locs in mind.  Since I use high grade oils and ingredients that are highly absorbable and penetrating in the mist and oils, you can use them right after your installation and throughout your entire locking  journey.  The mists and oils are what allow my locs and the locs of my clients to maintain moisture and conditioning benefits in between shampoos and keeps our locks incredibly soft to the touch, with a delicate sheen and smelling absolutely wonderful!   I termed the technique “Dry Conditioning”.   A short video will be posted soon to share with you how I accomplish this.  Stay tuned.  I’ve just uploaded the combo sets of the mists and oils for you on the products page.  So now if you’re looking forward to “Dry-Conditioning your spanking brand new locs or your mature locks, you can order at a discounted combo price.  Always on sale – just for you.  Click on this picture to go there.  And YESSSSS you can ABSOLUTELY Dry-Condition your New Sisterlocks with the mists and oils -quite contrary to popular beliefs and teachings.

Take Care For Now.  Don’t forget to check out last night live broadcast:  Click Here To Go To Last Night’s Broadcast REPLAY.

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