Hey Healthylockers!

Help A Sister Out and Join Me On Tonight’s Live Broadcast at 9 pm EST! But you have to promise to have something on from the waist up!  LOL!  That was an inside joke from the broadcast last night!  😉

==================  REPLAY INFO FROM LAST NIGHT’S BROADCAST =====================

The broadcast last night was fun and without too many glitches. You can see the REPLAY by visiting the post below from Sat, April 28, 2018, and clicking on the big blue button. You’ll be taken to a registration page and the broadcast will be live within 1-2 minutes (it’ll display my picture first). No worries. The REPLAY will start.

For those of you who joined me live last night…Thank YOU! You asked great questions and kept the engagement going.
Tonight is an unofficial live broadcast where I will still be answering questions if you have them, but to primarily see if I can share my screen and add a couple of live viewers to the screen. So if you’re willing to help me test out my webinar software, click on the button above and register to join me tonight at 9 pm!

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All 3 Mist for $45 - Stock Up and Save!

All 3 Mist for $45 – Stock Up and Save!

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