"Ooh!" Therapeautic Scalp Serum  Article coming soon on how to relieve dry itchy scalp

HealthyLocks "Ooh!" Therapeautic Scalp Serum   2oz/6oml

**Testimonial**  Girl, you certainly knew what you were doing when you sneaked the little sample of Ooh! oil into my last order. All I had to do was open the bottle and — BAM! Gotta have it! It feels SO good on my scalp, and the aroma is pretty much intoxicating (especially after getting into it after a hectic day at work). Thanks for your wonderful products that are just for "us." I’m already hooked on the Conditioning Mist and the Soul Purpose products for use on my hair. Now this. I am so happy to have found you. You’ve made it a such a joy to have locs, Phyllis. Bless you! –Karen (Louisville, Kentucky)


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