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Hey Healthy Lockes!
Do you know of anyone who wears a wig while they’re growing their locs?  I’ve had three clients who actually did this…but they released the wig within a year.  
I recently received a phone call from a desperate sister who couldn’t explain or understand why she could not release her wig and reveal to the world her beautiful head of Sisterlocks.  
Well, she agreed to call in on tonight’s broadcast and share her story with the hopes of receiving lots of "Loc Luv" and support.  Let’s help a sista out.  See you tonight.  The info is below.

If you’re going through this or you’ve been through this, then please help others by calling in and sharing your story of how you’ve handled it.

Let’s talk about it tonight during the live broadcast.  If you want to call in and share YOUR story, call in  at 302-836-3550, during the live broadcast.


See you tonight.  It’ll be interesting!  Here’s the info.  Click below:
Enter your name in the "GUEST" field (there is no username or password required)  Your name has to be at least 4 letters, though.  If you put your name in like this (Phyllis from Bear DE) that would be great and would make shout outs a lot easier.  Thx!
I’ll send out the REPLAY link within 24 hours.
Broadcast Time:  9pm Est
Call In:  302-836-3550
Send pics to:  VideoLocktician@gmail.com
Phyllis…Your Video Locktician






Sisterlocks New InstallationOrganic Locs

Click Here For The  "REPLAY" Of The Live Broadcast For Sunday, Feb 13, 2011

To Log in:  Place your name in the "GUEST" box, and click SUBMIT

Hey Healthylockers!  You don’t want to miss tonight’s live broadcast.  I’ll be featuring Pam’s 7 month old SL’s.  Pam is having one of the smoothest transitions and her Sisterlocks are gorgeous.  Now on the other end of the locking spectrum, Gail will be featured.  She has "Organic" Locs or locs that have been purposely grouped together to form very thick locs.  Pam may have less than 30 locks on her head.  They are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!  This will be a great opportunity to see the organic locks up close.  I’ll post the video on YouTube after the broadcast, but I have great pics!

Here’s the raw link to copy and paste into your browser or just click the link below the pictures.


Here’s the call in number:  302-836-3550


P.S.  Someone Please Remind me to press the dang RECORD button!!!  Thanks!



Hey Gang…Doing the broadcast from a different location.  Here’s the new link…




The Mamasita Twists for your locks will be featured!  (If everything goes ok).  See You There.

Make sure you enter as a "GUEST" by typing in your name in the "Guest" field.


Going Natural

Hey HealthyLockers!

One of my subscribers contacted me about cutting her long long locks.  She will be featured on the Dec 5 live broadcast.  It’s sure to be a good one and a great opportunity for you to ask questions.  She also sharedd this video.  It’s a video about a news reporter, Michelle Richie, whodecided to go natural and share her story on national TV.


Hey Gang. 

This post and video will be so different from anything else on my site, but I had to share it with you.  It still makes tears come to my eyes!

My good friend and long time client, Stephanie, has a tremendous sense of humor and I can always count on her for at least one good belly laugh every six weeks when she gets her Sisterlocks re-tightened. (I’ve always told her that she’s in the wrong profession).

After grooming her daughter’s, Tiara, locks, Stephanie was persistent in getting me to turn on my laptop and view a prank on YouTube, where a pilot fakes falling asleep at the controls of a small airplane and his passenger is in hysterical fear.   Well, the prank was actually hilarious and of course Stephanie  and I found ourselves in an all out, foot stomping, leg crossing, eyes tearing, bent over, side splitting belly laugh!

During our uncontrolable laughter, her daughter, Tiara, picked up my Flip Cam and recorded the laughing marathon. Feel free to pass it along and share the laughter.  I’m sure it will make someone else laugh at our expense.  Remember to laugh out loud every now and again.  It’s very cleansing for the soul.  Enjoy!!!!

I’ve made it easy to share this page with your friends…click below.


Live broadcast tonight at 9pm.  At 9pm Eastern, click this link and join me live with your questions:   http://apps.attainresponse.com/MediaF5/liveChannel.htm?presenterId=phyllis@helloworld-com
 or go to  http://videolocktician.com/live-broadcasts  and click on the blue link on that page.
If you want to participate "live" by asking me a question over the phone, please send me an email with your name, your question, a photo (optional) and your telephone number and I will call you during the first half of the broadcast. to allow you to ask your questions

You’ve gotta check out the latest "Live" broadcast replay.  The broadcasts are chock full of great hair locking information to troubleshoot your lock issues.  Replays stay up on the website for a limited time…so go there now and check them out. There’s also what I call little 10-15 minute snippets of footage of the life of the Video Locktician…raw and unedited, but FUN! I’m introducing my wonderful and talented Locktician, Jovan.  I’m grooming her Sisterlocks and then there’s another snippet where she’s grooming mine.    Click here to go there now: http://videolocktician.com/live-broadcasts



I get many requests asking about my lock journey.  I found a few photographs.  Click here to view my 10 year photo lock journey.  http://videolocktician.com/meet-phyllis
Click here to go to the jewelry and adornment page for updates on smaller jewelry sets:
Have A Great Hair Day


Live Broadcast Going On Now…

Press this link to get to the live broadcast going on right now… Friday, April 2, 2010  2:30pm



2-Week Promotion – Free Healthylocks Conditioning Mist

Hey Gang.

Meet my new friend, Diva Delicious, who will tell you about a new promotion to gift you with a FREE bottle of my best selling product, the HealthyLocks Conditioning Mist.

Look to the right for the category “Pages”.  Click the link “October Special” and view the fun video.  Then go to “Order Hair Products” to take advantage of the savings.  This promotion is only valid to the 1st 100 customers or until October 30, 2008, which ever comes first.  As always I welcome your feedback.  Have a great hair day.


Hey Gang, 

Just a heads up to let you know that I’ve been researching feverishly to find a reliable shopping cart to make ordering products a lot easier for you.  Soon you’ll be able to order directly from this blog/website.

I’m also in the process of creating a FREE Monthly Newsletter chocked full of great tips for natural hair and locks.  Lots of great stuff right around the corner.  Expect these 2 new additions to the site within the next two weeks.  Oooh…I’m so excited for you!

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