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Holiday Jewelry Sale With FREE Shipping

Hey Healthy Lockers.

If you missed it live, Click Here To Go To Last Night’s Broadcast REPLAY

Ooooh…Loc Jewelry!

The holidays are here and what a great time to start thinking about the locked nappies that are special to you. How thoughtful and appropriate it would be to surprise and indulge them with a few special pieces of loc jewelry to adorn their locs for the holidays. While you’re at it, why not a few pieces to add to your loc collection?

Loc Jewelry - Estatic!

Loc Jewelry - Estatic!

Over the past 2 months, I’ve added 16 New pieces for you, which includes the highly requested and popular Loc Rings, in gold and silver! Take advantage of the 2-Day Sale. If you’re ordering just the loc jewelry…SHIPPING IS FREE! NOTE: If you’re combining your jewelry order with other products, then don’t count the jewelry as a product in your total shipping…(ie – you’re odering 1 mist, 1 oil and 5 pieces of loc jewelry – all your jewelry pieces would normally count as 1 product, but for shipping purposes, you would make the shipping selection for only two products (the mist and the oil). Call or email if you have questions. So sorry, but I’m not able to offer the free shipping on International orders.

For all you locked “Newbies” who email and call in inquiring about when can you start conditioning your locks or using my products, my surprising answer to you has always been, “from DAY 1 of your installation”.  That’s if you’re using my products.  The mists and the oils were created with my and my client’s locs in mind.  Since I use high grade oils and ingredients that are highly absorbable and penetrating in the mist and oils, you can use them right after your installation and throughout your entire locking  journey.  The mists and oils are what allow my locs and the locs of my clients to maintain moisture and conditioning benefits in between shampoos and keeps our locks incredibly soft to the touch, with a delicate sheen and smelling absolutely wonderful!   I termed the technique “Dry Conditioning”.   A short video will be posted soon to share with you how I accomplish this.  Stay tuned.  I’ve just uploaded the combo sets of the mists and oils for you on the products page.  So now if you’re looking forward to “Dry-Conditioning your spanking brand new locs or your mature locks, you can order at a discounted combo price.  Always on sale – just for you.  Click on this picture to go there.  And YESSSSS you can ABSOLUTELY Dry-Condition your New Sisterlocks with the mists and oils -quite contrary to popular beliefs and teachings.

Take Care For Now.  Don’t forget to check out last night live broadcast:  Click Here To Go To Last Night’s Broadcast REPLAY.

48 Hour Mist Sale – Sisterlocks Revolution

Hey Healthy Lockers!

I’m in a really good mood! The broadcast will be short tonight…got lots to do before morning. Traveled to volunteer at the Sisterlocks Revolution in Camp Springs, MD. I met some incredible sister friends there and want to share them with you. Also, the mist is discounted for 48 hours only. This is the most I’ve discounted the price since sharing them online. Take advantage! See you in a few. Here’s the link to the broadcast page:


Traditional Loc Grooming & Trouble Shooting

Tiarra locked 8 years

Tiarra locked 8 years

Hey Gang.

Tonight’s broadcast will feature my client of 8 years, Tiarra.  You may have seen her in one of my very popular YouTube videos where I groomed her neglected and very tangled locks and brought  them back to beautiful.  Well, Tiarra is back to her bad habits again and this time has not seen me in 8 months!    Join the live broadcast tonight and see if 8 months of loc neglect can be fixed.

I may also have a surprise guest who combed her locks out and is starting anew.  Boy…do I have questions for her!

See you in a few.  Click the link to be taken to the broadcast page:

Click Here For REPLAY Of The Live Broadcast For Sunday, Oct 30, 2011

Gold Loc Rings For Sisterlocks Are Here

Hey Healthy Lockers!

Jewelry for Loc, Sisterlocks & Micro Locs

Gold Loc Rings

You’ve asked for them and they’re here…Gold Loc Rings for your Locks, Sisterlocks and Micro Locs!   They will be featured on tonight’s live broadcast.  Here’s the link for the broadcast:

Click Here For REPLAY Of The Live Broadcast – Loc Rings

I’ve been wearing these adornments for over  10 years and they have always attracted attention to my locks.  No one would  imagine lock jewelry this small  for your delicate locs.  Just find a lock that will enter into the hole and gently slide the ring up your lock until it is secured or fits snugly around a thicker part of the lock.  I keep a very small crochet hook around to make adding the rings to my locks a little faster and easier.

Don’t worry.  No need to remove your Loc Rings during your retightening sessions.  They loop through effortlessly.  They are available now in two package sizes:

20 Piece Pkg/ $22 and a 50 Piece pkg/ $45  Click Here To Get Your Loc Rings Now!

The Loc Rings are 14k gold-filled, which means that they are made from a high quality jeweler’s base metal which has been dipped in 14K gold…not to be confused with gold-plated, which will flake, peel and tarnish after just a few wears.  With proper care, the gold will stay intact for many years.  Oils, butters, shampoos and conditioners will not affect the quality of the Loc Rings, however, I would recommend removing them before a hair coloring session.

My 10 Year Sisterlocks Journey

My Sisterlocks are 11 years and 3 months old. I’m re-posting this pictorial of my 10 year Sisterlocks journey. Notice how the hair has changed but still managed to remain absolutely gorgeous through every stage of the locking process. Click the video and then read below!

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow

After several months of using products that were too drying for my hair and scalp, I began to research and experimenting with home made products for myself and my clientele. The result is the product line that I make available today.

In all of my pictures and the pictures and videos of my clients, you’ll always notice how “soft and healthy” the locks look. If they “look” that way, then you can just imagine how incredibly soft the locks must feel. I was using a combination of the mists and and oils way before I bottled and labeled them for sale and encouraged my clients to use them from day one of their installation – they’ve never had an issue with “Dry Locks”.

My product line has since become very popular with many of you because the RESULTS speak for themselves! After viewing the above video, I invite you to visit the products page to see what products will work for you. I encourage you to read the testimonials. Don’t just take my word for it – although you could…LOL! Feel free to call me at 302-836-3550 if you have questions about what to order for your locks or to process the order over the phone.

Click Here For Great Products For Your Locks!

While you’re at it, check out the jewelry page here:

Click Here For Real Hand-Crafted Jewelry Made Especially For Your Sisterlocks and Locs!

Wishing you many FAB-BU-LOUS hair days!

Phyllis…Your Video Locktician – Where You Get A Real Education About Locked Hair Care!

Hey Health Lockers!

Click Here NOW For The REPLAY Of Sunday, June 19, 2011 Live Broadcast

Over the last 10 years, I’ve been sharing the benefits of having and growing healthy natural hair, with an emphasis on locked hair, which is my specialty. During that time, I’ve learned so much about products, product ingredients, hair textures, the locking process and perfected many locking techniques. I’ve also developed, and now teach techniques, lock secrets (short cuts mainly), the results of which I’ve been sharing with you online since 2007!

So for the next two broadcasts, I want to put the spotlight on YOU! Please feel free to send in pics, and share your best revelation, moment, compliment… whatever about your natural or locked hair. It seems we’re always discussing our lock issues, so tonight I want to CELEBRATE our Lovely, Natural, Nappy Locked Hair.

By the next broadcast, I should have enough pictures, videos and testimonials to edit and produce a very nice video to share on my blog, FaceBook, YouTube etc., highlighting YOU!– more about that during the broadcast.  Here’s the link to the REPLAY.


or you can get there via my blog:


Phyllis Johnson Sisterlocks Springlocks Twist Out 3

Phyllis Johnson Sisterlocks Springlocks Twist Out 3

Hey  Healthy Lockers. I’ve been away for a month (just needed to take a well-deserved break). Join me tonight as I “ease” back into the swing of things. Call me with your questions. I’ll see you at 9pm Est. ( 8:00pm Central / 7:00pm Mountain / 6:00pm Pacific).

Click here at 9Pm To join the broadcast live or…

copy and paste this link into your top “browser” window to be taken there directly.


See you shortly!


Good Morning Healthy Lockers!

Two things – Here’s the REPLAY link for the live broadcast on Sunday evening, May 1, 2011, at 9pm.


I’m definitely going to limit tonight’s broadcast to 1 hour. Tonight’s topic:   "My daughter is losing her hairline!"  So please call in if any female family members or friends are having this issue.  And if you want your picture highlighted with a shout out, please send pictures to videolocktician@gmail.com as a jpeg attachment.  Send pictures before 6pm EST if you want them featured during tonight’s broadcast.



Although I said I wasn’t going to have another sale for awhile, I totally could not help you celebrate your Mother’s Day without something special from the Video Locktician.  Soooo here it is.

Free Shipping on all Loc Jewelry and a least $2 off everything else with the exception of the Soul purpose balms and the shower/hair gels.  This will allow your order to ship out by Wednesday and you should have them by Saturday, before Mother’s Day.  

I’m putting this out before the broadcast so that you can get your orders in early and I can begin processing them today (I have a pretty full schedule this week).

Here’s the order page for products: 


Here’s the order page for the loc jewelry:


Looking forward to you joining me on the broadcast this evening.  Call me if you have questions about anything.  Here’s my number (use it to call in tonight as well).


Don’t forget to log in as a "Guest" by placing your name in the "GUEST" field – You don’t need a username or a password

Here’s the live link again.  Click on it  and sign in as a GUEST,


OK then…See you tonight.

Phyllis…Your Video Locktician

Natural Face – Locking Tools – FREE Stuff!


Hey Healthy Lockers!

Game Night!!!  Click Here For REPLAY OF The Live Broadcast – Sun, Apr 3, 2011, 9pm EST

As anticipated – Another Great Broadcast.  Over $300 worth of products given away!  You guys made it really FUN!!!   Congratulations to all the winners:

Honika (8 piece gold crystal Jewelry set); Olympia (SpringLocks DVD); Suzanne (HealthyLocks Conditioning Mist); Darlene (Loc Luv); Tamika (Ultimate Mist);  Debbie (Musk Have It); Shimrii (Loc Soc); Valerie (Delicious); Sandra (Loc Soc) & Wanda (8 piece gold crystal jewelry set). 

Winners for completing the NAPPY puzzle and emailing it in: Suzanne (TBA); Netta – try again sweetheart.  2 wrong (I’ll give you 13/down  "latching" – LOL!!!

There are still two openings for winners left!  Send me an email with the answers!

 3 Day Sale:  Loc Luv ($5 off); Ultimate Mist in green bottle ($3 off); Springlocks DVD only ($10 off) – Sale ends Wednesday, April 6, 2011, at 11:59 pm, EST

Sale items are on the products page at 



 Click Here For REPLAY OF The Live Broadcast – Sun, Apr 3, 2011, 9pm EST

– An update on Felicia’s "Silver" locks

– Review of the Baltimore Natural Hair Expo; see my purchased items from the show

– A New Interlocking Tool Hits The Market!

– My tips for a 2 minute "Enhanced Natural Face" (three must have make up items) Watch as I enhance my natural face to give it some "umph in under 2 minutes!

– How’s Your Nappy Knowledge?  The Video Locktician’s "Nappy Crossword Puzzle" for you to download

– Ten Product Give-A-Ways!

– 3 Day Product Sale – You choose!

Hope I’m able to pull all this off…should be interesting!  Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

REMIND ME TO RECORD, PLEASE!!! Call In 302-836-3550

Click The LINK:



See you tonight…Phyllis



Hey Healthy Lockers

So sorry.  I just returned from the Baltimore Natural Hair Show and have less than 10 minutes to prepare for tonight.  Please join me next Sunday.  It’ll be GAME NIGHT and I’ll give away products, plus share with you some of my treasures from the Natural hair show – a new locking tool, the loc soc and another product that, in my opinion, will take the natural hair industry by storm.  I made some wonderful contacts.  I’ll see you next Sunday!

Wishing You Many Nappy and Happy Hair Days!

Phyllis…Your Video Locktician

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