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Free Shipping & Discount codes For The Holidays

Hey Healthy Lockers!  Promotion Ends TONIGHT!

Didn’t get a chance to update with a post, but rest assured that I have my head down focusing on completing my video training series with an introduction of a couple of new products centered around deep cleansing, conditioning and hair growth…Exciting!  So if you want to take advantage of the free shipping and discount promotion, then TODAY is the last day!  Details below:

1.  Free Shipping code:   GOBBLEFREE2014 – Ends today at 11:59 PST

2.  15% Off Discount Code For:  BLACKFRIDAY15 – Ends today at 11:59 PST

Note: Can only use one coupon during a shopping session, however you can shop as much as you like during the promotion.

4. All orders today will receive a coupon code on the invoice for 10% off  any future orders placed during the month of December 2014.  You can use as often as you like.

Click Here to go directly to the products page!

What’s On SALE today?  

Loc Ties, loc updo, sisterlocks styles, dreadlock styles, loc styles

New Loc Ties for adorned ponytails and upos! – Great for Sisterlocks, Locs and Dreadlocks!

Daily Mist (single bottle) – Daily Mist Combo Set – Double Bottle of Daily Mist – Loc Luv Hair & Body Oil

Four new loc ties have been added to the collection:

Enjoy your Holidays with family and friends and thanks for being loyal a subscriber.

Happy Holidays!

Phyllis…Your Video Locktician








Phyllis Johnson ,  Video Locktician, best loctician, locs, sisterlocks, locktician

Phyllis Johnson – Your Video Locktician

Hey Healthy Lockers!

To make a long story short…

Free Shipping For the next 72 hours on All Accessories and Shampoo Bars.  This includes loc ties, ear abstracts, loc jewelry, dvds and again – shampoo bars.  Sorry gang.  No mists and no oils are included in the free shipping promotion.  I’m still replenishing from the last sale.  If you include mists or oils, shipping will be calculated based on the mists and oils and not any of the other items.

Here’s the long story…

Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year.  I love the colors, the textures, my jeans, my wraps, big sweaters, the crisp weather and best of all my lovely locs as they blow in the wind.  But what I absolutely love best about my locs, is I still get compliments just about everywhere I go…from how great they look, to how wonderful they smell, to

how soft they feel, to the beautiful adornments that I wear in them.  I’ve had my locs for over 14 years now and I never tire of them.  Strangers are intrigued when I share with them how long I’ve been growing them and that my loc jewelry has been in my hair for many many years.

October has always been a month that brings new ideas, life changes and fresh creativity for me.  27 years ago, I began my law enforcement career in October.  6 years later, in October, I got married.  Two years after that, I was a new mother – again in October.  And now retired, doing this hair thing and making products, videos, jewelry etc, I’ve finally accepted the

I'll Be Adding New Ear Abstracts Styles Over The Next 24-48 hours.

I’ll Be Adding New Ear Abstracts Styles Over The Next 24-48 hours.

fact that I am blessed with the gift of creativity and a business acumen and personality that allows me to share it with others.  I can’t count how many times I have stepped away from my work, stared at it in amazement and said, “I can’t believe I just made that!”

I never went to professional school for hair.  I didn’t grow up with artist tools and craft kits.  Heck, I was a tomboy who participated and excelled in sports.  Even today I prefer ESPN, women’s rugby or a good true crime show over Atlanta Housewives and Scandal.  It was a rare occasion to see me with a doll.  No particular crafting skills were passed down to me from my mother or grandmother.  They were busy working long hard hours providing a roof over our heads and food on the table.  But yet, I bend and manipulate wire, that turn into the most interesting earrings and jewelry.  I create shampoo bars that people would rather look at instead of use, and I’ve learned how to create an income from the things I absolutely love to make and do.   My goodness – I learned how to make the earrings and the shampoo bars within the last year!

I am blessed and I’m truly appreciative of all of you.  Thank you for trusting enough to try my products, referring them to others and returning again and again to purchase them.  I am forever grateful.

Since October is my special month and I’m feeling all warm and fuzzy now (lol), Free Shipping on all accessories and shampoo bars for the next 72 hours!  No codes needed.  Remember… shipping will be calculated only if you include mists or oils with your order.  The free shipping is only for loc ties, loc jewelry, ear abstracts, dvds and shampoo bars.

loc jewelry, loc adornment, locs, charms for locs

Loc Jewelry For Sisterlocks, Locs & Dreadlocks – “Amber Queen”

I’ll be adding new Ear Abstracts and Loc Jewelry to the sight over the next 24-48 hours.

Hey – feel free to send in your pics with your locs adorned with purchases from the site or Lilla Rose.  I would love to feature YOU!  Here are a few…

Irene styled Sisterlocks with Flexi Clip - Looks fabulous!

Irene styled Sisterlocks with Flexi Clip – Looks fabulous!

Simple and Quick Loc Updo Styling with a Loc Tie

Kelli has created a quick and simple loc updo style. Very nice!

loc styling, loc updo, lilla rose you pins, u pins, styling with you pins, lilla rose, video locktician, videolocktician, sisterlocks styling

Stephanie M from Newark, DE using Lilla Rose’s YOU-Pins In Her Loc Updo! How Lovely! Style by Phyllis Johnson – the Video Locktician VideoLocktician.com

sisterlocks updo, flexi clips, loc styling

Stephanie loc updo accented with Lilla Rose You-Pins!



























Cylinda and daughter sporting Ear Abstracts, and styling locs with  flexi clips and loc ties!

Cylinda and daughter sporting Ear Abstracts, and styling locs with flexi clips and loc ties!



sisterlocks styling updo

Cylinda is wearing Ear Abstracts and accented her updo with a small Flexi Clip













loc updo, video locktician, loc styling

Shannon’s Traditional Loc Updo With Loc Ties

loc styling, loc updo

Shannon Loc Updo with Loc Ties, Loc Adornments and Ear Abstracts- Rear View













Wishing you many Nappy & Happy Hair Days!

 Phyllis…Your Video Locktician

Loc Styling With Pipe Cleaners – SpringLocks

Loc Styling With SpringLocksHey Healthy Lockers!

T-Shirts are in…Yeah!  Send in your pics to videolocktician@gmail.com so that I can feature you on the site and possibly during the broadcast tomorrow evening!

  • -New pics of client’s loc journey
  • -a video about how the t-shirts are fitting
  • -Info for the broadcast tomorrow evening  – I may give away a couple of T-shirts…we’ll see.

Stay Tuned!…


“I Love My Locs!” Limited Edition T-shirt

“I Love My LOCS!”  7 Days Only!

Limited Edition T-shirts

I Love My Locs - T-shirt

I Love My Locs! Limited Edition T-shirt

Hey Healthy Lockers!

If I had a penny for every time one of my clients said, “I Love My Locs!”, I probably wouldn’t have to do hair anymore…LOL!

I love it when I find things that really speak to me that help represent myself to the world without necessarily opening up my mouth.  Well this t-shirt does it for me and I know that it will do it for you!  I designed it and It’s a limited edition.   I’m only having 50 made.  So when they’re gone – they’re gone.  Several of my clients have already placed their orders.

This is how it works:  When you click on the below link, it will take you to my campaign page at TeeSpring.com.  You’ll place your order via Paypal or credit card.  I have 7 days for you healthy lockers to place your orders totaling 50 shirts.  Once that 50 t-shirt limit is reached,  the company will charge your PayPal account or your credit card and the t-shirts will go into production.  You’ll have your limited edition t-shirt within 2 weeks shipped directly from TeeSprings.  Once you click the link, you’ll be guided through the simple order process and can get more info.  NOTE:  If we don’t reach the goal of 50 shirts, then your paypal account or credit card will never be charged and the t-shirts won’t be manufactured.

If this campaign proves successful, then I’ll design more t-shirts and make them available.  If I don’t reach the campaign goal of 50 t-shirts, then I’ll just do this on a much smaller scale for my clients.  It’s great that I get to test my creations with you! Thanks!

As always, if you have suggestions or comments on a t-shirt design, or other styles of t-shirts (like long sleeves or hoodies) please leave your comments by clicking the “Leave your comment” link at the top right of this post.  Let me know what you think!

Click on the T-Shirt or Click Here Now To Pre-order & Reserve Your T-shirt!

What’s On SALE With FREE Shipping?!

SpringLocks DVD Kit

Click the DVD!



  SpringLocks DVD – $10 Off Plus FREE Shipping

loc tie lavendar


Click the Loc Tie!


All Loc Ties – $2 Off Plus FREE Shipping!




Hey Healthy Lockers!

SEE VIDEO!  Free Shipping On Flexi Clips and SpringLocks / Loc Ties Promotion!*

The SpringLocks / Loc Tie promotional packages will be available while supplies last.  Remember…there is FREE Shipping on them!  UPDATE:  I only have 2 colors left in the lock ties…a red combination and a lavendar combination.

Also Lilla Rose is in the midst of their 4 Day FREE Shipping spring promotion.  It ends Saturday, March 23rd at 11:59pm PST.  You’ll definitely want a couple of Flexi Clips after you watch the broadcast below.  I  used the flexi clips and the loc ties to create several of the quick and easy styles on my hair and on my sister’s long palm-rolled locs…just gorgeous!

The Links Are Below The Video!

Phenomenal tutorials within this broadcast! Had trouble initially getting situated and my phone wasn’t working, but was able to flow much better after about 10 minutes or so. What’s great about this system is that you can rewind and move forward whenever you want – couldn’t do that with the other system and the video quality is really good!

Enjoy The Broadcast!

loc tie red zebraSpringLocks


Here’s the link for the Flexi Clips you saw in the broadcast



*Sorry…international orders not eligible for free shipping.

Quick & Easy Loc Styling Tips

For The Holidays!

Phyllis Johnson - Quick Stylling Tips

Phyllis Johnson – The Video Locktician

Hey Healthy Lockers!

The Live Broadcast was a blast.  If you missed it, you can watch it by clicking the link below:

Click Here To Be Taken To The Broadcast Page to Watch The  REPLAY!

Be sure to watch tonights Live Broadcast. I’ll share super easy and quick tips to help you get your locs ready for this holiday season.  And it all starts from having healthy and conditioned locs.  I’ll show you step-by-step how to :

  • “Dry Condition” your locks and what products to use to achieve maximum conditioning, moisturization and softness
  • Use The Loc Luv Conditioning Hair & Body Oil to deep condition your locs as a time-saving hot oil treatment
  • Maintain scalp moisture and conditioning to help your curly styles last longer in between shampoos
  • Create texture and fullness in thin or fine locks
  • Alternatives for dealing with a really bad hair day
  • Creative use of hair accessories

Armed with these tips, you’ll have no worries with your locs during the Holiday Season!

I encourage you to call in with your questions and to share your quick styling secrets.I have a few FREEBIES to give away too!  See you tonight!  See the post below for details of the discounts and free shipping


Click Here To Be Taken To The Broadcast Page to Watch The  REPLAY!

// ]]>



Free Shipping and Discounts are still going on until tomorrow, Nov 19, 2012 11:59 pm.  See the post below for details of the discounts and free shipping,  Take advantage.

Looking forward to to hearing from you and seeing you in the chat.  Remember…if there are techie issues, keep trying.  The goal is to not have any problems tonight…we’ll see (lol).

Phyllis… Your Video Locktician




See My “Relaxed” Locs!

Sorry, no replay available for Oct 14th broadcast.  The Mist SALE is still going on though!  Stock up NOW!

 Hey Healthy Lockers!

30 lucky viewers got to see how I produced this “Relaxed Locks” style.  I had techie problems getting started with the broadcast in the new system and I know I lost many viewers who were getting the message that the broadcast had ended.  So, for my “diehards”, who were patient and hung around until I figured things out, I treated them to 7 step-by-step short videos on how to achieve and maintain this style, along with the the products and rollers I used.

This video set will be available under the “Natural Black Hair Training Videos” tab at the top of the page by the end of the month.  Check out the video of the RESULTS!


Join me for a mini broadcast this evening.  I wanted to do a part 2 of “Coming Full Circle With My Locks”, but wasn’t able to connect with the women I wanted to interview.  I’ll keep trying though.  It’s going to make for a great broadcast. Tonight’s “LIVE”starts at 9pm EST.  To see other REPLAYS of live broadcasts, make sure your visit the BROADCAST PAGE!.

Since the weather is starting to get cooler in many parts of the country, I’ve decided to place the double bottle of both mists on sale for 48 hours only.    Because they’re already discounted, the double bottles have not been on sale since November of 2011.  So stock up and save now.  It’s a great time to add extra conditioning and moisture to your locks.

Here”s the link to the products page for the mists or click on the pics!:  HealthyLocks Daily Conditioning Mists For LocsDouble Bottle - HealthyLocks Ultimate Dry Conditioning Formula



No particular topic tonight, so just come with your questions…especially you lock and Sisterlocks newbies. If all goes well, I want to show the results of rolling my hair on the foam rollers with the satin like cover.  The results are short of “Amazing”.  It actually looks like I “relaxed” my locks!
Although you’ll be seeing  the results, the step-by-step instructional video footage will be on the new membership site coming real soon.

Ok, that’s it.  see you in less than 1 hour!  Here’s the broadcast page again:


Your Video Locktician


3 Loc Styles Done Live & Hair Clip Giva-A-Way

Loc Styles ‘Live’ & Happy Flexi Clip Winners…This Is A ‘MUST SEE’ Replay Of The Live Broadcast – Click  Here Now!

Hey Healthy Lockers!

The Broadcast was a complete “Blast” for me.  We had a packed house, had much fun, and I was in a generous mood after being away for 3 months.  Several  clips were given away to the live viewers.  I tried my best to give away the 4 leaf clover clip, which was Lilla Rose’s Flexi Clip of the Month, but gave winners the option to select clips from my personal collection.  When it was all said and done,  I decided to keep that clip for myself when I realized that it was no longer available for order and will be considered a “collector’s item” from here on (at least in my opinion).  I had a good laugh on that!

Free clips will ship out by the week end. Please send me an email including your name, address and telephone number, if you were a winner (listed below).

Half way through the broadcast, I demonstrated three styles – the “Half Pony With A Twist; The Single Braid Side Sweep; and the Bohemian Braid, which was named by Suzanne from Canada – thanks Suzanne!  I have a clip for you on your next order, but you have to remind me girlfriend!

I will be making more detailed video tutorials on those styles, but you can see how I did them quickly and “live” on the broadcast.

International Viewers Love Loc Styling Too!

Our international family represented well.  They were Valerie B. from Canada, Suzanne from Canada;  Shardae from the UK Kelly of Barbados, Suzzette of Jamaica and Swan from South Korea.  Thanks ladies!  I so appreciate any special effort you have to make in order to watch live…like lose sleep maybe? LOL!  I appreciate you!

Congratulations to the following winners of the Flexi clips:


Tamika Styling With Small Flexible Clips!

Tamika's Loc Styling With Flexi ClipsClips

Tamika's Loc Styling With Flexi Clips

Tamika R. from New York.   Thanks to Tamika, for sending in the first pictures  with her Sisterlocks styled with the Flexi Clips.  You can see how she styled her short Sisterlocks with the small flexiclips…sooo cute!  It helped viewers  determine which size to order in the future based on their length and texture.   I’ll be posting her pics on my FaceBook page and FaceBook Fan Page soon!

The other winners were:

Tara H. of Las Vegas

Dee M. of Virginia

Genece W. of Utah

Marilyn S. of Minnesota

Darlene from Las Vegas – won after the broadcast  was over…or so you thought .  I came back on with the 5-7 viewers who were still lingering and gave away another clip!  Love My LIVE VIEWERS!!!

Special Thanks to my client, Rhonda S. of Delaware, who is also my business tax advisor, for volunteering to allow me to create styles with the flexi clips with her shoulder length locks.  So be on the lookout for that.

It was great meeting all you lucky winners during the broadcast.  You made it so much fun!

Below are a few of the styles that were featured!

Ok…Go to the top of the page and click on the big red letters that read “Click Here!”

Pin It

“Tips On Managing Long Locs”

Hey Healthy Lockers.
Another great broadcast tonight!  There was a lot of “Loc Envy” going on.  Thank you to all who called in live and shared their tips!  Go to the Broadcast page for the list of REPLAYS that you may have missed.
The “Live” broadcast highlighted healthy lockers who had long locks (8-10 years or more).  See pics of viewers; listen to live callers share their issues and tips; hear me give advise; and take notes from the “chat” that is always full of great advise from viewers!  Anyone who has long locks or who aspire to grow their locs long will enjoy the replay of this live broadcast!
I also make a startling revelation at the end regarding cutting my locks in the next 30 days.  You’ve gotta check it out!
Go to http://videolocktician.com/live-broadcasts – the broadcast page to gain access to the broadcast.
Remember, you don’t need a password.  Just type in your name  in the “Login as Guest” field and  and click enter.  You will be be in the broadcast room and the recording will start automatically.
After viewing the broadcast, please make sure you go to my Facebook Fan page and comment, like and share.  I would really appreciate that…click the banner below:

Visalus With Phyllis Johnson

Join Me In The Challenge


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