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Hey Healthy Lockers.

Watch this video in segments, if you have to, but make sure you watch it all.  As much as I wanted to have a short 1/2 hour broadcast (I was very tired), the engagement wouldn’t allow for that.  There was such a flow of great information and awesome tips from viewers who called in live.  We covered topics from lint in your locs, to coloring locs, best high end hair color brands, to loc slippage, extremely dry locs, best products for moisture, transitioning out of locs, loc thinning, to covering grey hair…a little bit of everything!  You’ve gotta watch!

Thanks everyone who participated live.  I was CRAZY TIRED, but you ladies supplied enough energy to keep me going.  I appreciate all of you and will make a video of the lucky winners for the hoodie and free products after I ship out all the orders.  This broadcast has so much value.Thanks again.  You ladies made it worth it!

Here’s the raw footage…

4thofjulysmileyLive Broadcast Tonight!
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I trust you’re having a nappy holiday weekend with family and friends!
Sorry I haven’t been communicating these last few months.  I’ve been researching, testing new products for hair growth and conducting local seminars.  I’m really excited to share with you!  More on that over the next few days.
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A few shampoo bars, the “Ooh!” Dry Itchy Scalp Relief, Ear Abstracts and Loc Ties have been reduced.  Enjoy. I’ll begin shipping out your orders Tues.  So you may have them as soon as the end of this week!  

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2)  Live Broadcast Tonight at 9pm Est – Open Topic Tonight!  So call in and ask me your most pressing questions about YOUR locs!  Here’s the call-in number to talk live…
I have a few bottles of Ultimate Mist that I will give away on the broadcast.
Oh!  I’m testing a new webinar system so the broadcast should be interesting.

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Help! My Daughter Has LICE In Her Locs!

Hey Healthy Lockers.

Great to be back and I appreciate your patience. Although I had another topic scheduled for the live broadcast tonight, I feel that tonight’s topic is timely and too important to put off.

lice in locks

lice in locs

Last week I received a semi-desperate phone call from a customer/viewer who informed me that she was on day 18 of treatment to rid her daughter and possibly herself of HEAD LICE! She wanted to know if I had any experience with them or could offer additional info on how to successfully get rid of them. Both the caller and her daughter has Sisterlocks and although she was successful in finding information online about how to get rid of lice, there was no detailed info on how to remove them from locked hair. Her only recourse was to post a question in one of the locked hair forums and to her surprise, she learned that a few locked hair sisters (who were willing to admit it and help a sistah out) had also suffered through the lice ordeal and had success in completely removing the pesky critters!

This  caller has agreed to join us live tonight and share her ordeal.  Hope you can make it. (Someone, anyone…please remind me to record!!!)

After the broadcast tonight, I’ll be posting a few videos and links to really good info I found on line and hopefully will be able to add to this list from info provided by my broadcast viewers.

See you tonight at 9pm EST/ 8pm CST/ 7pm MST/ 6pm PST

Click the LOUSE picture above to view the REPLAY of LICE IN YOUR LOCS or copy and paste this link into your browser:


No user name or password is need…just type your name (or at least 4 letters) in the Guest field and click Enter.  The broadcast will automatically load and begin playing for your viewing pleasure.  Enjoy!

It was a great broadcast.  After discussing the lice, I showed a video of lock breakage and a new client during her consultation.  She was such a good sport.  She took off her wig!

I’ll post additional links tomorrow…I’m too tired.  Good Night!  Thanks for joining me on the broadcast.


Hey Healthy Lockers!  Broadcast Topic:  Alopecia & Hairline Damage

alopecia hairline damage

Great broadcast tonight.  For those who missed it, we viewed lots of pictures showing hair line damage and how poor hair care will evolve into unhealthy hair and destroy our natural hair line.  Thanks for joining me.  Here’s the REPLAY link:


Make sure you put your name in the "Guest" field.  You don’t need a username or password.


Also, you only have 24 hours to take advantage of the Mother’s Day Specials.  Here are the links to the jewelry (FREE SHIPPING) and the products page.

Jewelry:  http://videolocktician.com/loc-jewelry-adornments

Loc Products:  http://videolocktician.com/order-loc-products

Enjoy And Have A Happy & Nappy Hair Week!  See ya in 2 weeks!

Phyllis…Your Video Locktician