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Sales & Free Shipping All Over The Place!

Loc Tie - India

Loc Tie – India

Hey Healthy Lockers!

Monday, May 1st and Tuesday, May 2nd & Wednesday May 3rd are FREE Shipping days with an order of $45 of more.   I’m relaunching my business and I’m going to do it LIVE!  In the meantime, place your orders early.    Here’s the code that you MUST use…


Finally…new LOC TIES are available now!  Made some this morning and will continue to add them between tonight and tomorrow.  I hadn’t realized that all my loc ties and just about all my Ear Abstracts were completely sold out on the site.  Sorry about that.

For you Flexi Clip LOVERS, Lilla Rose is having an awesome sale starting TODAY along with FREE Shipping too for all orders $60 or more!  I’m definitely shopping there today.  Saw a bunch of stuff I need in my loc accessory basket.  Click Here To find out more!

Order early for Mother’s Day!


Talk soon.  Got lots to share.  Really excited!




Adorning & Accessorizing Your Locs Webinar Tutorial

Nappy Holidiays Healthy Lockers!
The live broadcast was fun.  I shared hands on instruction on how to accessorize your locs with the loc tie, hair sticks, flexi clips, U-Pins, hair jewelry and even my finger. Towards the end I showcased a few of my funky hats that I’ve collected over the years.  You can check it out by clicking this link or the image…Enjoy!


Nappy Holidays From The Video Locktician

Nappy Holidays Healthy Lockers!

Wishing YOU Peace, Blessings & Prosperity This Holiday Season!  Cherish this time with family & friends!

Use this code for free shipping for the next 48 hours.   PHYLLISCANDANCE

Products won’t start shipping though until Monday or Tuesday. Here’s a little holiday cheer!  Enjoy the video!

Nappy Holidays!

Sale Ends Sunday, Dec 27, 2015 at 2am

Sale Ends Sunday, Dec 27, 2015 at 2am

Lilla Rose is having a great SALE with Free Shipping on all orders OVER $26 – The Flexi Clips are stunning and secure our locs very well…it ends Dec 27, 2015 at 2am PST. Click The pic for savings!  I‘ve been highly recommending these for several years now.  You won’t be disappointed!

Live Broadcast Sunday!

Don’t forget to register for the live broadcast Sunday Dec 27th at 9pm in order to watch and participate live!  Click Here To Register For the Live Broadcast!


Free Shipping On Lilla Rose Flexi Clips!

Flexi Clips For Loc Styling

Beautiful Flexi Clips For Loc Styling!

Free Shipping On All Flexi Clips With An Order of $30 or More!

(Free Shipping only applies to orders made on my Lilla Rose Consultant website – not with orders on THIS site)

Hey Healthy Lockers!

They’re doing it again!!!  Free Shipping on Flexi Clips and all the other FABULOUS hair accessories by Lilla Rose.  You guys know I absolutely love these elegant clips to adorn our locs.  Not only are they made with high quality materials, but they’re ELEGANT and sturdy enough to keep our locs in place.   Between your locs and the flexi clips, your hair will scream for attention…and get it!  This is what makes them soooo easy to share and sell to others.

Hundreds of you have already signed up as consultants for $49 just to enjoy 30% savings on your purchases, your free website, and 5 FREE clips.  Scores of you are actually proactive in growing a passive income with your flexi clips businesses.

I just got off the phone this morning with Kina, a stay-at-home mom from Alabama, who wanted more information on the business aspect of Lilla Rose and the Flexi Clips.  She’s starting her business today!  This IS the right time to generate extra income before the holiday season and or to gift these clips to family and friends.  What woman wouldn’t want to receive these elegant hair accessories!  Click the picture below (or to the right) to be taken to my consultant website with Lilla Rose (you could have one today just like it) and place your order to receive free shipping.  Details are below:

Flexi Clips For Loc Styling


Mother’s Day Flexi Clip Plus Free Shipping!

Hey Healthy Lockers! The Mother’s Day Flexi Clip is here and only available for a limited time while supplies last!

FREE Shipping  when you order $20 or more of anything from the below site:

A real short post.  I’ll come back later to fill in.  Gotta do stuff.  Click On The Video Below!

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Here’s a couple of shots of the new “A Mother’s Love” Flexi Clip!

Lilla Rose Flexi Hair Clip - A Mother's Love

Hey Healthy Lockers!

Glad and so excited to be back!  I’m inviting you to join me Live tonight on the broadcast.  Here’s all the info plus a short video I made especially for YOU.  Send in your pics with your flexi clips, I’ll try to include them during the broadcast.

The live broadcast is over. It was a great time!!! Click the Link below to be taken to the “View Broadcast Page” to watch the REPLAY!

It’s still time to sign up for the lilla rose site.  Here’s the link for that:

You’ll find a video tutorial in the post below showing you how to sign up!

See you in a few hours

Go here at 9pm to sign up for the broadcast:

Hey Healthy Lockers!

Look How Beautiful

I received two emails today from Shannon and Sharon, who both brought to my attention that although I invited them to my Lilla Rose Independent Consultant site, I did not make it clear as to HOW to sign up to be notified of discounts, specials that the company will occasionally send to you on my behalf. Once you’re a member of that site, you’ll be notified how to access the video tutorials on how to style your locs with the flexi clips.  So watch the video now.  You’ll be re-directed to my Lilla Rose consultant website once the video stops.  The first instructional video will be ready April 1, 2012

Flexi Clip Loc Updo

Flexi Clip Loc Updo

Lilla Rose Flexible Clip Hair Barrette For Locs, Sisterlocks, Dreadlocks And Natural Hair!

Hey Healthy Lockers!

First, I want to thank my friend, Yvonne from Maryland, who I met when she traveled to my home for a consultation on her Sisterlocks.  She was wearing a stunning hair adornment, which immediately attracted my attention.  Yvonne shared with me how she absolutely loved her Lilla Rose Flexi Clip and then offered to let me try it in my locks.

I was totally impressed by the sturdiness of the piece and how well made it was.  I knew right then that I needed to follow up and get more information about this beautiful piece of hair jewelry.  I definitely wanted to offer it to my hair clientele.

A Great Hair Barrette For Locs, Sisterlocks, Dreadlocks and Natural Hair!

Well, of course, that totally got put on the back burner, until just recently.  I was browsing the internet for inspiration for my new loc jewelry for Spring, when I came across the  flexi clip again.  Yes! It was the same one from months before…Lilla Rose.

This time I did my research right there.  I even called  the company directly with my questions.   Deanna, a nice and “patient” woman (I can be a bit direct in my question asking and information gathering…lol), did a great job at answering my questions and addressing my concerns.  She also recommended a consultant, Paula, who would be willing to help me along.  I met Paula over the phone the next day and had a really inspiring conversation with her.  She even emailed me several pictures of locked hair enhanced with the flexi clips, of which I promptly included in this blog post and in the video below.  You can also watch it on my channel on YouTube.

Whenever I meet women or see pictures like this, representing women who obviously love their locs just as much as I do, I get such an incredible and fulfilling  feeling inside.  My hair journey involves educating women about their God given gift of natural beauty and natural healthy hair.  Educating and  helping other women transition from chemically damaged hair into healthy natural hair is the gift that I share.  After 12 years of locking hair, I STILL get excited about this stuff…at the expense of loosing well-needed sleep.  It’s 4:30 am and I haven’t been to bed yet.  Still high on being able to share this incredible “find” with all of you!

OK…going to bed now!

You ladies are going to love the Lilla Rose Flexible Clip Hair Barrette along with the other hair jewelry for your locs.  You’ll be impressed with the selections…promise!  Check out the video!

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