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Bad Hair Day With Your Locs?

Bad Hair Day With Your Locs?

Are You Having A Bad Hair Day? 

Man oh man was this an awesome broadcast!  Over 50 callers from all over the US called in and we discussed the causes of dry locks and how to improve the moisture content in the hair; the types of shampoo and conditioners that are best for our locked hair; benefits of an occasional trim for mature locks; why your locks are frizzy; one woman’s experience with getting her locks installed by an inexperienced consultant  and so much more.  The questions were great and the answers were revealing and not always what you expected to hear.  Two free t-shirts were given out.  Congratulations to Deborah S. from Indianapolis, IN and Denise T, from Southfield, MI.  Wear your T-shirts proudly ladies!

Watch the video now.  Remember you can always fast forward and rewind.

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FREE Shipping! + Dry-Conditioning Tutorial

This Promotion is Over. Thank You!

Hey Healthy Lockers!  Scroll Down To See Video of Elizabeth’s 2 years of locking with the HealthyLocs System!

1) Free Shipping for all orders $45 or more…

2) All Loc Ties – $2 off!  Help Me Help Brianna!

3)  Loc Journey Update & Dry-Conditioning Tutorial

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Please Help Me Help Brianna! 


If you’re interested in purchasing LocTies, please do so within the next 5 days.  I’ve taken $2 off each LocTie (they’re $20 instead of $22) and added 15 additional beautiful color combinations. All proceeds will be donated to the medical expenses of a young family member, Brianna Jackson, who is fighting for her life against a massive and very rare Desmoid Tumor.

A donation website has been set up for Brianna if you’d like more info.  If you can donate by purchasing a Loc Tie, it will go a long way in answering prayers and helping with the mountain of medical expenses

loc tie blue

Loc Tie

not being covered by insurance.

Being a parent of a special needs child, who has gone through several major surgeries in his short life, I empathize with Brianna and her parents. Many times we are helpless in helping others in their time of need.  This is something that I can do.  Hope you can help as well.  If you’re not able to purchase or donate, please keep Brianna, her family and her medical team lifted in your thoughts and prayers.  She has another surgery soon to remove the tumor. Thanks so much!

Click Brianna’s picture above or the link below for more information about her journey.

Brianna & Her Family!

Elizabeth’s Sisterlocks Journey with the HealthyLoc System & Dry-Conditioning!  Check Out The Video!

“Tips On Managing Long Locs”

Hey Healthy Lockers.
Another great broadcast tonight!  There was a lot of “Loc Envy” going on.  Thank you to all who called in live and shared their tips!  Go to the Broadcast page for the list of REPLAYS that you may have missed.
The “Live” broadcast highlighted healthy lockers who had long locks (8-10 years or more).  See pics of viewers; listen to live callers share their issues and tips; hear me give advise; and take notes from the “chat” that is always full of great advise from viewers!  Anyone who has long locks or who aspire to grow their locs long will enjoy the replay of this live broadcast!
I also make a startling revelation at the end regarding cutting my locks in the next 30 days.  You’ve gotta check it out!
Go to – the broadcast page to gain access to the broadcast.
Remember, you don’t need a password.  Just type in your name  in the “Login as Guest” field and  and click enter.  You will be be in the broadcast room and the recording will start automatically.
After viewing the broadcast, please make sure you go to my Facebook Fan page and comment, like and share.  I would really appreciate that…click the banner below:

Visalus With Phyllis Johnson

Join Me In The Challenge


Hey Healthy Locker!

The Broadcast was really fun.  Several DIYer’s submitted their pics and called in.  It made for good fun and a very informational broadcast.  I even learned a few things…go figure.  Check it out by going to the blog:

Click Here For Broadcast Page!

The oil sale ends tonight at 11:59 pm EST.  I’ve only had the oil discounted this much one other time during the year.  Replenish or stock up now.  Won’t see these prices again until sometime next year.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to watch my newest video on how to “Dry-Condition” your locks, you’ve got to check it out here:

The HealthyLocks System

The HealthyLocks System

Once on the page, scroll down to the Combo Set of the HealthyLocks Daily Conditioning Mist & the Loc Luv.  You’ll see it there.

This regimen is what has allowed my clients and me to grow long, healthy & sexy locs that are well conditioned, always moisturized, and feel and smell wonderful!   Heck, I didn’t even know “crunchy locs” existed until you guys schooled me on the broadcasts about a year ago.  I remember asking, “What the heck are crunchy locks!” …LOL!  And how about,  all the sisters with color-treated locks, who were suffering from extreme dryness, and volunteered to test my first few versions of the Ultimate mist that looked like baby spit up (and you didn’t even care! LOL!!!!)  So that’s when and why I developed the “HealthyLocks Ultimate Dry-Conditioning Formula With Goat’s Milk & Shea Butter.  Over a bit of time, it’s very effective in softening and conditioning extremely dry locs.  Newbies don’t want to come anywhere near this mist.  It’s only for extremely dry, mature and/or color-treated locks.  Stick with the the Daily mist in the “brown” bottle.

So the secret is out now.  Dry conditioning consist of any one of the mists and the Loc Luv conditioning oil, which have been conveniently combined on the site.  If you don’t get a chance to take advantage of the discounted oil this go around, …not to worry.  You can always create your own sale with the  “Combo Sets” on the product page and take advantage of savings 24/7.

For those of you who suffer from dry, irritated itchy scalp, you’ll get amazing relief from the “Ooh!” Therapeutic Scalp Serum.  It’s $5 off for the next 4 hours!

I really prefer if you order on the site, but if you’re uncomfortable with that or you’re having difficulties, then call me.  I’ll be up late.  Here’s the number:   302-836-3550

A New Sisterlocks Installation & Dry Conditioning

Hey Healthylockers!

Soooo Incredibly Sad!!!!!

Soooo Sad!

“Murphy’s Law” was most definitely in the house tonight!  What could go wrong – did go wrong.   I just purchased a new phone system that didn’t jive with my laptop (and I was really excited to use it too), callers couldn’t hear me, accidental hangups, delayed videos,  AND I was so thrown off, I completely forgot to save the recording of the broadcast!  But more worse than that (did I say that right?)… there were lots of first time viewers along with my largest viewing audience EVER since I started the broadcast over 18 months ago – ARGH!!!!!

So  although I’m still a bit sad that I could not share with you the pictures, videos and the topics I had planned, I’m going to double up for the next broadcast, which will be next Sunday.  There’s no way I’m going to make you wait another 2 weeks.  I also view this as a learning experience.  The lesson learned here is to always TEST new equipment BEFORE the live  broadcast. I’m getting another phone system first thing in the morning.  I just assumed that it would all work seamlessly together, but you know what is said about  assuming…it makes an AssUMe! LOL

The upside…I can always have a “Do Over”.  This time we’ll start at 8pm, which will give plenty of time for questions, answers, videos and pictures. The  Live Broadcast will be dedicated to all of you who’ve had your locs or Sisterlocks for 2 years or less. I’ll be revealing all my secrets to help you grow your new locks as healthy and carefree as possible. I’ll also discuss many of the common issues that new loc wearers will face during their first 24 months of having them. We’ll discuss, slippage, frizziness, dryness, itchy scalp, color, thinning & breakage.

Tina is back and she has worn her last wig! You first met Tina during the live broadcast that featured the topic of “Help, My Daughter Has Lice In Her Locs!” Her installation was amazing! During next week’s live broadcast, you’ll see an update video right after I completed her installation and I’ll show you how I “Dry Conditioned” her new Sisterlocks.  What is Dry Conditioning you ask?  It’s a term I coined to help explain how to keep your locs moisturized and conditioned throughout your entire lock journey.  There’s no need to condition your locks during the shampooing process.  You can “Dry Condition” anytime on your dry locs!  There is no reason why you should suffer with dry locks after watching this video! But for now, watch the video from Tina’s consultation.  You won’t find this on YouTube yet.  I’ll see her next week for her FREE retightening and will make the complete video after that.

So See you next Sunday evening at 8pm. It’ll be a good one (keeping my fingers crossed) I’ll provide the live links later in the week.

As Always…Wishing You A Happy & Nappy Hair Day!  Take Care!

Phyllis…Your Video Locktician

Help! My Daughter Has LICE In Her Locs!

Hey Healthy Lockers.

Great to be back and I appreciate your patience. Although I had another topic scheduled for the live broadcast tonight, I feel that tonight’s topic is timely and too important to put off.

lice in locks

lice in locs

Last week I received a semi-desperate phone call from a customer/viewer who informed me that she was on day 18 of treatment to rid her daughter and possibly herself of HEAD LICE! She wanted to know if I had any experience with them or could offer additional info on how to successfully get rid of them. Both the caller and her daughter has Sisterlocks and although she was successful in finding information online about how to get rid of lice, there was no detailed info on how to remove them from locked hair. Her only recourse was to post a question in one of the locked hair forums and to her surprise, she learned that a few locked hair sisters (who were willing to admit it and help a sistah out) had also suffered through the lice ordeal and had success in completely removing the pesky critters!

This  caller has agreed to join us live tonight and share her ordeal.  Hope you can make it. (Someone, anyone…please remind me to record!!!)

After the broadcast tonight, I’ll be posting a few videos and links to really good info I found on line and hopefully will be able to add to this list from info provided by my broadcast viewers.

See you tonight at 9pm EST/ 8pm CST/ 7pm MST/ 6pm PST

Click the LOUSE picture above to view the REPLAY of LICE IN YOUR LOCS or copy and paste this link into your browser:

No user name or password is need…just type your name (or at least 4 letters) in the Guest field and click Enter.  The broadcast will automatically load and begin playing for your viewing pleasure.  Enjoy!

It was a great broadcast.  After discussing the lice, I showed a video of lock breakage and a new client during her consultation.  She was such a good sport.  She took off her wig!

I’ll post additional links tomorrow…I’m too tired.  Good Night!  Thanks for joining me on the broadcast.

Phyllis Johnson Sisterlocks Springlocks Twist Out 3

Phyllis Johnson Sisterlocks Springlocks Twist Out 3

Hey  Healthy Lockers. I’ve been away for a month (just needed to take a well-deserved break). Join me tonight as I “ease” back into the swing of things. Call me with your questions. I’ll see you at 9pm Est. ( 8:00pm Central / 7:00pm Mountain / 6:00pm Pacific).

Click here at 9Pm To join the broadcast live or…

copy and paste this link into your top “browser” window to be taken there directly.

See you shortly!

Hair Locking Secrets With The Video Locktician

 Hair Locking Secrets Revealed…

OMG!!!…A 2 hour broadcast?!

Over 70 live die-hard viewers stayed to the very end.  If this live broadcast was a book, it would be a ‘page turner’.  

I didn’t give anything away; I didn’t have a sale and no special guest was invited.  Actually, I did have special guests – all the wonderful viewers who called in and asked their most pressing questions about their locks. 

Lots of ‘Loc Secrets’ were revealed in this broadcast, so it would behoove you to watch it as soon as possible. 

Oh my, and just when you think you can’t watch anymore…you’re mesmerized by the "Before and After" pictures at the very end.  You don’t even want to blink.  You’ll witness incredible "Before and After" pics of my client’s locs from installation day to 2-4 years down the road.  The transformations are absolutely amazing!

So get to a quiet relaxing place,  get out the tea and crackers or just let the broadcast play in the background, but make sure you have pencil and paper to take notes, because a lot of nuggets were dropped and many of the Video Locktician’s "Secrets To Healthy, Long & Stylable Locks" were revealed – I’m not kidding…this was good stuff!

A big "Thank You" to everyone who called in…It’s you who made this broadcast sooo special. 

Here’s the info for the REPLAY of the LIVE BROADCAST.

Click Here Now And Discover The Video Locktician’s Hair Locking Secrets!

Phyllis…Your Video Locktician

Click Here Now And Discover The Video Locktician’s Hair Locking Secrets!

Remember to enter your name in the "GUEST" field!

SpringLocks – Curling & Styling Locs and Dreadlocks

Hey Healthy Lockers!

About a year ago, I shared with you my first instructional video featuring "Springlocks".  The Springlocks curling technique was shown on one of my clients, Antoinette, who had Sisterlocks and was a huge hit on YouTube (before they took it down for whatever reason). I’ve put up another version of it since.

The main question I get is can the SpringLocks be done on larger locs or traditional locks…and the answer is absolutely YES!  I just completed two new videos about the Springlocks in traditional locs.  Part 1, which features my sister, Robin, from North Carolina, is good to watch because it shows how I prepared her "neglected" locks before curling her locks.  It’s fun to watch, because we got that sister banter going on. You would never think that the Video Locktician would have a sister who does the total opposite of what I teach my clients and how I care for my own hair…but that’s family and Robin’s locks do clean up well.  So I’ve always said, do what works best for you and your locks…and Robin does that.  I love that girl!

Part 2 features the amazing results of Robin and another friend and client of mine, Roz..  Roz’s entire loc journey is on my laptop and will be featured in my first Ebook on how to lock hair. 

I tell you what…I don’t know what it is about the Springlocks, but I”ve done three videos featuring this technique and in all of them, you definitely see the "SEXY" transformation in the personality and the confidence that comes along with wearing the SpringLocks.  Don’t take my word for it.  Check it out yourself!

Hey Healthy Lockers.


I hope you received your email with the new link for the live broadcast.  If you did not, then here it is:

Tonight I will be focusing on how to do a "Pre Shampoo Scalp Cleansing" using Apple Cidar Vinegar and or a dandruff Shampoo.  I’ll See you at 9pm EST.

Here’s the call in number if you have questions and want to talk to me live:

302-836-3550.  See you in a few!



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