Hey Healthy Lockers!

Click Here For The REPLAY OF “DIYer’s Who Maintain Their Own Locs”

On tonight’s broadcast, I would love for anybody who maintains their own Sisterlocks, latch locs or palm rolled locks to call in and quickly share your maintenance routine.  Although I can re-tighten my locks, I chose not to.  But for those of you who, for whatever reason, have committed to grooming and re-tightening your own locs, I would love to hear from you tonight.  Send in your best pics (2 limit -front/side and or back).  If you get them in by 8pm EST.  There’s a good chance that I can upload them into the system before the broadcast.  I would love to show them off.  Send pics to VideoLocktician@gmail.com.  Thx!

I’m really looking forward to tonight’ts live broadcast.  Over the last 48 hours, I’ve been scouring through emails that have come through my blog…emails that I really have been neglectful in returning a response (not enough time to sit and type out long responses – that’s why the live broadcast was created).  Anyway, I can always find wonderful testimonials, topics for the live broadcast and content to post on my blogs and FaceBook pages.

Tonight on the broadcast, I will be highlighting a few of the most frequently asked questions like:

– “My consultant doesn’t recommend I put anything on my scalp and hair, but my scalp is so itchy and flaky and my locks are very dry.  What do you recommend?”

-” Your lock jewelry is beautiful, but I don’t think they will fit on my locs.  How will I know if they will fit and can they be returned if they don’t?”

-“I want to become a locktician, but I’m realizing there aren’t schools for teaching this.  How do I get the qualifications or license to do natural hair?”

-“Can you do my hair or fix my locks?”

And finally, my FaceBook fanpage is done.  I made this page for all of YOU!  All I need now is for you to go over there and start posting  and sharing your comments, pics and videos.  In January, my goal is to conduct the broadcast directly from within Facebook on the fanpage.  If it’s your first time there, you should be prompted to click on the  “LIKE” button to gain access.  I also encourage to you sign up to my FaceBook email list.  I will be running different promotions for my FaceBook friends and my broadcast viewers.  So it will probably be best if you’re signed up for both so that you won’t miss out.

Click Here For The REPLAY OF “DIYer’s Who Maintain Their Own Locs”

See you in a few!

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