Loc Styles ‘Live’ & Happy Flexi Clip Winners…This Is A ‘MUST SEE’ Replay Of The Live Broadcast – Click  Here Now!

Hey Healthy Lockers!

The Broadcast was a complete “Blast” for me.  We had a packed house, had much fun, and I was in a generous mood after being away for 3 months.  Several  clips were given away to the live viewers.  I tried my best to give away the 4 leaf clover clip, which was Lilla Rose’s Flexi Clip of the Month, but gave winners the option to select clips from my personal collection.  When it was all said and done,  I decided to keep that clip for myself when I realized that it was no longer available for order and will be considered a “collector’s item” from here on (at least in my opinion).  I had a good laugh on that!

Free clips will ship out by the week end. Please send me an email including your name, address and telephone number, if you were a winner (listed below).

Half way through the broadcast, I demonstrated three styles – the “Half Pony With A Twist; The Single Braid Side Sweep; and the Bohemian Braid, which was named by Suzanne from Canada – thanks Suzanne!  I have a clip for you on your next order, but you have to remind me girlfriend!

I will be making more detailed video tutorials on those styles, but you can see how I did them quickly and “live” on the broadcast.

International Viewers Love Loc Styling Too!

Our international family represented well.  They were Valerie B. from Canada, Suzanne from Canada;  Shardae from the UK Kelly of Barbados, Suzzette of Jamaica and Swan from South Korea.  Thanks ladies!  I so appreciate any special effort you have to make in order to watch live…like lose sleep maybe? LOL!  I appreciate you!

Congratulations to the following winners of the Flexi clips:


Tamika Styling With Small Flexible Clips!

Tamika's Loc Styling With Flexi ClipsClips

Tamika's Loc Styling With Flexi Clips

Tamika R. from New York.   Thanks to Tamika, for sending in the first pictures  with her Sisterlocks styled with the Flexi Clips.  You can see how she styled her short Sisterlocks with the small flexiclips…sooo cute!  It helped viewers  determine which size to order in the future based on their length and texture.   I’ll be posting her pics on my FaceBook page and FaceBook Fan Page soon!

The other winners were:

Tara H. of Las Vegas

Dee M. of Virginia

Genece W. of Utah

Marilyn S. of Minnesota

Darlene from Las Vegas – won after the broadcast  was over…or so you thought .  I came back on with the 5-7 viewers who were still lingering and gave away another clip!  Love My LIVE VIEWERS!!!

Special Thanks to my client, Rhonda S. of Delaware, who is also my business tax advisor, for volunteering to allow me to create styles with the flexi clips with her shoulder length locks.  So be on the lookout for that.

It was great meeting all you lucky winners during the broadcast.  You made it so much fun!

Below are a few of the styles that were featured!

Ok…Go to the top of the page and click on the big red letters that read “Click Here!”

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