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“I Love My Locs!” Limited Edition T-shirt

“I Love My LOCS!”  7 Days Only!

Limited Edition T-shirts

I Love My Locs - T-shirt

I Love My Locs! Limited Edition T-shirt

Hey Healthy Lockers!

If I had a penny for every time one of my clients said, “I Love My Locs!”, I probably wouldn’t have to do hair anymore…LOL!

I love it when I find things that really speak to me that help represent myself to the world without necessarily opening up my mouth.  Well this t-shirt does it for me and I know that it will do it for you!  I designed it and It’s a limited edition.   I’m only having 50 made.  So when they’re gone – they’re gone.  Several of my clients have already placed their orders.

This is how it works:  When you click on the below link, it will take you to my campaign page at  You’ll place your order via Paypal or credit card.  I have 7 days for you healthy lockers to place your orders totaling 50 shirts.  Once that 50 t-shirt limit is reached,  the company will charge your PayPal account or your credit card and the t-shirts will go into production.  You’ll have your limited edition t-shirt within 2 weeks shipped directly from TeeSprings.  Once you click the link, you’ll be guided through the simple order process and can get more info.  NOTE:  If we don’t reach the goal of 50 shirts, then your paypal account or credit card will never be charged and the t-shirts won’t be manufactured.

If this campaign proves successful, then I’ll design more t-shirts and make them available.  If I don’t reach the campaign goal of 50 t-shirts, then I’ll just do this on a much smaller scale for my clients.  It’s great that I get to test my creations with you! Thanks!

As always, if you have suggestions or comments on a t-shirt design, or other styles of t-shirts (like long sleeves or hoodies) please leave your comments by clicking the “Leave your comment” link at the top right of this post.  Let me know what you think!

Click on the T-Shirt or Click Here Now To Pre-order & Reserve Your T-shirt!

What’s On SALE With FREE Shipping?!

SpringLocks DVD Kit

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loc tie lavendar


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FREE Shipping! + Dry-Conditioning Tutorial

This Promotion is Over. Thank You!

Hey Healthy Lockers!  Scroll Down To See Video of Elizabeth’s 2 years of locking with the HealthyLocs System!

1) Free Shipping for all orders $45 or more…

2) All Loc Ties – $2 off!  Help Me Help Brianna!

3)  Loc Journey Update & Dry-Conditioning Tutorial

For the next 5 days, when you place an order of $45 or more and provide the code FREESHIP813 at checkout, you won’t be charged shipping! (Sorry International Orders are EXCLUDED from free shipping promotions – I will provide a $10 credit if you place a phone order)

Please Help Me Help Brianna! 


If you’re interested in purchasing LocTies, please do so within the next 5 days.  I’ve taken $2 off each LocTie (they’re $20 instead of $22) and added 15 additional beautiful color combinations. All proceeds will be donated to the medical expenses of a young family member, Brianna Jackson, who is fighting for her life against a massive and very rare Desmoid Tumor.

A donation website has been set up for Brianna if you’d like more info.  If you can donate by purchasing a Loc Tie, it will go a long way in answering prayers and helping with the mountain of medical expenses

loc tie blue

Loc Tie

not being covered by insurance.

Being a parent of a special needs child, who has gone through several major surgeries in his short life, I empathize with Brianna and her parents. Many times we are helpless in helping others in their time of need.  This is something that I can do.  Hope you can help as well.  If you’re not able to purchase or donate, please keep Brianna, her family and her medical team lifted in your thoughts and prayers.  She has another surgery soon to remove the tumor. Thanks so much!

Click Brianna’s picture above or the link below for more information about her journey.

Brianna & Her Family!

Elizabeth’s Sisterlocks Journey with the HealthyLoc System & Dry-Conditioning!  Check Out The Video!