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Lose The Freakin Weight or Cut Fabulous Locs!

Oh No She Didn’t Say It…Lose 10 lbs or Cut Off Half Her Locs!
First, thanks to everybody who shared kind words of encouragement on my journey to get more fit and release at least 30 lbs over the next 90 days!

I’m going to luv ya right back and put the “Ooh!” Scalp Serum on sale until Sunday, Jan 29 at 11:59 pm EST.  The info is at the end.

I’ve had several inquiries about exactly what I’m doing and what’s involved.  So this is another gift that I can share with you and feel confident that I’m recommending something that can truly help if you have similar weight loss or fitness goals.

I have to warn you…it’s not a pretty sight!…  I didn’t believe how much I let my body go.  In my mind I look “Sexy”, but D*%N – freakin videos don’t lie!  I also felt like I was walking fast, but OMG, I was walking really SLOW!  So much improvement needed…LOL!  So you gals (and guys) get to actually see me day one on the treadmill for 20 minutes.  I did it though.  It was rough!!!  Don’t laugh too hard.

So I’m inviting you to take a look, get the info and then decide if it’s for you or not.  My goal is to help and work very closely with the first 7 ladies/guys that join me in this challenge, either as a customer or a promoter. Plus Visalus rewards you with amazing FREE stuff.  Free is definitely for me! You’ll hear about that tonight.

I need support from sister and brother friends. Join me in the challenge to get more fit, more healthy and let’s get this darn weight off!  Oh, and of course, the locs will look FAB-U-Lous in the process!!!

You can see my “Day 1 On The Treadmill” in the video above!


Don’t forget, the “Ooh!” Scalp Serum will be on sale for $3 off until Sunday night.

Here’s the link to the page:

“Tips On Managing Long Locs”

Hey Healthy Lockers.
Another great broadcast tonight!  There was a lot of “Loc Envy” going on.  Thank you to all who called in live and shared their tips!  Go to the Broadcast page for the list of REPLAYS that you may have missed.
The “Live” broadcast highlighted healthy lockers who had long locks (8-10 years or more).  See pics of viewers; listen to live callers share their issues and tips; hear me give advise; and take notes from the “chat” that is always full of great advise from viewers!  Anyone who has long locks or who aspire to grow their locs long will enjoy the replay of this live broadcast!
I also make a startling revelation at the end regarding cutting my locks in the next 30 days.  You’ve gotta check it out!
Go to – the broadcast page to gain access to the broadcast.
Remember, you don’t need a password.  Just type in your name  in the “Login as Guest” field and  and click enter.  You will be be in the broadcast room and the recording will start automatically.
After viewing the broadcast, please make sure you go to my Facebook Fan page and comment, like and share.  I would really appreciate that…click the banner below:

Visalus With Phyllis Johnson

Join Me In The Challenge


More FREE Loc Products – Subscribers ONLY

Hey HealthyLockers!

FREE Loc ProductsYou should have received an email with the details of tonight’s live broadcast.  If you’re not a subscriber, make sure you sign up with your name and a good email in the form on the right.  You don’t want to miss opportunities like this!

This was fun.  An unscheduled, gift giving live broadcast.  All of you helped me celebrate my birthday WELL!  You guys didn’t make out too badly either!  Click the link below:

IMPORTANT:  no password or user name is needed.  Just type in your name and where you are from in the 3rd field that reads: Login As Guest and then click the ENTER button.  You will be live in the broadcast room.

Hey Healthy Lockers.

What a special birthday!  Although my day was busy with making jewelry and packaging orders, I’ve been receiving wonderful birthday wishes throughout the day.  It’s really intriguing to me how we’re using technology for all of this as well.  Not only did I receive personal phone calls from all over, but text messages, emails, e-cards and Facebook posts are being enjoyed as well.

I had a fantastic start to my special day…my hubby and and son serenaded “Happy Birthday” to me and gave me big hugs and kisses!  This was waaay better than any store bought cake or box of chocolates, because my hubby is the “MASTER” of forgetting birthdays and anniversaries!  I also found a $5 bill at the end of my driveway as I was chasing down my mail carrier to laden her with a few extra packages – product orders of course.

So a big thank you and a gigantic virtual hug to all of  you who made my birthday “extra” special.  I appreciate you all!

Here’s the direct link to the the 15 minute live broadcast tonight at 9pm Est.  I will be drawing the names from a pool of customers who made qualifying purchases

In order to get into the Broadcast Room, you must type your name and where you’re from into the bottom field labeled “Login As Guest” and then press the “Enter” button.  You will be live inside the broadcast room.  I made a “How-To” video showing how super easy it is to log in and participate.   You can watch it at the top of   the broadcast page on this site.  Here’s the  Link:

Looking forward to announcing 2 Lucky Winners of Free Products tonight!

See the Post from Jan 11 (yesterday), 2012, down below for specifics of the promotion! You still have 1 hour to get a qualifying order in.  See you in a little bit.


Happy Nappy Birthday To Me…Happy Nappy “Bling – Bling” For YOU!

Hey Healthy Lockers!

I’ll be celebrating my Birthday tomorrow and wanted to pass on some GIFTS and savings  to you starting TODAY!

FREE "Birthday Bling" With Purchase!

During the next 3 days, anyone who purchases the “Super Kit”; any of the “Combo Sets” or the “SpringLocks Package or single DVD, will receive the “Phyllis’ Birthday Bling” absolutely FREE!  It’s the 5 piece “Clear Crystal Drop” – a $32/$37 value.  Now you can get your “Bling” on for FREE!  "Ooh!" Therapeutic Scalp SerumPlease specify in the comments section during the check out process if you would like the small or the large clear crystal drops.

The top selling product for 2011, the “Ooh!” Therapeutic Scalp Serum is discounted from $27 to $24 (a $3 Savings)

To make things a bit more fun…on my birthday, Jan 12, at 9pm Est.,  I will broadcast live for 10-15 minutes only and announce   2 Lucky Winners who will receive their entire order for FREE!!!!

Here’s How You Qualify…

Anyone who purchases any of the products with the “Birthday Bling” offer will automatically qualify for the drawing to receive your entire purchase price, plus shipping refunded to you.  Just place your order by website or phone (website is way easier for me) by Thursday, Jan 12 by 8:30 pm and at 9pm I will open the broadcast and announce the two lucky winners, who will have their purchase price plus shipping refunded to them – making their entire order FREE.

I’ll send out the link for the special 15 minute broadcast tomorrow.

I’m sending this out early.  You snooze, you lose!

Happy Nappy Birthday To Me…Happy Nappy “Bling – Bling” For YOU!

Good Luck.  See You Thursday night!  …And NO, you don’t have to be on the broadcast “live” to win.  I’ll contact you if your name is selected.

Wishing you a fabulous nappy hair day!


P.S.  In case you missed the Live Broadcast Sunday past,  here’s the link.  It was a good one.  Click Below:

“Do You Have A Good Locktician?”

Do You Have A “Good Locktician?”

Phyllis JohnsonYour Video Locktician

For Tonight’s Live Broadcast, Go To The Broadcast Page And Click On The Area That Reads:

“Do You Have A Good Locktician?”

Hey Healthy Lockers!

Tonight’s live broadcast will focus on the qualities of a good locktician and exactly how you go about finding a good locktician.  I want to find out what is important to you when looking or researching for someone to help you in your locking journey.  What is your process?

If you already have locks and a locktician, please call in tonight and share what your locktician selection process was.  How did you go about researching and selecting your locktician?  Was it a pleasant experience…was it a horrible experience? How many lockticians did you consult with and what was that like?  How many lockticians have you had during your loc journey and why?  Was your locktician referred to you?  What would you do differently if you were looking for a locktician all over again?

I also want the opportunity to highlight as many lockticians who know their stuff, do good work and have at least 10 or more clients that they do on a regular basis.  If you’re still building your clientele, please call in so that I can give you a shout out during the broadcast.  It doesn’t matter what type of locks you specialize in.  I’m offering you a chance for some FREE advertising to your salon or home natural hair business!

If your locktician has not been tuned into my broadcast, then by all means give him/her call today and invite him/her to join in live tonight.

I’m looking forward to tonight’s broadcast.  It should be very informative.

Go to the broadcast page by clicking below:

Hear you tonight on the broadcast.  Click on the link above to be taken to the page to access the live broadcast.

Phyllis…Your Video Locktician

P.S.  After the broadcast, I’ll visit with you on my FaceBook Fan Page.  Here’s the link or click on the pic: