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Post Your Nappy Holiday Pics To The Fan Page

Hey Healthy Lockers!  Happy Holidays To Ya!

Nappy HolidaysSince I’m not having a live broadcast today, I would love to celebrate this holiday season with you through pictures!  Who knows…if I get enough pics, maybe I’ll extend the sale or do a few give-a-ways during the next live broadcast.

I invite all of you to go to the new FaceBook FanPage that I set up for you and  upload your pics.  It could be of anything really – your best gift, your family, your hair, or just type in and share your well wishes…anything.  A 30 second to 1 minute video would be AWESOME!   It’ll also uplift those who may not have the opportunity to be with family and loved ones during this holiday season.

To help you get your “BLING” on and usher in the new year with nappy hair pizazz, I’ve been busy making more loc jewelry.  Most of the jewelry sets have been discounted.  It’s only happening for less than 48 hours….so hurry.  I’ll be taking a break from jewelry making for a bit, so what sells out will be temporarily out of stock.  Also if you place your order by tomorrow, Dec 26th, I’ll do my best to ship them within a day or two so that you have them by New Year’s Eve.  Get Your Loc Jewelry Here:  Loc Jewelry!!!

Oh, I almost forgot.  FREE SHIPPING on all jewelry orders only. As long as your order contains ONLY  loc jewelry, your shipping will be free.  However, if you plan to order other products with your jewelry, DO NOT count the jewelry in your calculations for shipping.  (So sorry – regular shipping rates apply to international orders and jewelry must be combined with at least one other non-jewelry product)

Enjoy your locs.  Enjoy your family and friends.  Appreciate your blessings and have a Nappy Holiday!

Video Locktician FaceBook Fan PageFeel free to upload your nappy happy holiday pics to the fanpage: Click Here or click the banner to be taken to the fan page.

Hey Healthy Locker!

The Broadcast was really fun.  Several DIYer’s submitted their pics and called in.  It made for good fun and a very informational broadcast.  I even learned a few things…go figure.  Check it out by going to the blog:

Click Here For Broadcast Page!

The oil sale ends tonight at 11:59 pm EST.  I’ve only had the oil discounted this much one other time during the year.  Replenish or stock up now.  Won’t see these prices again until sometime next year.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to watch my newest video on how to “Dry-Condition” your locks, you’ve got to check it out here:

The HealthyLocks System

The HealthyLocks System

Once on the page, scroll down to the Combo Set of the HealthyLocks Daily Conditioning Mist & the Loc Luv.  You’ll see it there.

This regimen is what has allowed my clients and me to grow long, healthy & sexy locs that are well conditioned, always moisturized, and feel and smell wonderful!   Heck, I didn’t even know “crunchy locs” existed until you guys schooled me on the broadcasts about a year ago.  I remember asking, “What the heck are crunchy locks!” …LOL!  And how about,  all the sisters with color-treated locks, who were suffering from extreme dryness, and volunteered to test my first few versions of the Ultimate mist that looked like baby spit up (and you didn’t even care! LOL!!!!)  So that’s when and why I developed the “HealthyLocks Ultimate Dry-Conditioning Formula With Goat’s Milk & Shea Butter.  Over a bit of time, it’s very effective in softening and conditioning extremely dry locs.  Newbies don’t want to come anywhere near this mist.  It’s only for extremely dry, mature and/or color-treated locks.  Stick with the the Daily mist in the “brown” bottle.

So the secret is out now.  Dry conditioning consist of any one of the mists and the Loc Luv conditioning oil, which have been conveniently combined on the site.  If you don’t get a chance to take advantage of the discounted oil this go around, …not to worry.  You can always create your own sale with the  “Combo Sets” on the product page and take advantage of savings 24/7.

For those of you who suffer from dry, irritated itchy scalp, you’ll get amazing relief from the “Ooh!” Therapeutic Scalp Serum.  It’s $5 off for the next 4 hours!

I really prefer if you order on the site, but if you’re uncomfortable with that or you’re having difficulties, then call me.  I’ll be up late.  Here’s the number:   302-836-3550

Hey Healthy Lockers!

Click Here For The REPLAY OF “DIYer’s Who Maintain Their Own Locs”

On tonight’s broadcast, I would love for anybody who maintains their own Sisterlocks, latch locs or palm rolled locks to call in and quickly share your maintenance routine.  Although I can re-tighten my locks, I chose not to.  But for those of you who, for whatever reason, have committed to grooming and re-tightening your own locs, I would love to hear from you tonight.  Send in your best pics (2 limit -front/side and or back).  If you get them in by 8pm EST.  There’s a good chance that I can upload them into the system before the broadcast.  I would love to show them off.  Send pics to  Thx!

I’m really looking forward to tonight’ts live broadcast.  Over the last 48 hours, I’ve been scouring through emails that have come through my blog…emails that I really have been neglectful in returning a response (not enough time to sit and type out long responses – that’s why the live broadcast was created).  Anyway, I can always find wonderful testimonials, topics for the live broadcast and content to post on my blogs and FaceBook pages.

Tonight on the broadcast, I will be highlighting a few of the most frequently asked questions like:

– “My consultant doesn’t recommend I put anything on my scalp and hair, but my scalp is so itchy and flaky and my locks are very dry.  What do you recommend?”

-” Your lock jewelry is beautiful, but I don’t think they will fit on my locs.  How will I know if they will fit and can they be returned if they don’t?”

-“I want to become a locktician, but I’m realizing there aren’t schools for teaching this.  How do I get the qualifications or license to do natural hair?”

-“Can you do my hair or fix my locks?”

And finally, my FaceBook fanpage is done.  I made this page for all of YOU!  All I need now is for you to go over there and start posting  and sharing your comments, pics and videos.  In January, my goal is to conduct the broadcast directly from within Facebook on the fanpage.  If it’s your first time there, you should be prompted to click on the  “LIKE” button to gain access.  I also encourage to you sign up to my FaceBook email list.  I will be running different promotions for my FaceBook friends and my broadcast viewers.  So it will probably be best if you’re signed up for both so that you won’t miss out.

Click Here For The REPLAY OF “DIYer’s Who Maintain Their Own Locs”

See you in a few!

Is Sisterlocks The Only Company That Offers Training?

Hey Healthy Lockers!

Is There Alternative Training For Sisterlocks?

Alternative Sisterlocks Training

Is There Alternative Training For Sisterlocks?

Here is a great question that came through the blog recently.
“Hello Phyllis
Happy Holidays…I am a natural stylist from GA and I am interested in becoming a sisterlock locktician. I went to and I saw they had training classes. Are those the only company that offers training?? Any advice would be helpful.”


Here is my response to Belon…

Hi Belon.  This is a great question.  If you’re interested in actually becoming a certified Sisterlocks consultant, then the only way you can do that is through the Sisterlocks company. The company endorsed training will provide you with a thorough knowledge of locking the hair in the refined delicate locks using their patented locking tool.  After your training, there will be proficiency requirements needed from you before you will be approved for certification.  There are, however, other latching/looping techniques along with tools and people or lockticians who are very proficient at implementing and or teaching alternative techniques that can achieve very similar results to Sisterlocks.  I, as well as other well known lockticians in the industry, facilitate workshops and trainings that teach alternative locking techniques using alternative tools along with other techniques using no tools at all.

Is There Alternative Training For Sisterlocks?

So… to make sure that you’re clear in my response to you, Belon, the absolutely best Sisterlocks training will come from the Sisterlocks company by way of trainers representing Sisterlocks.  Any other locking technique learned outside of the official Sisterlocks training, that produces similar results, is not endorsed by the Sisterlocks company, but may be, in my opinion, considered an asset that can “compliment” your Sisterlocks training.  Hope this helps.  Take care and thanks for posting.

Check Out These Sites That Have Training Information That Will Teach Alteranative Locking Methods Using Tools That May Produce Similar Results To The Sisterlocks’s Techinique:

Interested In Taking One-On-One Lock Training Courses  or  My Marketing Course:

‘How To Make BIG MONEY In Your Home-Based Natural Hair Business”,

send an email to

FaceBook Fan Page is LIVE!

Hey Healthy Lockers…The Face Book Fan Page is finally live. There’s not much activity now, but that will soon change. The fan page will be an extension of the live broadcasts where you can continue to chat after the broadcasts and just anytime you want.  I will be checking and updating at least once a day.

I encourage all of you to “LIKE” the posts and absolutely feel free to upload your own pics and videos.  And if you have blogs, FaceBook profile pages or group pages, by all means share any of the content on your sites, Facebook “Walls”and pages.  If you do share my content, I would really appreciate it if you share the link back to this blog or the fan page.  Thanks in advance!

I realize that there are several very good and informative fanpages and groups related to locs and sisterlocks out there, however, my goal with this fanpage is to answer and respond to your questions and comments, not only with text but with video and photos when appropriate (you know “video” is my thing).  Keep in mind that most of these videos won’t be edited, but raw video footage from my iphone or flip camera. This will allow me to respond more quickly to your questions and concerns about your locs, instead of taking a lot of time to edit or having to wait for two weeks until the next live broadcast.

So it’s really going to be up to you to keep this fan page going with fresh content, photos and pics too!

Click on this banner to the left to go there now.  If it’s your first visit, you will be prompted to “LIKE” the page.  Once you do that, you’ll also see Part 2 of this video I’m about to share with you now.  It’s featuring “Tina”, my newest Sisterlocks client.  She’s on her consultation and sharing why she is going “From Wig To Sisterlocks”.  You’ll like it.  So check out this video below and then go to the fan page to see part 2.  You’ll discover my #1 secret to growing long, healthy and “SEXY” locs.  Enjoy!

Click Below To Be Taken To The Fan Page On Face Book!