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Hey Gang!

This video is #3 of the 3 part series on shampooing and conditioning long locks, dreadlocks and natural hair.  If you’re doing any type of clarifying shampoo first, you will be thoroughly washing away all of your natural oils.  Well, those oils will need to be replaced.  Now the natural oil that your scalp produces (sebum) will work to help condition the hair closest to the scalp, but if you have any length to your locks or if your locks are color-treated, the rest of you locks will become very dry over time.  Since I and my clients have always “dry conditioned” our locks and use lock-friendly products, dryness is not really an issue.  Healthy locks are clean, supple and have a naturally soft sheen when well moisturized. 

As always, if you’re currently using products that you absolutely love and are working for you, then by all means continue to use them.  But if dryness continues to be an issue for you, then try a few of the Soul Purpose products along with the Healthylocks Conditioning Mist.  I highly recommend them.  Enjoy the video!

Have A Great Hair Day!
Phyllis Johnson
Your Video Locktician

Excited To Be Back…It’s Been Awhile

Hey gang!

Haven’t posted in awhile.  Had some challenges that involved close family members and had to pull back from the videos.  I still continued to video tape during my hiatus, though , and have lots of great content and updates from some of my featured clients.   It’s the editing that takes a lot of time in order for me to put out the type of videos that you have become accustomed….so with that in mind, I think you will enjoy this next video series revealing my shampoo and conditioning regimen.  Parts 1 (A Pre-Shampoo Scalp Cleansing with one of my favorite home remedies) &  Part 3 (Conditioning locks after a shampoo with a Shea based body balm) should be completed and posted within the next few days.  I have to post the videos on YouTube first and then I’ll post them here…so stay tuned. 

In the next post, I’ll share with you details on an incredible product line called Soul Purpose that I will be transitioning into and making available to all of you.

Have a great hair day.  It’s great to be back! 


Phyllis – Your Video Locktician…Enjoy the video.