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See Phyllis Cut Her Sisterlocks Tonight!

Watch Phyllis Cut Off 9-10 inches of Locs Right Before Your Eyes…It Was A Blast!!!

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Hey Healthy Lockers.

Don’t have time to type.  I’m processing orders…Click On The Video!

Happy Valentine’s Day…Enjoy The “Eye Candy”!

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“LOC LUV” Is On Sale!

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More FREE Loc Products – Subscribers ONLY

Hey HealthyLockers!

FREE Loc ProductsYou should have received an email with the details of tonight’s live broadcast.  If you’re not a subscriber, make sure you sign up with your name and a good email in the form on the right.  You don’t want to miss opportunities like this!

This was fun.  An unscheduled, gift giving live broadcast.  All of you helped me celebrate my birthday WELL!  You guys didn’t make out too badly either!  Click the link below:

IMPORTANT:  no password or user name is needed.  Just type in your name and where you are from in the 3rd field that reads: Login As Guest and then click the ENTER button.  You will be live in the broadcast room.

FaceBook Fan Page is LIVE!

Hey Healthy Lockers…The Face Book Fan Page is finally live. There’s not much activity now, but that will soon change. The fan page will be an extension of the live broadcasts where you can continue to chat after the broadcasts and just anytime you want.  I will be checking and updating at least once a day.

I encourage all of you to “LIKE” the posts and absolutely feel free to upload your own pics and videos.  And if you have blogs, FaceBook profile pages or group pages, by all means share any of the content on your sites, Facebook “Walls”and pages.  If you do share my content, I would really appreciate it if you share the link back to this blog or the fan page.  Thanks in advance!

I realize that there are several very good and informative fanpages and groups related to locs and sisterlocks out there, however, my goal with this fanpage is to answer and respond to your questions and comments, not only with text but with video and photos when appropriate (you know “video” is my thing).  Keep in mind that most of these videos won’t be edited, but raw video footage from my iphone or flip camera. This will allow me to respond more quickly to your questions and concerns about your locs, instead of taking a lot of time to edit or having to wait for two weeks until the next live broadcast.

So it’s really going to be up to you to keep this fan page going with fresh content, photos and pics too!

Click on this banner to the left to go there now.  If it’s your first visit, you will be prompted to “LIKE” the page.  Once you do that, you’ll also see Part 2 of this video I’m about to share with you now.  It’s featuring “Tina”, my newest Sisterlocks client.  She’s on her consultation and sharing why she is going “From Wig To Sisterlocks”.  You’ll like it.  So check out this video below and then go to the fan page to see part 2.  You’ll discover my #1 secret to growing long, healthy and “SEXY” locs.  Enjoy!

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Hair Locking Secrets With The Video Locktician

 Hair Locking Secrets Revealed…

OMG!!!…A 2 hour broadcast?!

Over 70 live die-hard viewers stayed to the very end.  If this live broadcast was a book, it would be a ‘page turner’.  

I didn’t give anything away; I didn’t have a sale and no special guest was invited.  Actually, I did have special guests – all the wonderful viewers who called in and asked their most pressing questions about their locks. 

Lots of ‘Loc Secrets’ were revealed in this broadcast, so it would behoove you to watch it as soon as possible. 

Oh my, and just when you think you can’t watch anymore…you’re mesmerized by the "Before and After" pictures at the very end.  You don’t even want to blink.  You’ll witness incredible "Before and After" pics of my client’s locs from installation day to 2-4 years down the road.  The transformations are absolutely amazing!

So get to a quiet relaxing place,  get out the tea and crackers or just let the broadcast play in the background, but make sure you have pencil and paper to take notes, because a lot of nuggets were dropped and many of the Video Locktician’s "Secrets To Healthy, Long & Stylable Locks" were revealed – I’m not kidding…this was good stuff!

A big "Thank You" to everyone who called in…It’s you who made this broadcast sooo special. 

Here’s the info for the REPLAY of the LIVE BROADCAST.

Click Here Now And Discover The Video Locktician’s Hair Locking Secrets!

Phyllis…Your Video Locktician

Click Here Now And Discover The Video Locktician’s Hair Locking Secrets!

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Hi Healthy Lockers!

I’m feeling some kinda way right now.  I conducted a very fun and engaging live broadcast and featured two new videos, BUT forgot to press the RECORD button.  So I’m stressed, hungry and pretty bummed out over the situation.   So all of you who did not participate on the live broadcast, will never see that fantastically fun and engaging broadcast.

I’m just so drained now because that was very disappointing to discover.  It’s 2:17 am and I’m totally spent and  too tired to write this post.  So for right now,  I’ll just post the two videos that I shared during the live broadcast.  I’ll come back to this later on in the week and make it a more proper post.



Pictures Of The Locking Process

Hi Gang,

I’m testing another broadcasting system.  I like it, but not sure, at this point, if I can set up a scheduling system like the first one.  I get a chance to answer a few email questions that I didn’t have time to address during last week’s live broadcast and show you pictures of the versatility of the Springlocks.

There’s also great pictures of Shannon showing you the different stages of the locking process.  The video is about 18 minutes.  check it out below.  To see REPLAYS of other live broadcasts click here.


Watch live streaming video from videolocktician at

Phyllis’ Loc Journey

Hey gang. 

Although I’m good at documenting my client’s loc journey through photos and videos, I realized that I have just a few pictures to document my own.  In response to your continual requests to see photos of my loc journey, I spent most of the day looking for photos of my hair and was able to pull together a small collection from over a 10 year period. 

I’m happy to be able to share these with you.


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How To Find A Good Locktician

This post was inspired by an email I received recently concerning finding a good locktician. I really felt compelled to answer it because as an experienced locktician, I find myself repairing or “fixing” the locks of women who have had poor experiences and bad results with an inexperienced or a Lazy Locktician". Here’s the email I received recently: 

“I love your work and have been strongly sold on getting sister locks. I love the work you have done and want my hair to resemble Lisa’s hair  - .

  I am in a city where there is only one sisterloctician. I went to get a consultation, but for some reason I am not feeling 100%. First it was suggested that my 7-71/2 be cut down to 4. I had some split ends on my natural hair, so I didn’t mind, but I would have liked to stay at around 5; then I was told that my loc size would be medium in the back and large at the top, she didn’t like to do the small, because it takes a long time to retighten. I was never asked how I wanted my hair to look, how many locs, or shown how my hair might look. I saw a brief retightening of another of her clients and the parting was not very neat. The big thing is that this person is not 100% satisfied with the way their locs look and neither am I; I don’t since the same pride that you have with your hair and work. I am willing to travel to other locticians, if necessary. This is permanent decision that I am making and I want to be satisfied. Plus, I live in a city where a lot of the African-Americans here have never heard of sisterlocs and i will be there first example. I am eager to get my sisterlocs started and my appointment is a week away, what do you suggest?” 

 Here is my response….

Regardless of whether this locktician has experience or not, I would consider her a “Lazy Locktician”. First of all, I would never suggest cutting off 3½ inches of hair unless that hair was completely damaged. 

 Secondly, if I were installing the locks, the medium locks would be installed toward the front and the larger locks would be installed in the back. The reasoning behind this is most of the styling occurs around the face and the front part of your head. As your locks grow out, it’s the locks at the top and front of your head that will naturally fall and cover the rest of your larger locks – giving you more consistent styling options and the appearance of medium locks throughout the head.  In my opinion, this locktician has suggested shortening your length and installing larger locks to spend less time in your hair. Now, if you’re OK with this, then this won’t be an issue. But know that “Sisterlocks” are characterized by the small, uniform and refined locks and you should have somewhere in the neighborhood of 350-600 locks. On the average, my clients have between 450-550+ locks.

  I recently installed Sisterlocks on a client who had over 12 inches of naturally straight and dense hair. She ended up with 548 locks. I’ve had clients cut their hair to get rid of damaged ends or because they wanted to completely cut off all the permed ends, but at no time did I recommend cutting the hair to save me time in the process.   

Thirdly, keep in mind that a consultation should always be a two-way conversation. You should be provided opportunities to ask questions, see and sample products, pictures, etc. I always tell women to trust your gut. In your email, I sense that you already know the answer to the question that you are asking me. You don’t feel right about her experience or her work ethic. Remember that you too have to take responsibility. If you’re having doubts now about your future locktician, you will almost always have issues or problems down the road. Then you will be in a more desperate situation in having to find an experienced locktician who is willing to take you on as a client and repair any possible issues that the previous locktician has caused. 
Remember, this will be a long-term hair relationship between you and your locktician as well as an investment in your time and your money. Choose wisely. Below are a few pictures of one of my clients who had a “Lazy Locktician” prior to finding me. She allowed me to take pictures because I couldn’t believe the condition her Sisterlocks were in and to help anyone else who is going through a similar situation. She had been going to her former Sisterlocks consultant for a year, before deciding to seek out another locktician.
When I asked her when was the last time she had a re-tightening, she replied, “Tuesday.” I asked, “Tuesday when?” She answered, “Tuesday – two days ago!”….So these pictures below were taken during my consultation with her, two days after her last re-tightening by her former “Lazy Locktician”.  She had a true horror story and the pictures speak for themselves.  She has less than 250 locks!

 lazylocktician lazy-locktician2 lazy-locktician3 lazy-locktician4

A Few Clues To Finding A Good Locktician – And What Questions To Ask
1.     Does she have an overall pleasant and positive attitude/enthusiasm for what she does?
2.      Does she have experience? How much?
3.      Are prices comparable to other lockticians with same experience?
4.      Can she show you a portfolio of her work?
5.      Can she provide referrals?
6.      How many locked clients does she have on a regular basis and how many did she actually start or install?
7.      What does her work environment look like and will you be comfortable in it for     several hours?
8.      What type of products does she use/recommend and why?
9.     Can she explain the locking process and the stages that your hair will go through?
10. Does she charge by the hour or per session?
11. Does she provide opportunity for you to ask questions?
12. Was she able to make you feel comfortable and set you at ease?
13. What training has she completed?
14. Did she thoroughly explain how to care for locks between visits?
15. Did she answer questions that you did not think to ask?
 Spring/Summer of 2010, I will start to release very informative E-books on different

aspects of the locking process to help you make informed decisions about finding
good lockticians, starting locks, maintaining locks, starting a natural hair business,
how to lock your own hair, get locking training and quick and simple styling
techniques that you can do on your own. Please contact me via email if there is
anything in particular that you would love to learn about locked hair.
Please feel free to share this post with your friends and fans on FaceBook and Twitter.
Have A Great Hair Day!

Phyllis…Your Video Locktician





I’d like to introduce all of you to Shannon my newest client and brave soul. She has graciously allowed me to post her videos and photos for your viewing pleasure. So please, give her your support and as always remember what our mothers taught us…”if you don’t have nothin good to say”…(you know the rest). Shannon’s hair locking journey will be documented on this site-so stay tuned.

Shannon had color and texurizer on her ends. Of course this affected her natural curl. Her ends were damaged and would not readily coil. She held a very good coil near her scalp, but as I continued to coil, the ends remained loose. Many of her ends had to be clipped. The clipping of Shannon’s ends will probably continue for the next few groomings. Shannon is on a 4 week grooming schedule.

Shannon has great hair texture for locking and an incredible positive attitude for going through the locking process. It’ll be fun watching her transition and documenting her loc journey. Thanks Shannon! If you haven’t seen her interview, check it out.

Click on the dreadlock photos to enlarge. Click on the photo once more to get an incredible close up and then use the scroll bar to move up and down the page. What detail!


Have A Great Hair Day!
Phyllis Johnson
Your Video Locktician

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