Hey Healthy Lockers!

SEE VIDEO!  Free Shipping On Flexi Clips and SpringLocks / Loc Ties Promotion!*

The SpringLocks / Loc Tie promotional packages will be available while supplies last.  Remember…there is FREE Shipping on them!  UPDATE:  I only have 2 colors left in the lock ties…a red combination and a lavendar combination.

Also Lilla Rose is in the midst of their 4 Day FREE Shipping spring promotion.  It ends Saturday, March 23rd at 11:59pm PST.  You’ll definitely want a couple of Flexi Clips after you watch the broadcast below.  I  used the flexi clips and the loc ties to create several of the quick and easy styles on my hair and on my sister’s long palm-rolled locs…just gorgeous!

The Links Are Below The Video!

Phenomenal tutorials within this broadcast! Had trouble initially getting situated and my phone wasn’t working, but was able to flow much better after about 10 minutes or so. What’s great about this system is that you can rewind and move forward whenever you want – couldn’t do that with the other system and the video quality is really good!

Enjoy The Broadcast!

loc tie red zebraSpringLocks


Here’s the link for the Flexi Clips you saw in the broadcast



*Sorry…international orders not eligible for free shipping.

Loc Styling Broadcast & Promotional Package

Hey Healthy Lockers!

Click on the Video To find out about the live broadcast and the Promo Package for Spring!  Take advantage now.  Not sure if these will last through the broadcast tonight.  A $97 value for $49.  The order button is only on this page and the promo package can only be ordered here.  Once the packages are sold out, the order button will will not be shown

loc tie red zebraSpringLocks

Click The “Order Now” Button!  $49 Today…(a $97 value!)

Hey Healthy Lockers!

Been away for awhile, but really got so much accomplished.  Thanks to to my sister, Robin, who is visiting from North Carolina and my mother.  I’ve been able to get many things straightened up and organized.  Robin’s even helping with making some of the jewelry, which I’ll have on sale this weekend.

OK…it’s really time for a broadcast.

For the last 2 hours, I’ve been getting re-acclimated to my broadcasting system.  Took me this long to figure stuff out.  Here is the test broadcast I made.  It has nothing to do with hair – just

making sure I remembered how to use everything.  It’s tooo embarrassing to keep up any longer than 24 hours and there’s no volume for the first minute or so.

WARNING….WATCH AT YOUR OWN RISK and make sure you’re not eating when you do!

Looking forward to seeing you all on the broadcast this Sunday!

Here’s your 24 hour link!

http://1298064.livebroadcast.talkfusionlive.com/playback/r/IYf4cGOXZ8gZVgaA  (don’t forget to type your name (at least 4 letters) into the “Guest” field ) to gain access.  You can click on the crazy woman dancing in the photo ABOVE!






An Awesome 2013 In Store For YOU!

Happy New Year Healthy Lockers!

I’ll be back into the swing of things in March.  Need to take this time to re-assess, and make improvements/upgrades to the site.  Make sure to check out the older posts.  You may not see them again after this month.

I have lots to share with you in 2013, so if you haven’t signed up to be notified of product sales, live broadcasts, new videos, dvds and training/coaching programs, then by all means, fill in the form to your right with your name and email and you’ll always be notified first of anything NEW happening here.

Talk to you soon!




The Holiday Discounts & Free Shipping Has Ended

Hey Healthy Lockers

Had much fun on the broadcast last night.  Click Here To Check Out The Replay.  I’m in the process of taking down the older broadcasts and making them available in the members area of a new training site.  So catch up when you get a little time.  They’re educational and entertaining and all of them won’t be available for public view for long.

All my die hard broadcast viewers knows it pays to join me live on the broadcast or stay on after the recording has ended.  Some of the best stuff is shared after I turn off the recording.  Here are the winners of several Free product Give-A-Ways:

Lateka H, Columbus Ohio – Free Loc Luv

Rhonda S, Bear DE – Whatever she wants – she’s my client…lol!

Annie M, Kinston NC – Free New Holiday Loc Jewelry

Donna C, Detroit MI – Free Musk Have It Oil

Neemah H – Free Loc Luv

Felicia F, Albany New York  – Free Loc Luv

Yeshima W, West Orange NJ – Loc Tie

Valerie B, Free Ultimate Mist

Wanda W, Lanham, MD – New Holiday Loc Jewelry

Rosa W  – SpringLocks DVD – just because we shared the same birthdate…lol!

There are still a few outstanding winners.  Please send me your email and address for your free gifts.

During last night broadcast, I had several calls and questions from the chat about dry locks.  Last night broadcast REPLAY is available here.  It’s a good broadcast to watch if you’re having an issue with dry locks and scalp.

There was an overwhelming response to the particulars of how I achieved my “Relaxed Loc” look.  I’ve decided to make that video public.  I’ll upload it to YouTube by this weekend and make it available on the site.  I also showed it during the broadcast last night.  Check it out here…Last night broadcast REPLAY is available here.

Also make sure your check out new loc jewelry for the Holidays!


Free Shipping and Discounts on All Oil Products and Combination Oil Sets!

The  “Ooh!”  Scalp Serum and the Loc Luv Conditioning oil products will decrease in savings as the days go on.  For example,  the “Ooh!” Scalp Serum and the Loc Luv Condtioning oil are $5 off today only.  Tomorrow they will be $4 off and Wednesday, the last day, they will be $3 off.   All other jewelry and product discounts will remain the same throughout the sale.  Remember – there is FREE SHIPPING on the following products:

  • “Ooh!” Scalp Serum
  • Loc Luv Conditioning Oil
  • Daily Combo Set (Loc Luv & Daily Mist)
  • Ultimate Combo Set  (Loc Luv & Ultimate Mist)
  • Delicious Oil
  • Musk Have It
  • All loc jewelry

Bonus FREE SHIPPING  until the end of the month on the following:

  • HealthyLocks Super Kit
  • SpringLocks  DVD Package
  • SpringLocks Single DVD

If you’re having any issues with placing your order online, please feel free to call me directly at 302-836-3550.  Call me this evening and during the morning to late afternoon tomorrow, for immediate processing over the phone.  There’s a good chance you’ll have your products by the end of the week.  After that, it could take as long as 2 weeks (there’s always a mad rush of ordering right before the sale ends.  So order early to receive you products early and take advantage of the best discounts.

I love what I do and I appreciate every one of you.  I’m wishing all of you a very Nappy & Happy Holiday Season!!!

Phyllis…YOUR Video Locktician


Click Here To Be Taken To The Broadcast Page!

Click Here To Be Taken To The Broadcast Page!

Quick & Easy Loc Styling Tips

For The Holidays!

Phyllis Johnson - Quick Stylling Tips

Phyllis Johnson – The Video Locktician

Hey Healthy Lockers!

The Live Broadcast was a blast.  If you missed it, you can watch it by clicking the link below:

Click Here To Be Taken To The Broadcast Page to Watch The  REPLAY!

Be sure to watch tonights Live Broadcast. I’ll share super easy and quick tips to help you get your locs ready for this holiday season.  And it all starts from having healthy and conditioned locs.  I’ll show you step-by-step how to :

  • “Dry Condition” your locks and what products to use to achieve maximum conditioning, moisturization and softness
  • Use The Loc Luv Conditioning Hair & Body Oil to deep condition your locs as a time-saving hot oil treatment
  • Maintain scalp moisture and conditioning to help your curly styles last longer in between shampoos
  • Create texture and fullness in thin or fine locks
  • Alternatives for dealing with a really bad hair day
  • Creative use of hair accessories

Armed with these tips, you’ll have no worries with your locs during the Holiday Season!

I encourage you to call in with your questions and to share your quick styling secrets.I have a few FREEBIES to give away too!  See you tonight!  See the post below for details of the discounts and free shipping


Click Here To Be Taken To The Broadcast Page to Watch The  REPLAY!

// ]]>



Free Shipping and Discounts are still going on until tomorrow, Nov 19, 2012 11:59 pm.  See the post below for details of the discounts and free shipping,  Take advantage.

Looking forward to to hearing from you and seeing you in the chat.  Remember…if there are techie issues, keep trying.  The goal is to not have any problems tonight…we’ll see (lol).

Phyllis… Your Video Locktician




Sale And FREE Shipping On Loc Jewelry – SpringLocks DVD & Super Kit


Hey Healthy Lockers!


With the Holidays right around the corner and Black Friday fast approaching, I wanted to get a jumpstart on the Holiday discounts and savings I have for you.

Free shipping on all loc jewelry with some items discounted as well


Loc Jewelry - Loc Rings - 50 count

Loc Jewelry – Loc Rings – 50 count

  • $20 off the single Springlocks DVD plus free shipping (great styling for the Holidays)

  • Free shipping on the SpringLocks Package

  • Free shipping on the already discounted Super Kit

  • $4 Off remaining Loc Ties


Click Here For The Loc Jewelry Page

Click Here  For SpringLocks  and the Super Kit


Loc Tie purple

Loc Tie Purple

I’m under the dryer now at 3am.  Messing around with my locs and styling again.  I’ll make a quick video showing you the results.

Live Broadcast this Sunday.  Topic:  Simple, Quick & Easy Loc Styling For the Holidays…I feel a Give-A-Way coming on, but you must be live to receive FREE Stuff!

The sale ends Monday, Nov 19 at 11:59 pm EST.  Loc ties and loc rings are very limited.  Order early if you’re interested in those.

If you’re placing a jewelry order and you’re adding other products that aren’t marked for free shipping, that will negate your free shipping through the shopping cart that I use.

Any questions before you order or if you want to add more products in the packages  (if they fit) so that you can take full advantage of the Free Shipping, please call me for a phone order.

SpringLocks DVD

SpringLocks DVD

Ok…see you via video in a few hours and during the live broadcast Sunday!

Wishing You a Happy and Nappy Hair Day!

Phyllis…Your Video Locktician

See My “Relaxed” Locs!

Sorry, no replay available for Oct 14th broadcast.  The Mist SALE is still going on though!  Stock up NOW!

 Hey Healthy Lockers!

30 lucky viewers got to see how I produced this “Relaxed Locks” style.  I had techie problems getting started with the broadcast in the new system and I know I lost many viewers who were getting the message that the broadcast had ended.  So, for my “diehards”, who were patient and hung around until I figured things out, I treated them to 7 step-by-step short videos on how to achieve and maintain this style, along with the the products and rollers I used.

This video set will be available under the “Natural Black Hair Training Videos” tab at the top of the page by the end of the month.  Check out the video of the RESULTS!


Join me for a mini broadcast this evening.  I wanted to do a part 2 of “Coming Full Circle With My Locks”, but wasn’t able to connect with the women I wanted to interview.  I’ll keep trying though.  It’s going to make for a great broadcast. Tonight’s “LIVE”starts at 9pm EST.  To see other REPLAYS of live broadcasts, make sure your visit the BROADCAST PAGE!.

Since the weather is starting to get cooler in many parts of the country, I’ve decided to place the double bottle of both mists on sale for 48 hours only.    Because they’re already discounted, the double bottles have not been on sale since November of 2011.  So stock up and save now.  It’s a great time to add extra conditioning and moisture to your locks.

Here”s the link to the products page for the mists or click on the pics!:  HealthyLocks Daily Conditioning Mists For LocsDouble Bottle - HealthyLocks Ultimate Dry Conditioning Formula



No particular topic tonight, so just come with your questions…especially you lock and Sisterlocks newbies. If all goes well, I want to show the results of rolling my hair on the foam rollers with the satin like cover.  The results are short of “Amazing”.  It actually looks like I “relaxed” my locks!
Although you’ll be seeing  the results, the step-by-step instructional video footage will be on the new membership site coming real soon.

Ok, that’s it.  see you in less than 1 hour!  Here’s the broadcast page again:


Your Video Locktician


How To Create A Loc Puff With A Loc Tie

I’m testing out my new video system with Talk Fusion and just figured out how to create a video without the template surrounding it. If this works, I’m going to jump for big joy because it takes literally hours to create, edit, encode and upload a video. I easily created this video within the Talk Fusion system. Check out my “Loc Puff”.  Click The Link Below.  Here goes…

Click here to view video

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