Live Broadcast – Dry Locs & Itchy Scalp

Hey Healthy Lockers!


Just a friendly reminder letting you know that today is the last day for the unadvertised sale and FREE shipping at

Many of you have ordered 3 and 4 bottles of the oils, which is smart because I only discount the oils this deeply 2 or 3 time a year.

Are You Plagued With Dry Locs & Itchy Scalp?

Had a great broadcast last night.

Still a lot of calls and questions concerning dry locs and dry scalp.  Watch the video below for solutions.  I also showcased new Ear Abstracts and shampoo/body bars.  These items are not available for purchase yet, but will be for the holiday season, which is right around the corner.  All orders that are processed through the promotion will receive free samples of the the shampoo bars.  See more below video…

You can now leave your voicemail message directly on the website.

There’s a red tab on the left side of the page that reads “Send Phyllis A Voicemail Now”.  When you click on it, it will ask permission to access your computer’s microphone.  Once you agree, you can talk directly to your computer to leave me a message, ask me a question, provide a testimonial or lodge a complaint.

Check out the replay at  The sale ends at 11:59pm Est today.  Have an awesome hair day!



Bad Hair Day With Your Locs?

Bad Hair Day With Your Locs?

Are You Having A Bad Hair Day? 

Man oh man was this an awesome broadcast!  Over 50 callers from all over the US called in and we discussed the causes of dry locks and how to improve the moisture content in the hair; the types of shampoo and conditioners that are best for our locked hair; benefits of an occasional trim for mature locks; why your locks are frizzy; one woman’s experience with getting her locks installed by an inexperienced consultant  and so much more.  The questions were great and the answers were revealing and not always what you expected to hear.  Two free t-shirts were given out.  Congratulations to Deborah S. from Indianapolis, IN and Denise T, from Southfield, MI.  Wear your T-shirts proudly ladies!

Watch the video now.  Remember you can always fast forward and rewind.

Try Relay: the free SMS and picture text app for iPhone.


Loc Styling With Pipe Cleaners – SpringLocks

Loc Styling With SpringLocksHey Healthy Lockers!

T-Shirts are in…Yeah!  Send in your pics to so that I can feature you on the site and possibly during the broadcast tomorrow evening!

  • -New pics of client’s loc journey
  • -a video about how the t-shirts are fitting
  • -Info for the broadcast tomorrow evening  – I may give away a couple of T-shirts…we’ll see.

Stay Tuned!…


I’m Busted! – Free Shipping Extended


loc t-shirt

Limited Edition Loc T-Shirt

Don’t forget to check out the new t-shirt campaign.  Just a few more days left.  Order now.  Click the t-shirt.

Hey Healthy Lockers!  Here’s an email I just received…

“Just tried to use your Free Shipping Code: FREESHIP45LD on the website and received message Code is not valid. Has this expired already? No expiration date in you email below – except for “the next few days” 
I typed it in also copied and pasted and receive same message”
Here was my response…
Hi Z-Gal.  Thank you for your email.  Girl…I’m busted.  I never got around to writing my post for the site promoting the sale, nor did I send any follow up emails to my subscribers, which would have had the end date of the promotion.  I definitely don’t want you guys getting frustrated during the checkout process.  It just takes so much time and energy setting up this kind of sale.  I knew that this was going to be my last big sale before the holidays.  Once I sent the email to my subscribers, I exhaled and didn’t give it another thought.  I totally forgot to list the end date.

No worries.  Thanks to your email I’ve created another code and will extend the promotion for 2 more days.  Here’s the code:
FREESHIP45LD2  (it’s the same code with a 2 added at the end)
Best Loc Products

Best Loc Products!

I’m on my way to the site now to create a post with the new code and I will also have to send out another email to my subscriber list.  More work for me, yes.  But I hate the thought of my customers and viewers coming to the site thinking they’re going to get free shipping and they won’t.  Shooooot…i’ll probably copy and paste most of this email to send to the subscribers.  I just feel  so lazy today.  It happens.
Enjoy the sale and your free shipping!   Right now, Z-Gal, you’re the only one with the CODE!  “You’re so special!” 😉
Thanks again for your email.  I’m on it…LOL!
Phyllis…Your Video Locktician

FREESHIP45LD2    Sale Ends Saturday, Sept 7, 2013 at 11:59 pm EST

If you’re not subscribed to this site, make sure you take a quick moment to fill in the form to the right with your name and a good email address.  These are the sales you DON’T want to miss!

“I Love My Locs!” Limited Edition T-shirt

“I Love My LOCS!”  7 Days Only!

Limited Edition T-shirts

I Love My Locs - T-shirt

I Love My Locs! Limited Edition T-shirt

Hey Healthy Lockers!

If I had a penny for every time one of my clients said, “I Love My Locs!”, I probably wouldn’t have to do hair anymore…LOL!

I love it when I find things that really speak to me that help represent myself to the world without necessarily opening up my mouth.  Well this t-shirt does it for me and I know that it will do it for you!  I designed it and It’s a limited edition.   I’m only having 50 made.  So when they’re gone – they’re gone.  Several of my clients have already placed their orders.

This is how it works:  When you click on the below link, it will take you to my campaign page at  You’ll place your order via Paypal or credit card.  I have 7 days for you healthy lockers to place your orders totaling 50 shirts.  Once that 50 t-shirt limit is reached,  the company will charge your PayPal account or your credit card and the t-shirts will go into production.  You’ll have your limited edition t-shirt within 2 weeks shipped directly from TeeSprings.  Once you click the link, you’ll be guided through the simple order process and can get more info.  NOTE:  If we don’t reach the goal of 50 shirts, then your paypal account or credit card will never be charged and the t-shirts won’t be manufactured.

If this campaign proves successful, then I’ll design more t-shirts and make them available.  If I don’t reach the campaign goal of 50 t-shirts, then I’ll just do this on a much smaller scale for my clients.  It’s great that I get to test my creations with you! Thanks!

As always, if you have suggestions or comments on a t-shirt design, or other styles of t-shirts (like long sleeves or hoodies) please leave your comments by clicking the “Leave your comment” link at the top right of this post.  Let me know what you think!

Click on the T-Shirt or Click Here Now To Pre-order & Reserve Your T-shirt!

What’s On SALE With FREE Shipping?!

SpringLocks DVD Kit

Click the DVD!



  SpringLocks DVD – $10 Off Plus FREE Shipping

loc tie lavendar


Click the Loc Tie!


All Loc Ties – $2 Off Plus FREE Shipping!




FREE Shipping! + Dry-Conditioning Tutorial

This Promotion is Over. Thank You!

Hey Healthy Lockers!  Scroll Down To See Video of Elizabeth’s 2 years of locking with the HealthyLocs System!

1) Free Shipping for all orders $45 or more…

2) All Loc Ties – $2 off!  Help Me Help Brianna!

3)  Loc Journey Update & Dry-Conditioning Tutorial

For the next 5 days, when you place an order of $45 or more and provide the code FREESHIP813 at checkout, you won’t be charged shipping! (Sorry International Orders are EXCLUDED from free shipping promotions – I will provide a $10 credit if you place a phone order)

Please Help Me Help Brianna! 


If you’re interested in purchasing LocTies, please do so within the next 5 days.  I’ve taken $2 off each LocTie (they’re $20 instead of $22) and added 15 additional beautiful color combinations. All proceeds will be donated to the medical expenses of a young family member, Brianna Jackson, who is fighting for her life against a massive and very rare Desmoid Tumor.

A donation website has been set up for Brianna if you’d like more info.  If you can donate by purchasing a Loc Tie, it will go a long way in answering prayers and helping with the mountain of medical expenses

loc tie blue

Loc Tie

not being covered by insurance.

Being a parent of a special needs child, who has gone through several major surgeries in his short life, I empathize with Brianna and her parents. Many times we are helpless in helping others in their time of need.  This is something that I can do.  Hope you can help as well.  If you’re not able to purchase or donate, please keep Brianna, her family and her medical team lifted in your thoughts and prayers.  She has another surgery soon to remove the tumor. Thanks so much!

Click Brianna’s picture above or the link below for more information about her journey.

Brianna & Her Family!

Elizabeth’s Sisterlocks Journey with the HealthyLoc System & Dry-Conditioning!  Check Out The Video!

Live Broadcast Sunday July 14 2013 at 9pm EST

1. Live Broadcast-Now With Chat!               2. New Convenient Shopping Cart!

Hey Healthy Lockers!

I haven’t had back to back live broadcasts since the beginning when I started the live broadcasts over 3 years ago.  But since I’m upgrading and making changes to the site, I’m continually testing and configuring to make sure all systems are working together – very challenging and extremely time consuming.  So since last week’s broadcast where you couldn’t chat, I’ve been on a mission to find a solution. So…here’s your CHAT box for the broadcast, but it needs to be tested and that’s why I’m having another live broadcast so soon.  You have to sign in via your FaceBook or Twitter account to chat.

So come with your questions tonight.  A little before 9pm EST, I’ll will be posting the live streaming video right here .  All you have to do is show up and press the play button…Super Easy Peezy!

Oh!  You can check out the New Shopping Cart by clicking on the tab “Shop For Best Loc Products Loc Jewelry & Adornments” at the very top of any page.  Everything is now in one location…yeah!  I’ll create another post/video later this week showing you how to move around in the cart, but it’s pretty user friendly – you’ll see.

Feel free to send in your questions by clicking the link at the top right of this post which reads “Leave your comments” so that I can address them during the live broadcast tonight or better yet, ask your questions directly in CHAT BOX.  Let’s test this sucker out.  The chat box is “LIVE”.  I just won’t be monitoring it until tonight.   Remember to provide your first name and where you are from (City, State).  Also, only subscribers to this blog receive the Call-IN number, so make sure you’ve filled out the form to the right with your name and email address to get the call-in number and advanced notice of sales, new happenings and broadcast info.  Take care.  See you tonight at 9!

Here Is The REPLAY from Sunday, July 14, 2013

REPLAY Of Live Broadcast July 7, 2013

Hey Healthy Lockers!

The REPLAY of last night’s live broadcast is available.  Just click on the play button in the center of the video.  You can also fast forward to the 6 minute mark if you want to miss all my bumbling around to get started.  Thanks to all of you who gave feedback on the quality of the broadcast.  Special Thank you to the women who called in with their great questions.  Everybody benefits when good questions are asked.

I also tried on a few pairs of the earrings to let you see how they look in comparison to the earring on the small mannequin on the jewelry page.  Feel free to post your comments by  clicking the “Leave Your Comment” link at the top right of this post.  Check out the REPLAY below.  Have a Nappy & Happy Hair Week!



Hey Healthy Lockers!

Hey Healthy Lockers

Nappy 4th of July!

Last Day for the 4th Of July “Crinkled Label” sale!

Remember the sale and free shipping items are marked with the 4th of July “Smiley Face” icon.  If you add any other non-sale items, shipping will automatically be charged.

It may be better (savings wise) to place separate orders if you’re ordering a combination of sale and non-sale items.


Ear Abstracts Are Here!

Aluminum hand-crafted earrings are a part of the product line now.  I’ve introduced 12 pairs in the last 48 hours and they are ready for order.  During the sales promotion, all sets have a price of $12 and can be found on the Lock Jewelry & Adornments page.  Ultimately the earrings will have their own page and will range in price from $12 – $18.  They can be found on the Lock Jewelry & Adornment page by clicking the photo to the left or the tab along the top of the page for lock jewelry.  You’ll have to SCROLL all the way down towards the bottom of the page to view them.  I know this style of earring is not for everyone, but I love them.  They have a more ethnic/exotic feel to them especially when worn with our locs…just my opinion.

I’ll feature and show a few pairs in my ears during the live broadcast on Sunday so that you can get a good idea of how they look and hang on a real person.  The mannequin that I use to display the earrings is small, so the earrings may appear  bigger or longer that what they actually are in the picture.  I’ve included the length of the earrings with each image and you should add another 3/4 to an inch length for the ear wire.  Check out the first 12 pairs now…Lock Jewelry & Adornments

Live Broadcasts Starting Sunday!

Details for the live broadcast will be posted here and sent to your email if you are a subscriber.  If you haven’t subscribed, I invite you to. Fill in the form to the right with your name and email address.  I’ll never bombard you with daily or weekly emails.  Don’t need too…all that info is on this site via years of posts, videos and recordings of live broadcasts.   You’ll always receive notice when I’m introducing  something new, have awesome sales and/or  free shipping, along with broadcast info.


Hey Healthy Lockers!

Let’s Get The SALE & FREE Shipping Info

Out The Way First…

I had over 50 bottles of Loc Luv that had crinkled or crooked labels on them.  Over the years I’ve been either throwing them out, or since I’m more “earth conscious” now, tossing them into the recycle bin.  I made a fresh batch of Loc Luv oil, (oooh, my kitchen always smells so fresh and wonderful  when I make this oil – sorry I digressed), poured the oil into these bottles, reduced the price by a couple of dollars and also provided FREE Shipping until July 4th. Voila!  Bottles re-purposed!  To your benefit no less!

International orders are EXCLUDED from free shipping, however if you live outside the U S and want to take advantage of the sale, please call to have your order manually processed over the phone.

I’ll be monitoring the Loc Luv orders closely.  Once these crinkled labeled bottles are depleted, the regular price of $24 will go into effect, but FREE shipping will still be available.  First come- first served.  Order as many as you like.  My last sale was over 6  months ago.  So if you’re able…take advantage.

Click Here To Go To The Loc Products Page!

All Loc Jewely & Loc Ties are on sale with FREE Shipping until July 4th!

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Only items marked with the 4th Of July Smiley Icon are part of the free shipping and sale.  Once you add a product NOT on sale, shipping will be calculated for that/those items.  No exceptions.

So you’re being treated just like my VIP clients.  You get to browse and shop with no taxes or shipping fees at discounted prices.  You guys are soooo special…at least until 11:59 pm EST on the 4th Of July – LOL!

During the sale, my goal is to begin adding my Ear Abstracts (hand-crafted wire earrings).  For now, I’ll add them to the “Loc Jewelry” page – Click Here .  They’ll also be included in the 4th Of July  promotion with FREE shipping.  I’m doing a straight price of $12 regardless of what earring set(s) you choose.  The 3D earrings at the top middle and the big flowers on the bottom will definitely be priced higher after the sale.   As I add them to the site, you’ll see just the picture, the price and the “add to cart” button.  The descriptions will be added later.  Here’s a sampling of what will be added during the sale.  They are ready to ship.  You can also find more info on the Ear Abstracts on April 2013 post directly under this post.  So check back often  during the sale.   Happy Shopping!

P.S.  On the horizon…natural hand-crafted shampoo bars!





Wishing All Of You A Happy & Nappy 4th Of July Week!

Phyllis…Your Video Locktician

P.S.  I just had a thought…I think I will start to feature a few of my loc clients on the site and would love to feature my subscribers who use or wear my products as well.  If you’re interested, get in touch with me.  I would absolutely love to feature you here on the site!  Here’s one of my clients, Sonya, who is shy, so she would only allow me to take this picture from the back. She is, however,  just as beautiful as her Sisterlocks!













Sonya has over $550 locs!  We started her Sisterlocks with less than 3 inches of natural hair in some areas.  She never would have imagined that her hair would be this healthy and this long.  Sonya has always followed my maintenance instructions to a T.  The photo on the right was taken last week after her re-tightening session of 3 1/2 hours.  Look at all that beautiful, long and healthy natural hair growing out of Sonya’s head!

Sonya’s Sisterlocks are 5 years old.  She’s not a product junkie and has always followed a very basic maintenance routine.  She has a flaky scalp and keeps it under control with the “Ooh!” Therapeutic Scalp Serum.  As you can see in the picture, Sonya has colored her locs, however, dryness has never been an issue.   She keeps her locs moisturized and conditioned in between shampoos with the HealthyLocks Ultimate Dry-Conditioning Formula with goat’s milk and shea butter, along with the Loc Luv Conditioning Hair & Body Oil – part of the “Crinkled Label” Sale going on until July 4th at 11:59 pm.  Click the photo below to get your combo set today!

Sonya is also encouraging  me to share a scented oil blend that I only use on her locs.  She says that she can’t go to sleep without that scent!  So maybe I’ll send out samples and see what the consensus is.

Ultimate Dry-Conditioning System

Ultimate Dry-Conditioning System












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