Phyllis Johsnson - The Video Locktician Conducting a Live Broadcast!

Phyllis Johsnson – The Video Locktician Conducting a Live Broadcast!

Hey Healthy Lockers!

Watch this broadcast before the end of the day.  I had two awesome specials that were only shared with the live viewers and I’m making them available to you until the end of the day only (today – Monday, Nov 16, 2015)  No exceptions.

I’ll make one easy for you.  Click on the image of the newest t-shirt campaign to the right.

Although it was a slow start (nothing worked on my end),  the broadcast ended up being extremely informative for the viewers and fun for me.  Lots of questions were answered regarding the benefits of clarifying your locs, the proper way to use the new clarifying shampoo treatment bars, and what you absolutely have to do directly after a clarifying treatment.

Much thanks to all who participated live.  Enjoy your “Sorry” gift!  HaHa for those who didn’t watch live.  You have until the end of the day to get your “Sorry” gift after watching the replay?

A special THANKS to Rhonda, my client, who continued to provide feedback during the broadcast to ‘help a sister out!’ You’re a gem, Rhonda!

Here’s the link to the broadcast.  Enjoy!

Removing Build Up & Residue From Your Locs

Hey Healthy Lockers!  Live Broadcast Tonight!

Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo Treatment Bar

Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo Treatment Bar

Tonight’s broadcast will focus on preventative measures you can take to avoid significant build up in your locs.  You’ll also be the first to see the Apple Cider Vinegar Clarifying Shampoo Treatment bars live on the broadcast.  It’ll be a great time to ask me questions about the bars and learn how to properly use the bars for best results.  They are available for purchase now on this site, but I’m still working on the videos and the content.  While I do that I’m extending the introductory price of $10 to the end of this month.

-I’ll be providing an overview of the quality and fit of the fall hoodie many of you purchased within the last weeks.  Send me a photo of you wearing your hoodie and I’ll post it right here on the site.)

-You will also get to vote on the newest tee shirts made with you in mind

– and of course, I’ll be answering ALL of your questions live.  if there are any issues or problems that you’re experiencing with your locs, just call in during the broadcast and ask your questions LIVE. See you tonight at 9pm Est.  Here’s the link to use so that you can get registered and have access to the chat and the promotions going on during the live broadcast:

Click this link:

Looking forward to seeing you on the broadcast tonight!

Live Broadcast Going On Now Oct 25, 2015 9pm Est






ACV Clarifying Shampoo Bars

Hey Healthy Lockers!

Things are finally coming together and I’ll be launching several new products before the end of the year.  See the photos below!  I also have a new hoodie promotion going on for the next 7 days.  I’ll be rolling out a few other t-shirts, but this will be the only hoodie (unless, of course) you say otherwise.  Limited edition for a limited time.  It speaks directly to us and will be fun to wear and show off!

Luvs Her Locs Fall Hoodie

Luvs Her Locs Fall Hoodie

The Ear Abstratcts,”Long Journey”  will be available by the end of the week.  They are lovely and my new favorite.  The new and very effective apple cider vinegar clarifying treatment bars will be available for purchase around Nov 1, 2015.

Today is also the last day of the Lilla Rose Promotion:  Here is the direct link to enjoy discounts for some of the most beautiful flexible clips for your locs and natural hair.  You only have a few hours left to enjoy FREE shipping over $50 and 15% discount on select styles from my consultant site here:

Flexi Clip 15% Off

Flexi Clip 15% Off

Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda Shampoo Bar

Live Broadcast from Sunday, July 6, 2015

Free Shipping at

Free Shipping at

Hey Healthy Lockers!  I know I’m not posting as often, but when I do, YOU really benefit.  So first thing first – use this code:  LD2105 during this holiday weekend to enjoy FREE shipping on everything!

Secondly, since the 4th of July promotion, which really wiped me out of products and energy, I’ve been obsessing over a new shampoo bar – a “CLARIFYING” shampoo bar.  It’s finally ready to share with you, but I need your feedback.  All orders placed during this holiday promotion will receive a chunky size sample of the  new clarifying shampoo bar. I’ll be introducing it on the live broadcast this Sunday (tomorrow evening) at 9 pm Est.  I’ll also be giving away  several bars to live viewers.  So after your picnics and bar-b-ques, join me tomorrow evening live at



The shampoo bar is made with Apple Cider Vinegar, Baking Soda and Honey and is very effective at breaking down and removing build up from oils and pomades.  Here’s a sneak peek of the different versions of this bar…

During the live broadcast, I’ll be answering questions about the clarifying bar and a video and article is on the way.  The bar will be sold on Amazon, but you will be able to sample it here first and it will be made available at a huge discount.

Enjoy your weekend with family and friends and I look forward to chatting with you live on the broadcast tomorrow evening at 9pm EST, at


Watch and listen as viewers called in from around the country to ask their most pressing questions about their locs.  The most recent replays will also be posted at…




 OK…Everything has been discounted!  UPDATE: July 3, 2015

I’m saying this as lovingly as I can.  Just about everything for sale on this site has been discounted, which I rarely do.  A lot of work has been done to make this happen so please don’t call me if you forgot to use your discount code.   Enjoy your discounts and free shipping.  Don’t know if my inventory will survive this promotion until Monday evening, so order early. I’ll do my best to monitor the inventory and remove items as they sell out. Going to take a nap now.  I still have shopping to do for our family BBQ tomorrow…ARGH!  See YOU on the LIVEBROADCAST this Sunday at 9pm EST.

Have a Nappy Holiday Weekend!


Hey Healthy Lockers!

Starting to get back into the swing of things and will be dedicating more time to this blog. My healthy weight loss journey is going very well using the Total Life Changes products. I’ve created a new website, Facebook page and Youtube Channel to document and share the products that have been working for me and my customers and clients. Hopefully everything will be able to launch by Sunday evening during the live broadcast. I have Lot’s of exciting and fun posts and videos to share with you in the upcoming months. Stay tuned…

In the meantime, enjoy free shipping on everything for the entire weekend! Use on checkout. Here’s the code:


I’m going through my inventory today and will be discounting a few items over the weekend.  They’ll definitely be ready by the Sunday night live broadcast.

If you have questions or want to chat for a few moments, contact me by recording a message. Just click the long RED button on the left side of this page that reads, “Send Phyllis A Voicemail Now!” Don’t forget to leave your phone number if you want me to call you.  Enjoy your savings!

Best Detox Tea - Iaso Tea - Total Life Changes

Best Detox Tea – Iaso Tea – Total Life Changes

Hey Healthy Lockers…

Here are the results of Robin’s and my 5 in 5 weight loss challenge after drinking the Iaso tea for 5 days!  Click on the video to watch!  I have a small inventory available now on this site, otherwise you’ll have to order directly from my distributor page. Check that page out too, because they have a few awesome products that I will be highlighting on my site over the next few weeks, as well.

I encourage all you Sisterlocks consultants and beauty salon owners to take a really good look at the opportunity associated with Total Life Changes and the products.  Definitely call me personally at 302-836-3550 to discuss how to offer these products and create a significant income.  I’m working with several women now.  I’ll even share with you how much my first commission check was – impressive!  Call me!  Enjoy the video!

iaso tea before and after weight loss results

iaso tea before and after weight loss results

Hey Healthy Lockers!

While I’m putting the finishing touches on the video revealing Robin’s and my weight loss results, while on the Iaso Detox tea, I made a quick video showing you how to prepare and make this very effective, but gentle detox tea. The tea is in high demand because it works and is very difficult to get without waiting 3 weeks or more, but you can get it here until my limited supply is exhausted.   Enjoy the video!

Robin and Phyllis' Weight Loss Journey with Iaso Tea - Lose 5lbs in 5 Days

Hey Healthy Lockers!

For the past 15 years, I’ve been training, educating and sharing with all of you the benefits of coming back to natural hair with a focus on locs, and Sisterlocks(tm).  I’ve been sharing with you via video and live broadcast for the past 8 years on YouTube and my blog…

Now it’s time for me to redirect that energy (just for a short while) and focus on me!  I am determined not to go into another season without taking responsibility and more proactive measures for my health and well being.  I believe I’ve found a great company with phenomenal natural and organic products that will compliment my product offerings on this site and help me with my health goals.  The best part is that I get to kick off this whole journey with my sister, Robin.  We’re only one year apart (I’m the oldest), and we’re sharing some of the same physical issues as we mature.

Please understand that this video was very hard for me to make public.  I’m no different from anyone else who is self-critical about their appearance, but I believe that by sharing this video with you is a great step towards  acknowledging that I am maturing, my hair is changing, my body IS changing, and my body will continue to morph into some unrecognizable person if

Best Detox Tea - Iaso Tea - Total Life Changes

Best Detox Tea – Iaso Tea – Total Life Changes

I continue to neglect my health.  So I’m starting with a gentle detox/cleanse – the Iaso Herbal Tea – to get things moving around internally again. I’m cutting back on the sodas and obvious sugars, and incorporating more water along with light exercise.  We all know what we need to do…so just do it already!  No excuses.

I invite you to join me in this journey and help keep Robin and me encouraged – but I already know that if you guys are half as encouraging as you are in sharing and referring people to this site for information and products, then we can’t fail.  It’s a done deal.  Thank you in advance!  Ok, time to watch our revealing video.  Robin and I will actually step on the scale and reveal our weight – what WOMAN does that?!  Click the video below.

I literally had to wait almost 4 weeks for the Iaso tea to arrive.  It’s selling faster than the company can produce it. The tea is $40 for a month’s supply (4 packs of tea), but I’m making individual “single” packets available (a one week supply for $15 plus shipping and handling.  This way you can try the tea without the $40 investment.  To learn more about this incredible tea, the product line and the opportunity piece that comes with it, just click on any of the images referring to losing 5lbs in 5days!

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