Dreadlock Interview w/Shannon Part 2 of 2

Great before and after pictures in this one. I’ll post them separately so you can see them up close.

Shannon is my newest client and I’m excited to have her as part of our "Healthylockers" family. She has new locks, which are considered "Baby Locks or Baby Locs". Shanon will be sharing her locking process from the perspective of a woman working in a professional environment. I hope this will help a lot of sisters who are hesitant about going natural or locking their hair because you don’t know how it will be accepted or what people will think of you. Great insight here. Click on the videos (Part 1 and Part 2) to see how the interview went.  Then…

click here to See Shannon 2 Years Later…



Spring Locks (Promo) Part 2

Here’s part 2 for Spring Locks. The locks are amazingly bouncy, springy and coily! Make sure you view Part 1 first.

Hey gang. Here’s a new styling technique for your locks.  Although it’s not revealed in the video, this style is being created with pipe cleaners…Yes, pipe cleaners!  The instructional video will be out soon, showing you step-by step how to create spiral curls in your dreadlocks, locs and Sisterlocks.  You can click here to to learn more about this technique.

Here’s Robin returning the favor!

I’ve coined the term “Dry Conditioning”. It’s a great way to keep your locks moisturized and healthy. This technique does wonders for dry thirsty locks and especially color-treated locks. The two main products that I use is the Healthylocks Conditioning Mist (my own creation and secret recipe), to condition the locks and add moisture and the second is the Anahita Conditioning Hair Oil by Warm Spirit. It smells incredible, it keeps my locks soft and helps to hold in the moisture. My clients love them. I’ll be creating a post featuring my favorite products real soon. In the meantime, you can visit www.Pamperdiva.com for Warm Spirit products including the Anahita hair oil. You can contact me directly from that website if you’re also interested in the Healthylocks Conditioning mist.

Click on the picture to see how to “Dry Condition” your locks!

A great 3 part series with my sister who has “Traditional” locks. I started Robin’s locks approximately 4 years ago. At that time, she only had 2 inches of new growth and about 5 inches of permed hair. Of course, we cut off the perm (the Big Chop) and she had very short coils close to her head when we were finished. Her locks are lovely now.

Grooming With The “Healthylocks System”

Throughout this blog I will be sprinkling “before and after” photos of some of my clients over the years. You’ll get to see how the locks looked before the grooming using my methods (the “Healthylocks System) and your’ll see the amazing results. Click on the pictures to get a closer look!

Before grooming Before grooming 2 Before grooming 3

Before grooming 4 Before grooming 5 Before grooming 6

Results 2 Results 3 dcp_3324.JPG

(This is a series of 4 videos. If you haven’t viewed them yet, it’s best to view them in order starting with video #1 below.)

Hey Healthylockers!

Here’s the last video in the promotional series. I worked dilligently on this project for the last several months so that I would be able to upload the entire series for your viewing. I hope I whet your appetite enough so that you visit here often to get great tips on natural hair and more specifically…locks. I’ll see you soon. Until then…

Have A Great Hair Day!

MamaSita Twists Promo Video -“Sexy” Part 3 of 4

Two quick and easy sexy styles.

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