Hey Gang…Just a quick post to let you know that I’m just days away from officially launching  the SpringLocks instructional video!  Look up above and click on the tab for "Instructional Videos".  I put up a short page  and a great video.  Go check it out now and please "TWEET" and share with your friends.   Enjoy the mini gallery of my SpringLocks above.  Have a great weekend!  Click on each picture to make it larger. Click again to go even larger and one more time for EXTREME  details!  Click on the back button a few times to get back to this page.  Enjoy! Phyllis NEWS FLASH!!!!!!   The Springlocks Instructional Video Is Ready For Shipping.  Get Your Copy TODAY!!!   Click  this link to go directly to the page.  http://videolocktician.com/instructional-videos

Tiny Cobra Loc Jewelry For Your SisterLocks

This is one of my favorite pieces of jewelry for my locs.  I just wanted to give you an upclose view of it’s intricacy.  This design is hand made especially for the Sisterlocks.  It’s called the "Tiny Cobra" and is available for order.  Check out the video. tiny-cobra-w-charm 

HealthyLocks Conditioning Mist

Hey…Here’s the HealthyLocks Conditioning Mist up close.  So close, you can read the lable.  I’ll be posting a video soon.  This is my best-selling product.

Healthylocks Conditioning Mist
Healthylocks Conditioning Mist

Great To Be Back!!!

Hey gang. phyllis-springlocks-twistout-2


Boy, I haven’t posted in over 4 months!  Had to deal with challenges that literally put everything on the back burner, including my businesses and blogs.  That’s life though.  I’m thankful, blessed and I’m still here.  Excited about being here too.  Have lots of great stuff and video footage to share with you.

The new format of my site is the first one.  I’ve been feverishly learning everything I can about  about building a better blog.  You’ll find that this format will be easier for you to find info and to navigate.  Some things still need to be formatted and a whole bunch of content has to be added, but it appears to be working OK.  Let me know if you experience any glitches.

Ok going to bed now.  It’s 5:20 am and I haven’t been to bed yet.  Good night….I mean – Good morning!

“Blue Square Lock Jewelry”


 Blue Square

To get compliments everywhere you go and to enhance your beautiful locks…Go to the home page and click on the tab that’s titled “Jewelry & Adornments” to see the collection of hand made jewelry. You can order and purchase directly from the page and there is a video tutorial to show you how to attach your new dreadlock jewelry and lock jewelry.

Ornate Lock SlideDon’t forget to check out the dreadlock jewelry for your locks.

Ornate Lock Slide

Hey Gang. Because of the state that our economy is in, many of you have an immediate financial need or have become more open to alternative ways to making money other than your 9-5.  I’ve received many emails and phone calls in these last several months requesting information about how to start a natural hair business or how to make money with the products that I use.  I’ve helped hundreds of  people generate money from home and continue to do so everyday.  This is why it’s difficult for me to post more often.  So I’ve decided to do a series of videos that will directly address these questions and provide the resources to help those of you who are looking for ways to generate additional income. If you want this information quickly, contact me through my other sites.

Go to  http://www.SoulPurposeDiva.com – to learn more about the products that I use. Check it out.  The beauty about incorporating these products into my natural hair business,  is that I’ve been able to generate more money than I could ever make just doing hair in my local market.  Marketing these products have literally taken my little home-based business, in the tiny state of Delaware, and exposed it on a national and international level…and I can share with you how to do the same. In the meantime, take advantage of my ‘Economic Stimulus Sale’ and stock up on your favorite Soul Purpose products! 

 If you’re interested in getting these products at wholesale, contact me today. Make it a great day and I’ll talk to you soon. Phyllis – Your Video Locktician

Lock Jewelry Update

Hey Gang.

The lock jewelry has been a hit, so I apologize if it’s taking longer than usual to respond to your post here on the site and on YouTube (been busy making jewelry).  I have to get these instructional videos out too.  So I’m making a small inventory of the jewelry so that I can focus on the finishing touches of my instructional DVD’s, which are way overdue. 

I can’t really accommodate the special requests at this time, but please continue to write or email me with your requests or suggestions.  I draw inspiration from them and may be able to accommodate several of them in the near future.  As I mentioned before, this initial jewelry showing is a test to see what may become popular and then I’ll build from there.  Right now the “Tiny 10” set is leading in popularity, with the lock slides “snakes” and the “Trio” sets coming in a close second.

You can now view a video on how to attach the jewelry to your locks or hair and when you receive your order, you’ll also get an instructional sheet with great photos on how to attach the jewelry.  The video can be found on the same page where the jewelry is located…(click on the blue link on the right that has the word “Jewelry” in it).  It’s going to  be under the category of PAGES.

That’s it for now.  It’s 2 am and I have to get to bed.  I’ll be in touch soon.  I’ve got soooo much to share!

Wishing you a wonderful hair day!

Phyllis – Your Video Locktician.

Hey Gang…Nappy New Year!

The wait is finally over for the lock jewelry.  If you’ve subscribed to my FREE newsletter “Natural Transitions”, you should have received an email from me this morning providing you with the PASSWORD and allowing you to view, purchase  and take advantage of a few featured discounted items.  Congratulations to YOU.  This page is now open to the public.  Enjoy! 

Look to the right under the Category of “PAGES” and click on the link that says:

 Jewelry and Adornments for Dreadlocks, Sisterlocks, Locs, Twists & Braids!

Wishing you a healthy, peaceful and prosperous 2009.  Have a great hair day!

Phyllis – Your Video Locktician

The Satin Bonnet

Hey Gang!

Here’s a great post about how I protect my locks at bed time.  See if any of this information can work for you.  Remember, for those of you who are going through your “personal summers” and can’t imagine covering your head while sleeping, just cover your pillow with a satin-like pillow case or purchase a piece of material from the fabric store and tie it around your pillow.  It serves the same purpose.  Check out the video!

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