Love My Locs T-Shirts and Mugs

Love My Locs T-Shirts and Mugs


Hey Healthy Lockers!  Please Read Carefully To Take Full Advantage OF Free Shipping.

This special expires on Thursday, December 7, 2017, at 11 pm EST.

Clicking o the first 4 pictures will take you to each individual t-shirt page.  Once you’re on the page, you’ll see a notification that the order you are placing will NOT incur a shipping charge.  These links on this page are configured to provide you with free shipping.  If you reach the pages through any other links or from other sites such as Facebook, for instance, you may not receive free shipping.  So it’s really important if you want free shipping, to click on the corresponding pictures links below:

Although the t-shirts and mugs are white in the pictures on this page, once you’re on the actual order pages, you’ll be provided with other color and style options like v-necks, long sleeves, sweatshirts & hoodies.  Options are different for each product, so some items will have a more limited selection.

This is a 5 Day free shipping special promotion for the holidays.  There are no guarantees that these items will be available in the future.  The free shipping promotional tees and accessories have the wording “Holiday 2017” in the title.The other items in the  “Speak To Me Tees” storefront can be ordered (without free shipping) anytime.  For the items not a part of the promotion, a new campaign is cycled every 3 days, which means that the campaign lasts for 3 days, orders accumulated within that 3 days are processed and shipped – then a new 3-day campaign begins.

The following products are included in the free shipping promotion and in order for you to take advantage of free shipping on these items, you must click on the picture links.  Happy shopping and enjoy your savings!

Dreadlocks Locs Sisterlocks T Shirts and Tees

Dreadlocks Locs Sisterlocks T-Shirts and Tees

Dreadlocks Loc Sisterlocks T Shirts and Tees

Dreadlocks Loc Sisterlocks T-Shirts and Tees

Dreadlocks Loc Sisterlocks T Shirts and Tees

Dreadlocks Loc Sisterlocks T-Shirts and Tees (lighter hands)

Dreadlocks Locs Sisterlocks Mug and Tote

Dreadlocks Locs Sisterlocks Mug and Tote

I might as well add the rest of the t-shirts to this 5-day promotion.  Here’s how.  This explanation comes from a post 2 years ago.  Just substitute ?pr=decholiday at the end of the page URL…


Here’s how to get FREE Shipping on any item in the “Speak To Me Tees” storefront using a special code:    ?pr=decholiday      Expires Dec 7, 2017 at 11pm EST.

Step one:  Visit the new “Speak To Me Tees” Storefront by Clicking on the image below, my picture above or the picture of the three shirts on the right.

Speak To Me Tees! (1)






Step two:  Click on the t-shirt or hoodie that you want.  (I’ll use the Nappy t-shirt design in this example)

You’ll be on the page showing a larger image of the shirt along with a description, sizes, colors and etc.







Step three: at the very top of the page, in the URL/website address field) type this code at the end of the page address :

?pr=decholiday (use this new code instead of the one below in red at the end of the URL)

  It should look like this (no spaces):





You will see this page next which will confirm your free shipping!







If you have any issues with ordering.  Please contact me via my website and leave me a voice message.  The big red button is on the left of the website!

I’m keeping the campaigns short. The tees go into production when the campaigns have ended.  You’ll have them within 2 weeks.

Order soon and enjoy your savings!