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Last Day For Free Shipping & Flexi Clips

Hey Healthy Lockers!

Last day to take advantage of the savings and Free Flexi Clips.  The promotion ends tonight at 11:59 Est.

Annette, a subscriber to the site, sent in pictures of her results with the SpringLocks.

Awwhhh….Sookie-Sookie Now!  You Go Gurl!  STUNNING!!!!!

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Sale has ended.  Thank you.

Hey Gang…Feeling Good (Got Sleep! LOL!)
I’m still celebrating YOU even though you didn’t send in your pics…well a few of you did. Thank you.

So enjoy your discounts for the next 48 hours or so and hope you win some stuff tonight!!!
Here are the details…

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Hi Healthy Lockers!

I’m feeling some kinda way right now.  I conducted a very fun and engaging live broadcast and featured two new videos, BUT forgot to press the RECORD button.  So I’m stressed, hungry and pretty bummed out over the situation.   So all of you who did not participate on the live broadcast, will never see that fantastically fun and engaging broadcast.

I’m just so drained now because that was very disappointing to discover.  It’s 2:17 am and I’m totally spent and  too tired to write this post.  So for right now,  I’ll just post the two videos that I shared during the live broadcast.  I’ll come back to this later on in the week and make it a more proper post.



SpringLocks – Curling & Styling Locs and Dreadlocks

Hey Healthy Lockers!

About a year ago, I shared with you my first instructional video featuring "Springlocks".  The Springlocks curling technique was shown on one of my clients, Antoinette, who had Sisterlocks and was a huge hit on YouTube (before they took it down for whatever reason). I’ve put up another version of it since.

The main question I get is can the SpringLocks be done on larger locs or traditional locks…and the answer is absolutely YES!  I just completed two new videos about the Springlocks in traditional locs.  Part 1, which features my sister, Robin, from North Carolina, is good to watch because it shows how I prepared her "neglected" locks before curling her locks.  It’s fun to watch, because we got that sister banter going on. You would never think that the Video Locktician would have a sister who does the total opposite of what I teach my clients and how I care for my own hair…but that’s family and Robin’s locks do clean up well.  So I’ve always said, do what works best for you and your locks…and Robin does that.  I love that girl!

Part 2 features the amazing results of Robin and another friend and client of mine, Roz..  Roz’s entire loc journey is on my laptop and will be featured in my first Ebook on how to lock hair. 

I tell you what…I don’t know what it is about the Springlocks, but I”ve done three videos featuring this technique and in all of them, you definitely see the "SEXY" transformation in the personality and the confidence that comes along with wearing the SpringLocks.  Don’t take my word for it.  Check it out yourself!