4th Of July Specials and Discounts

Promo Has Ended.  See you online soon! -Phyllis

Hey, Healthy Lockers!  Enjoy the specials and discounts that I have for you.  Please remember to type in the coupon codes of your choice during check out.

  • 10% Discount on your order – use code:  STARS2018
  • 15% Discount on your order of $75 or more + Free Shipping  – use code:  STRIPES2018
  • All Shampoo Bars have been discounted by $2
  • Loc Ties are being discontinued and have been reduced to $17
  • Extended the Summer Bundle of Mist until July 31, 2018
  • Promotions end July 4th at 11:59 pm, EST.

A snippet of a live broadcast.  I was able to feature a viewer, Naheed from CT, who asked a question about dry locs.  Click on the video to watch it now!

All 3 Mist for $45 - Stock Up and Save!

All 3 Mist for $45 – Stock Up and Save!

Hey, Healthy Lockers!

This is the last day for the 10% off promotion plus FREE shipping.  Here are the codes:

HEALTHY is the password for 10% off all orders (use during checkout)
HEALTHYNOW is the password for  10% discount on all orders PLUS free shipping on orders totaling $45 or more (best value) – use during checkout.
…and here’s the discounted mist bundle available for the entire month of May 2018.  Use the “HEALTHYNOW” discount code for extra savings and free shipping!
NOTE:  Please make sure you use the codes or contact me if you’re having issues BEFORE YOU PLACE YOUR ORDER so that I can assist you.  Refunds for the discounts will not be honored if no coupon code is used.  Please contact me via the long red button on the left that reads, “Send Phyllis A Voicemail Now”.  Thanks!  Have an awesome week!

Have Something On From The Waist Up…LOL!

Hey Healthylockers!

Help A Sister Out and Join Me On Tonight’s Live Broadcast at 9 pm EST! But you have to promise to have something on from the waist up!  LOL!  That was an inside joke from the broadcast last night!  😉

==================  REPLAY INFO FROM LAST NIGHT’S BROADCAST =====================

The broadcast last night was fun and without too many glitches. You can see the REPLAY by visiting the post below from Sat, April 28, 2018, and clicking on the big blue button. You’ll be taken to a registration page and the broadcast will be live within 1-2 minutes (it’ll display my picture first). No worries. The REPLAY will start.

For those of you who joined me live last night…Thank YOU! You asked great questions and kept the engagement going.
Tonight is an unofficial live broadcast where I will still be answering questions if you have them, but to primarily see if I can share my screen and add a couple of live viewers to the screen. So if you’re willing to help me test out my webinar software, click on the button above and register to join me tonight at 9 pm!

Oh! I forgot to mention this special discounted offer going on for the entire month of May 2018!

Enjoy Additional Great Savings!!!

Get 10% off PLUS Free Shipping On This Mist Bundle When You Use The Promo Code – HEALTHYNOW –  at checkout!  The coupon is good for all orders $45 or more.  If your order is less that than $45, use promo code – HEALTHY – to enjoy 10% off. (Expires May 1, 2018)

All 3 Mist for $45 - Stock Up and Save!

All 3 Mist for $45 – Stock Up and Save!

“Shame On You, Phyllis!”

Healthy Living With Phyllis

Hey, Healthy Lockers!

“Shame On You, Phyllis!”

Yes, this is what my mentor said to me in disappointment after I told him I had not posted anything on my site since February!
So to keep a long story short and realizing that it’s not about me, but about the value I offer and share with others, then keep reading…
I’m on my healthy living journey as a wellness coach.  I’ve transitioned my home to toxic free cleaning products.  I eat cleaner and I walk on a treadmill twice a week.  These are small doable changes that have helped me release over 25lbs (finally under 200 lbs!) since the last time I posted on my site.
New Webinar…

So starting tomorrow evening, (prepared or unprepared) I’m making myself available to answer your questions about the whys, the hows, and the whats of what I’m doing to get great results and how I plan to move forward with VideoLocktician.com.
So don’t hesitate to contact me directly at getphyllis@gmail.com.  Type:   “Healthy Living Info” in the subject line of the email, and include your name and best number to call you so that we can have a brief chat about some of the challenges you’re having with your hair and health.
I’ve been blogging about healthy hair care on my site since 2007…OVER 10 YEARS!  I’m not stopping that.  I love it.  I’m just changing gears a bit to include healthy living and wellness, which has become a priority for me moving forward.  I invite you to stay and join me on this journey too.
Here’s my number to leave a message and the best time to call you…302-836-3550. Or you can click on that red button on the left that reads, “Send Phyllis A Voicemail Now!”.
I’ll post the link to a webinar page by tomorrow morning.  So stay tuned for that.  In the meantime, enjoy 10% off all orders for the next 4 days!
Discounts and Free Shipping!
HEALTHY is the password for 10% off all orders (use during checkout)
HEALTHYNOW is the password for  10% discount on all orders PLUS free shipping on orders totaling $45 or more (best value) – use during checkout.
This promo ends Tuesday, May 1, 2018 at 11:59 EST
Wishing You An Amazing Hair Day!
Live Webinar Tonight


Free Shipping Promo Until Feb 14th!

Hey, Healthy Lockers!  Two things…

  1.  Free shipping going on until Valentine’s Day (Feb 14, 2018)  Use code:  valentine2018  during checkout.


2.   I re-opened this promotion until Valentine’s Day.  Join me on my “Healthy-Living Journey”.  See all the videos and details by clicking the picture below.  Always free stuff and goodies for you!

Important: Check the email I sent you today for the “private code”, or email me at getphyllis@gmail.com for the code.




Go To Password-Protected Page

Hey, Healthy Lockers!  If you’re a subscriber, click on the picture above and enter the password you were given in the email I sent you today to take advantage of your savings and my FREE Gifts With FREE Shipping!  Promotion Has Been EXTENDED Until Feb 28, 2018!

Please remember to type your password in lower case!  You’ll find all the contact info and special videos after you supply your password.  Click on the above pic in this post to be taken to the password protected page!

If you’re not a subscriber, click on the long red button (to the right) that reads, “Send Phyllis A Voicemail Now!” and I’ll supply you with the password.

Nappy New Year Healthy Lockers! I’m on a new journey.  Join me!  EXPIRES TODAY!

Watch this short video…

Loc tshirts mugs and totesHey Healthy Lockers!

Haven’t had any sleep yet. Getting things configured to make it easier for you.
Two things…
1 – Use promo code: DECHOLIDAY to get Free Shipping on purchases $25 or more on this site.

2 – The “Speak To Me Tees” storefront is open! I created a separate page that displays pictures of each of the new t-shirts, a mug, and a tote. These new items can make great holiday gifts. Click on the picture in the right column or the tab at the top of the page which reads, “Loc Tshirts Hoodies & Mugs 2017”.  When you order these items, you are ordering SEPARATELY from this site.  The tee shirts, mugs, and totes cannot be combined with orders from this site.  Call me and leave a message if you need help with your order.

3 – About 7 new Ear Abstracts have been added and I still have a few to add.

4 – Loc Ties are selling out quickly

5 – I Will be working hard to create 3 new shampoo/body bars: Aloe & Olive Clarifying Hair & Body bar; Coco Shea Luxury

Bath Bar with Moroccan Red Clay and Argan Oil and Black Olive & Cherries Conditioning Shampoo Bar!  Coming soon!

6 – Almost forgot – The  Shampoo Bar Sampler gift set is back. It contains 8 (half bars), a pair of Ear Abstracts and loc jewels.


sampler 3 oil set.  It’s a great value at $49.  I’m using an old pic from 2 years ago.  I’ll update it later today.  Just wanted to make it available for ordering.  I hope everything is running smoothly.  Soooo tired.  Gotta get some sleep!

Black Friday Free Shipping & Discounts

Click Here For Savings!

Get Black Friday Savings Now!

Hey, Healthy Lockers!
2 Holiday Coupon Codes!
Enjoy Free Shipping all weekend for purchases of $25 or more! – Use coupons code:  BLACKFRIDAY25
Get Free Shipping and an extra 10% off on purchases of $75 or more:  BLACKFRIDAY7510

Expires: Sunday, November 26, 2017


New Sisterlocks Installation in Gray Hair!

SisterLocks Installation On Gray Hair

SisterLocks Installation On Gray Hair

Hey, Healthy Lockers!  FREE SHIPPING is still in effect and orders are on time and shipping!

So busy with making this video that I forgot to send out reminders about the promotion ending…so I’m extending it to tomorrow evening. Remember to use the promo code “JUMPSTART” at checkout to receive FREE shipping on orders of $45 or more. Promotion expires Nov 8, 2017 at 11:59 PST.

Wow. It’s been almost 3 years since I installed Sisterlocks and they both happened within the last few weeks of each other. The first one was a very good friend who had some medical challenges and lost her first set of locs and the other is Lisa, who you’ll get to meet today in the video.

Lisa has been pre-mature gray most of her adult life. She has never had chemicals in her hair, and from early on, she has totally accepted and embraced her natural color and texture and has enjoyed a head full of extremely healthy hair with good density and an amazingly healthy hairline.  Her favorite way to wear her natural tresses was free and loose after applying water and conditioner to help define her curl pattern.  What she didn’t care for, however, was wetting her hair on almost a daily basis to achieve the style.

I’m really excited (and so is Lisa) because we’ve discussed how Sisterlocks will enhance her styling options, allow her hair

Best Products For Locs & Natural Hair

to remain in its natural state and continue to grow healthy and as long as she desires.  Lisa is using the “Loc Newbie Starter Kit” to maintain her Sisterlocks.  The only other product she will use interchangeably with the Daily Mist is the Honey Rose” Water”.  Lisa was a pleasure to meet and I’m happy that she is a part of my spoiled and pampered clientele!  She’s definitely in good hands here.  Welcome To The Family, Lisa!  Enjoy the video!

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